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Animal Extract bulk Full-time Job

May 12th, 2023 at 06:47   Training   Burnley   163 views
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Animal Extract bulk 1. What is sea cucumber powder? Sea cucumber powder is a kind of nutritious food with significant health effects. The Liaoshen Bay pure sea cucumber powder has the best reputation and high quality. Among its main components, in addition to being rich in high protein, calcium, potassium, selenium and other active substances , It also contains other active ingredients such as sea cucumber, acid mucopolysaccharide and sea cucumber saponins 18 kinds of amino acids, arginine and so on. Sea cucumber is suitable for all kinds of people. 2. What is the function of sea cucumber powder? 鈶犮€€Sea cucumber is rich in protein, low in fat and low in cholesterol, and contains 8 kinds of amino acids that the human body must and cannot synthesize, including more arginine and lysine. 鈶°€€Rich in trace elements: calcium, sodium, vanadium, selenium, magnesium, these substances are closely related to the body's hematopoietic ability and the transport of iron in the blood. 鈶€€Unique active substances, sea cucumber saponins, sea cucumber lipids, sea cucumber mucopolysaccharides, taurine, collagen and so on. Because of these very healthy and effective substances, eating sea cucumber can improve human immunity, promote development, nutrition and beauty, and reduce the three high effects. 3.The specific role of sea cucumber powder 鈶犮€€Anti-cancer and anti-cancer: sea cucumber mucopolysaccharide inhibits the growth of MA-737 breast cancer and T795 lung cancer by more than 79% and 60%, respectively, and can also inhibit the artificial lung metastasis of M737 breast cancer and the natural metastasis of Lewis lung cancer; 鈶°€€Enhance immunity: sea cucumber mucopolysaccharides can improve and enhance the low immune function of animals caused by tumors or the use of anticancer drugs; 鈶€€Antithrombotic and hypoglycemic: sea cucumber mucopolysaccharide can inhibit thrombosis, effectively control blood sugar, and gradually reduce blood sugar. 鈶c€€Anti-aging: sea cucumber mucopolysaccharide has the effect of preventing central neuron degeneration, such as Alzheimer's disease; 鈶ゃ€€Anti-Chemicalbook virus: sea cucumber mucopolysaccharide can resist the specific lesions of tissue culture cells caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV); sea cucumber glycosaminoglycan can significantly inhibit the infection rate of AIDS (HIV) on cultured cells; Preliminary clinical experiments have confirmed that sea cucumber mucopolysaccharide has better effect than conventional drug treatment on the three yang of chronic hepatitis patients, namely Hb-sAg, HbeAg and anti-HBc negative conversion and liver function recovery; 鈶ャ€€Anti-radiation: that is, it has a protective effect on animals irradiated by C(60)O and promotes the recovery of their hematopoietic function; 鈶€€Prevent osteoporosis: Sea cucumber mucopolysaccharide can prevent osteoporosis and can be used as a treatment for arthritis. 4.sea cucumber powder Application锛?/strong> 5.For people 鈶犮€€Weak and sickly --- Repair and improve human immunity and increase resistance to diseases. Not easy to catch cold, not easy to get sick; 鈶°€€Diabetic patients - provide comprehensive nutrition for diabetes and activate the secretion of insulin to effectively avoid complications. 鈶€€Middle-aged and elderly people---suitable for the frail and debilitated elderly, nourishing and nourishing, increasing resistance to disease, delaying aging, and restoring physical strength; invigorating the kidney and nourishing essence, nourishing yin and yang, and effectively improving the expressions of men and women. 鈶c€€Postoperative physical weakness - suitable for people with weak constitutions before and after surgery, postpartum, after illness, etc. to quickly supplement nutrition; after surgery, the healing of the incision is accelerated, and physical strength and energy can be quickly recovered 鈶ゃ€€Promote blood, replenish blood, and effectively improve the symptoms of anemia锛?/p> 鈶ャ€€Unblock blood vessels, effectively prevent hyperlipidemia, prevent arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular disease; 鈶€€Middle-aged women---make the skin moist and delicate, reduce and eliminate facial pigmentation; do not gain weight, as a nutritional supplement for weight loss; 鈶с€€Postoperative and radiotherapy and chemotherapy patients---inhibit the growth and metastasis of tumor cells, and effectively prevent and resist cancer. Quick recovery, helpful for repair of radiation, chemotherapy and chemical damage. 鈶ㄣ€€Children - the ideal food for college entrance examination students to strengthen their brains, increase their intelligence, and promote the growth and development of teenagers. 6.Company profile 7.Product transportation packaging The company has strict product packaging and unified product labels. Guarantee the safe transportation of the product to the destination. The company uses moisture-proof and waterproof self-sealing bags and aluminum foil bags with good shading and strong barrier properties, and finally packs them for transportation. Product packaging can be customized according to customer needs and special requirements.Animal Extract bulk website:http://www.bfrb-extract.com/animal-extract/

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Animal Extract bulk