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A thousand mountains Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 01:01   Engineering   Sale   2.2K views
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Jiang Xingyun laughed. "Haven't you ever heard of it? If you lose your way, it won't last long.". Jingjiang and the court confrontation, Duan adult you on the sea, so the separation of the three places, naturally good for Duan adult. Forgive me for speaking frankly, I have been on Lord Duan's island for a few days. The people live in peace and the merchants are prosperous. Lord Duan lets the aborigines here learn Chinese and Sinology. This is Lord Duan's long-term vision. Lord Duan, how long will it take to tame the people for your use? If you kill all the royal officials here, the people under you will only kill more than you. King of Jingjiang in Wu, the court is not just know, but why today to limit the kingship of Jingjiang? To put it bluntly, when the new Dynasty was established, Taizu killed many royal officials of the former Dynasty, wanted the people to be stable, wanted the people to get used to the rule of the new Dynasty, which took time. Therefore, at that time, even though Jingjiang was growing bigger and bigger, Chaozhong turned a blind eye. And Lord Duan, your territory here, with all due respect, may not be as stable as I see. If Lord Duan wants to sit here, it will also take time. In your navy, how many are your lineages, how many are the defeated sea bandits you collected,chrome washing machine, and how many are the aborigines? Lord Duan, your men are too complicated, so in a short time, you must not have the idea of counterattacking the Middle Earth. "Since Lord Duan has no intention of attacking China, why should he care about the affairs of the court and Jingjiang?" Jiang Xingyun looked into the dark eyes of Duan Sihai with a pair of peach blossom eyes. "What's the difference between you and me? Will you go to war with us in Fujian?" Duan Sihai raised his eyebrows. Of course, Duan Sihai was wearing a mask. Therefore, Jiang Xingyun did not see his action of raising his eyebrows. However, Jiang Xingyun also noticed that Duan Xihai's eyes moved slightly and said, "Miss Jiang is worrying too much. I will not be an enemy of you." Then,tin beneficiation plant, Duan Sihai added, "Similarly, I will not be an enemy of Jingjiang." Jiang Xingyun was satisfied with this answer and said, "Neutrality has to be lost, which is the essence of the golden mean.". I only know that Lord Duan is good at martial arts, and Lord Duan has the same vision. Lord Duan is really outstanding. Duan Sihai smiled, "Miss Jiang is the outstanding person." "Only outstanding people and outstanding people can be said to be in the same place." Jiang Xingyun was not modest and laughed. Of course, she did not care about the sea trade business, to be flat in Jingjiang, how much these businesses, Duan Sihai can remain neutral, this is the biggest harvest of her trip. Jiang Xingyun was delighted, and suddenly Duan Sihai said, "I can remain neutral, but I have the conditions." Jiang Xingyun said with a straight face, "Lord Duan, please speak." "I want you to thank the princess for owing me a favor, portable gold wash plant ,magnetic separator machine, which I will use later.". You may rest assured that this matter has nothing to do with the conscience of heaven and earth, but in the future, I will use this favor. Jiang Xingyun said, "If Lord Duan has any difficulties, tell me, even if I can't relieve Lord Duan's worries, maybe I can help." Duan Sihai did not speak. If it's something else, Jiang Xingyun has a way, but this matter. Jiang Xingyun said, "I want to take the place of the princess, presumably Duan adults can not be credulous.". But the princess is far away in Fujian, and when Lord Duan is free, I can arrange for Lord Duan to meet the princess. Duan Sihai's lips were slightly broken. He said word by word, "I won't go. Let Princess Xie come and meet you!" Jiang Xingyun's eyebrows slowly twisted up. Duan Sihai made a firm offer. Jiang Xingyun refused to budge an inch, "absolutely impossible!"! Princess what status, how can come here to risk! Duan Sihai laughed, opened his arms, and said, "Princess Xie dares to marry the royal family to seek the throne, but she is afraid that I will not be a small island!" Jiang Xingyun stood up, "the way is different, do not seek each other." Duan Sihai Road, "Miss Jiang, you are not Princess Xie, how do you know Princess Xie refused to come over?" Jiang Xingyun sneers, "I am not Princess Xie, but Lord Duan has the ability to occupy the island overseas as king, how dare not go to Fujian to meet the princess?" Duan Sihai said lightly, "I will go ashore to see Miss Jiang one day in the future." Jiang Xingyun's tongue is also sharp, "then I'll wait for Lord Duan on the shore!" Chapter 206 stay together. Jiang Xingyun wants to go. Duan Sihai also did not stay. When Jiang Xingyun returned to the inn, he was ready to return to Fujian. Xu Shaodong and Huang Yue came to the island with Jiang Xingyun. Naturally, they were also concerned about the harbor. Jiang Xingyun suddenly wanted to go back. They were not dealing with Jiang Xingyun for the first day. They had their own friendship with each other. Xu Shaodong asked the reason. Huang Yue also said, "Look at Lord Duan first. He sincerely wants to talk to us." Jiang Xingyun said, "the old man felt that I was not qualified to talk to him." Old things.. Xu Shaodong and Huang Yue were shocked by Jiang Xingyun's name for Duan Sihai. Then, they were surprised by Duan Sihai's condition. This, this, what they had said before was that Miss Jiang came to talk about the sea trade. How could they go back on their words! Xu Shaodong looked at Huang Yue, who was close to the sea bandits and could not say that the negotiation was arranged by Huang Yue. Huang Yue said, "This is not the same as what I said earlier. Miss Jiang can rest assured that I must go and ask a clear question." Jiang Xingyun did not directly say that Duan Sihai was going to talk with Xie Mo, not that he did not trust Xu and Huang, but that Jiang Xingyun also had considerations. Duan Sihai said let Xie Moru owe him a favor, according to reason, if Duan Sihai want what favor, also should take five Ye, how can directly say princess? Jiang Xingyun suspected Duan Sihai is what reason, because of the matter involved in Xie Mo Ru, Jiang Xingyun is not good with Xu Huang two people straight. Huang Yue was about to go to Duan Sihai to ask what was going on, but Jiang Xingyun stopped him. "You don't have to go. You go and tell Li Si that we will prepare the boat tomorrow and go back to Fujian." There was no anger on Jiang Xingyun's face, but he told the two of them, "You also pack up your things and leave tomorrow." Although Jiang Xingyun refused to give an inch in front of Duan Sihai, it was not that this matter was really not negotiable, but more a means of communication. Xie Mo how to wait for the identity, if Duan Sihai said, I want your princess to come to talk in person,coltan ore processing, and then she will go back to discuss with Xie Mo Ru to let Xie Mo Ru come over, that is not her Jiang Xingyun. Of course, this matter Jiang Xingyun does not intend to bow. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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