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Airspeed Star Mark _ Infinite Fiction Network Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 01:03   Engineering   Salford   269 views
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In the blue gentle, the sky mark stiff body gradually softened, eyes reveal a trace of misty color, murmured: "Blue, now I do not want to hide anything from you.". When I came to Asuka, my task was to control the whole dark forces in my own hands. That is to say, to completely conquer the Dark Sacrifice, the Dark Council, and the Dracula family. This is my agreement with the Great Elder of Light. Only by unifying the darkness can we better control it. Luojia is the soul sacrifice in the dark sacrifice, and the Ruoxi family is actually the foundation of the dark sacrifice. Do you remember the float who fought with you last time? She is the only daughter of the Dark Chancellor. As you may have guessed, I deliberately let her go last time. Before she left, I seized her Dark Sword and asked her to tell the Dark Chancellor to come to Asuka to find me. My purpose is to become the second end of the world, the second king of darkness. I have discussed with the Great Elder of Light that when I integrate all the three forces of darkness, he will also give me the Holy Alliance, so that all the powers can be linked together, so that there is no need to fear the strength of either side. However, I still looked down upon the dark chancellor, he came with the blood emperor, but set a trap. Luo Jia and I got into it. We didn't have any chance at all. My left arm was beaten into powder by the blood emperor, and several ribs were broken. At this point, the sky mark suddenly saw that he was holding the left hand of the blue hands,tin beneficiation plant, the whole body shook, the left hand of the blood-red light he could never forget, that is the color of Luo Jia's transformation ah! The moment in my mind was like an explosion, the whole body of the sky mark trembled violently, and the red light of my left arm suddenly exploded, bouncing the blue body away. It enveloped the sky mark like a big red cocoon. Blue was startled, looking at the strange red light, suddenly felt a faint in his mind, soft fell to the ground. The sky mark returned to the silent night sky, but this time it was his consciousness that returned. He saw it, just in time to see the moment when he had just passed out under the power of Luo Jia. Brother, gold shaking table ,mineral flotation, when you see this scene, it proves that you have thought of me. I didn't want you to see all this, but for your future rule over the dark forces, you must see it. One death is better than two. The transformation you see is the ultimate transformation of Medusa that I have launched. At the cost of my own life and soul, I finally opened all the energy in the blood-red star at one time. Brother, don't feel sorry for me. From a certain point of view, I didn't die. I helped you reshape your left arm with the tears of Medusa. When I finished everything and accepted the bite, I put the rest of my soul into your left arm. Don't feel sorry for me, okay? I just want you to remember me. Perhaps, when your real ability exceeds the eighty-first level, you can help me reshape my body by controlling the energy molecules. At that time, you will inject the soul in your left arm, and Luo Jia will probably appear again. I have left part of my memory in your soul through the brand of the soul, some things, you will know what to do when the time comes. Luo Jia's voice sounded calmly in the mind of the sky mark, and did not bring out a trace of emotional fluctuations. The pictures in my mind began to change, and thrilling scenes kept appearing. "I, Luojia, in the name of the sacrifice of the soul, with my life and soul as the sacrifice, open all the powers of the great dark prophet." …… Medusa, who was originally an oracle, was enveloped by the root of evil because of love. Everything is so miserable, everything is so sad. The tears of Medusa are purer than the tears of time. The essence of my Spring Festival! Give it to the one I love most. …… Do you know? Medusa can only cry once in her life. Medusa's body. Is the most evil existence, but her tears are the purest thing. Because it is the crystallization of all her love, condensing her heart of the Spring Festival. For the one I love! The tears of Medusa have found her home. …… "Medusa's broken- broken- heart-" Big brother, that's all I can do for you. I only hope that in your heart, there will always be a trace of Luo Jia, that is enough. …… The image shows that every word left by Luojia deeply shocked the heart of Tianhen, the pure tears of Medusa, the broken heart of Medusa, which contains love for oneself! Under the circumstances at that time, with the weirdness of the blood-red star, Luojia had a good chance of escaping back to the bird star by himself. But she gave up the hope of life for herself. This dedication of love, and how can I pay it back! At the end of the image,Carbon in Pulp, the blood emperor and the dark chancellor fled, and Luojia's body gradually disappeared, turning into a blood-red light pouring into his left arm. It seems to be an infusion of soul. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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