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Back to Primitive Society as a Chief Full-time Job

Nov 2nd, 2022 at 07:11   Marketing & Communication   Cambridge   292 views
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"So we only have three hundred days to prepare at the shortest," said Ji. A Hu didn't understand what Ji Thief meant. Ji Thief said, "The monkey has run away. He will definitely go back to the Qingfeng Tribe to report. Counting the time he went back and the time the Qingfeng Tribe came to us, we only have three hundred days to prepare. Even if we delay a few days for other reasons, we only have one year to prepare at most. One year later, It's time to go to war with the Qingfeng tribe. Tushan stood up and patted himself on the chest, saying, "Don't worry, Chief. If the Qingfeng tribe comes, I'll still be here.". As long as I don't die, no one can hurt you, the Patriarch! The hunter asked Tu Shan, "Can you beat that man?" A word made Tu Shan blush. After a long time, he said, "I, I can't beat him. Isn't there any more? When we go together, I don't believe we can't beat him." Hunxin said that the two of us might not be able to do it. Ji Thief clapped his hands and said, "Well, it's no use saying so much. Anyway, we still have a year to prepare at most. In this year, no one knows what will happen.". It is also possible that the strength of our tribe has grown, or that a meteorite has fallen from the sky and destroyed the Qingfeng tribe. The word falls,ghana seed extract, a Hu and earth hill ask Ji thief: "What is meteorite?" "Oh, the stones that fall from the sky are called meteorites." Ji thief speechless, can not explain to them the ozone layer, outer space and so on, they do not understand ah. "Actually, I don't know whether we are strong or not," he said in a deep voice. "But the stone falling from the sky destroyed the Qingfeng tribe. I don't think it's possible for this to happen." Ji Thief rolled his eyes and said, "Just talk too much. What's wrong with my dream?" People: ".." One second,turmeric extract powder, Ji Thief, who was still joking, suddenly became serious the next second. He looked at the three of them seriously and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, what the four of us say tonight is absolutely not allowed to be spread outside. Even if it is rotten in my stomach, I can't say it to others. Do you all understand?" Earth hill indissolubles: "Why is patriarch adult?" Ji Thief looked at Tu Shan and said, "Do you want everyone to know that there is a strong enemy that we absolutely can't defeat at present that will attack us in a year?"? In that case, what do you think? It is not easy to live a stable life, so soon to fight, think that everyone is such a militant? Tushan: ".." "In a word, in the next year before the arrival of the Qingfeng tribe, the Lihuo tribe just needs to feel at ease to develop and wait for the moment when the war comes. Do you understand?" Said Ji Thief. Everybody looks at me, I look, nod: "Bright, understood." Ji Thief waved his hand and stood up. "Well, tannic acid astringent ,fenugreek saponins, let's all go back to rest first. Remember, don't, don't tell anyone about this. Don't." For fear that someone's big mouth had spilled the beans, Ji Thief told him again. Tu Shan patted his chest and said, "Don't worry, Patriarch. You won't say anything." Ji Thief looked at Tu Shan with a worried face and said, "Ah Hu and I can rest assured. What I'm afraid of is that there is no one guarding the door on my mouth." Tu Shan: "Er.." "All right, let's go back." Ji thief said again. A Hu and Kui stood up and said yes, and turned back to rest. After they left, Ji Thief looked at the sky and thought for a moment, then turned around and lay down. 402-Pity its courage. Dawn came the next day, and all departments worked together according to the arrangement. Ji thief opened his reddish eyes and patrolled the tribe. Usma chose to inform the Lin tribe that their people had set out, and Aliang also took the people out to hunt. That is to say, the whole tribe is running, it seems that only Ji thief still has nothing to do with his hands empty, but can only patrol back and forth between the tribes. The job of leading the female clansmen back to carry the prey was given to Ah Wei by the thief, who wanted to wait in the tribe for the chief of the forest clan to arrive. Looking at Ji Thief's bloodshot eyes, the earthen hill next to him could not help but ask, "Patriarch, didn't you sleep yesterday?" Ji Zhixin said that he knew the existence of Qingfeng tribe yesterday, so that ghosts could sleep. You thought it was like you. After yawning, Ji deliberately teased Tu Shan. "Isn't it because you've been snoring that I can't sleep?" Earth Hill is stupefied: "Before patriarch adult you are to be able to fall asleep?" Ji continued to play pranks: "Before is before, and now is now." The earth mountain oh did not speak, this careless man is because of Ji thief this joke, in the future when the rest, is sure that Ji thief fell asleep, he will close his eyes. All the way around, unconsciously, they came to the temporary place where the medical department stayed. Why did you turn here? Ji thief looked up and said nothing. Tu Shan asked softly, "Don't you want to see Lord Xue?" Ji Thief looked back at Tu Shan with a serious face. "What is this? I just happened to come here. What you said is the same as what I said on purpose. Why, do I look like that?" Tu Shan opened his mouth and was just about to speak when Ji said, "No, you're all here. It's all right to have a look." The earth mountain corner of the mouth twitch, really want to throw the two words Hehe Ji thief face. Walking into the medical department, Xue, who had recovered slightly, was busy helping Ah Qi and her members of the medical department to treat the wounded. Snow body is mostly bruised, conditioning conditioning is almost the same, although, now there will be pain, but has been much better. This is not, just rest for a day, she immediately busy up. Ji thief forbade her to go back to work in the trade department, so she stayed to help Ah Qi deal with the affairs of the medical department. Anyway, she came out of the medical department at the beginning, and she was also handy in doing things. Seeing this scene, Ji Thief felt a little uncomfortable at that time. He coughed and deliberately attracted the eyes of the crowd. Hearing the sound, Ah Qi and Xue all looked back,stesweet stevia, and when they saw Ji the thief, the former was stunned for a moment, and quickly squatted down and called out to the patriarch. prius-biotech.com

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