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A rival in love dressed as a general [entertainment circle] -- Song Hua Chun Xue Full-time Job

Oct 18th, 2022 at 01:11   Real Estate   Battersea   452 views
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As soon as Shu Ying sent it, it showed that "the other party is inputting", but it took five minutes to input, and no message was sent. He could feel that Guangqian seemed to be struggling with something, but he could not tell what the struggle was for. He likes me, but he dare not love me. Shu Ying hugged the mobile phone, the strength of the wine, and soon fell asleep in a daze. What he didn't expect was that his "I miss you" made someone sleepless all night. Guang Qian tried desperately to control himself, so he didn't rush to his house. No, he repeatedly told himself, can not be found, can not be photographed by the paparazzi, can not love him urgently. You can't destroy him now. Shu Ying did not see the news of Guangqian until he got up the next day. He struggled for half an hour, but sent a "me too". Shu Ying smiled helplessly, changed into slightly formal clothes, washed up, and went straight to the company. He has a very important task to see Zou Kai today. The man who had given him great help but made him inexplicably afraid. He kept telling himself not to be blinded by past friendships and that he was just going to report problems to the top of the company. Zhang Junna's management style violates her past promises and has a great impact on the private life of artists, who have the right to protest. He represents Fortune, the team, not himself. I hope Zou Kai has already forgotten the relationship between them,CSD filling line, and it is better not to have new hatred and old hatred together. Chapter 88 Although Zou Kai's office is on the same floor as his own, Shu Ying has never stepped in. Zou Kai's office is in the southernmost section of this floor, quiet and hidden, facing a private elevator, where few other people pass. He went to the door of Zou Kai's office, heard what seemed to be a voice inside, and did not knock. When his secretary Zhou Haiping came out, he was surprised to see Shu Ying leaning against the door. Then he quickly stood up and said,bottle blowing machine, "Secretary Zhou, is it convenient for General Manager Zou?" Genuine Zhou Haiping looked much more simple and honest. He seemed to be very happy to see Shu Ying. He opened the door for him very politely and said repeatedly, "Convenient, convenient." “……” I always feel strange. Don't you make all kinds of appointments and announcements to see the president? Why do you seem to be waiting for him. After adjusting his facial expression and taking a deep breath, Shu Ying straightened up and went in. Zou Kai's office is simpler than he imagined, not particularly magnificent, but exquisite and simple. With one hand on his chin, he leaned against a dark red boss's desk and clicked the mouse with the other hand, as if he were flipping through something on the computer. When he heard the footsteps, he looked up, and when he saw him, he was stunned. Shu Ying only felt that his legs were like lead, especially heavy, thinking of the misunderstanding between the two people before, juice filling machine ,PET bottle Mold, it was really ironic. He summoned up his courage, looked directly into the other's eyes, smiled slightly, and called out to General Manager Zou. Zou Kai, wearing a casual shirt and looking particularly leisurely, smiled back at him and pointed to the stool opposite him: "Sit down." Shu Ying thanked him and sat down with a completely businesslike attitude. He organized the lines discussed by several people yesterday and began to report to Zou Kai. Of course, the words will be much more euphemistic, and did not speak ill of Zhang Junna, but emphasized the Fortune team's desire to change brokers. Zou Kai has been quietly looking at him, so that Shu Ying said as he lowered his head, avoiding the gaze from the president. Until he finished all the prepared lines, Zou Kai did not interrupt him or ask any questions. One second, two seconds, three seconds.. There was only the sound of the wind from the central air conditioning and the occasional sound of a car whistle on the street outside. The atmosphere was so quiet that Shu Ying felt uneasy. He had the feeling that he would be kicked out of the office in the next second. I see. About three minutes later, Zou Kai spoke in a calm voice, as he had done in the past. Many people have reacted to her, but Liu Dongqiang has been covering her, and I have not been in charge of her. Zou Kai seemed to be talking to himself and explaining. Let's deal with it together this time. The last sentence is still very peaceful, but it has a cold taste. Shu Ying did not expect to be so smooth, surprised and happy, but also with some fear. Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Zou. "Shu Ying did not know what to say, but only said," I thank you on behalf of Fortune's four members. " "It's all right. I'll go out first." He dropped the words weakly and wanted to run. Wait Zou Kai's voice, with a smile, came from behind. Sure enough, everything will not be so smooth, Shu Ying failed to get away with it. How can you thank me? Zou Kai asked with a smile. Do you still owe me a meal? He has a surprisingly good memory and can remember a sentence for months. Uh. Well, yeah. When Shu Ying turned around, his face turned white. He has noticed that Zou Kai seems to be very unusual to him. Is this overlord still obsessed with the original owner? Shu Ying thought about it, or take advantage of this meal to make it clear to him. They are kind enough to help me, and I should be sincere. Interesting is interesting, not interesting is not interesting, why let others some true feelings chase water? Then, he nods solemnly, say: "Zou always, want to thank you for a long time, I book good hotel to send you tonight.". As for the previous misunderstanding, I hope I can explain it to you as well. Zou Kai obviously did not expect his last words, his eyes darkened, hesitated, and finally nodded. Shu Ying walked out of his office, his heart was still pounding, he had to go back to organize the language, how to refuse the big brother at the same time, but also not offend him. Alas,Edible oil filling machine, refusing people is also a kind of knowledge. He booked an expensive Japanese food store and sent the address to the "big devil". This Japanese restaurant is very expensive, so there are not many customers at ordinary times, most of them are star artists dinner and so on. gzxilinear.com

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