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Beloved marriage rich and powerful family [rebirth] Full-time Job

Nov 4th, 2022 at 06:36   Engineering   Salford   274 views
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More than that, He Wan's crying was also intercepted on the Internet, causing a lot of denunciation and discussion. Among them, Meng Yan was naturally the most miserably blackened. All kinds of abuse were fermenting badly for a time, and even Yan Yan did not escape the blame. Meng Yi's mobile phone brush brush, for those of their own abuse, he swept away, do not care at all, but those who scold Yan, let him be angry, he stumbled to register an account, and then fight alone. Our family is very good! "Our family is the best!" "Our family is very good!" Meng Yin did not know how to curse at all, but his words fell into a pile of abuse, still very conspicuous. Full of Yan Yan iron fans and brain-damaged fans, or the kind of special words, over and over again, "you should say something special!" Meng Yan raised his head and looked at Yan Yan, who was tapping on the computer. He lowered his head and also tapped out this line of words. He is good-looking, the most good-looking. After Meng Yi sent it out, he seemed to feel that it was not special enough, and he continued to knock again, "beautiful hair, beautiful eyes, beautiful nose, beautiful mouth.." It looks good all over. Meng's comments were so bizarre that many people almost forgot what they were doing and subconsciously wanted to ask for photos to lick the screen. React to come over, upstairs a few floors have been exposed,Narrow aisle rack, is a slightly blurred side face, but still can feel out is a very high face value of the reality of the overbearing president. You're not the illegitimate son, are you? Meng's comment was already very high, and he recognized it almost without hesitation, "I am Meng." As for whether it was an illegitimate son, Meng Yen himself did not know, so he did not admit it. The ID registered by Meng Yin is called "I am Meng Yin 1111", which is the kind of trumpet, but there is no way,radio shuttle racking, "Meng Yin" has been registered, "I am Meng Yin" has also been registered, and even the number has been added, it is his turn to have only four ones. He's mother did something wrong that should not be forgiven, so she was driven away. Yan was right, and so was I. The last comment left by Meng Yin was this. Yan Sui raised his hand, and Meng Yin let go of his cell phone. I don't want his comment to become a hot topic directly. Some people have doubts about it. After all, there are too many things to reverse and hit the face now, but most of them still believe in He Wan's crying. Some people suspect that this account is not Meng Yin himself, but just want to take the opportunity to hype. What are you busy with? Yan Kui did not need to surf the Internet to know what the quarrel would look like, but watching Meng Kui keep looking at his cell phone, he was still worried that his mood would be affected. Meng Yan thought about it and shook his head gently. "Nothing. I quarreled with someone." He said with a smile, originally he was a little angry, but when he saw Yan, he could not get angry, he squeezed Yan to sit down, put his head on his shoulder, "quarreling is very tired, warehouse rack manufacturer ,Warehouse storage racks, my fingers are sore." Yan Kui held Meng Kui and gently rubbed him. "Don't look at it, and don't get angry." "Well," Meng Yen nodded without hesitation. He raised his chin and kissed Yan Yen on the ear. "I'll listen to you." Yan Kui also slanted his head and kissed Meng Kui back, then continued to look back at the files on the computer. After a while, Meng Yi poked the soft flesh on his waist. "You didn't say I was good." Yan Kui had no choice but to look back, raised Meng Kui's jaw, bit his lips, and when Meng Kui continued to open his eyes, he ran in gently. His other hand also left the table, encircling Meng Kui's waist, so as not to let him tilt under the chair. Meng's eyes narrowed slowly, and he continued to grab the clothes on the side of Yan's waist in response to the kiss. Three or five minutes later, Yan Kui let go of Meng Kui, touched his lips with a little water color again, and then whispered in his ear, "Be good." Meng Yi pursed his lips and nodded gently. There was a little light in his eyes. The whole person unconsciously emitted that kind of seductive breath, but his words were soft and clean. I'm good. Then he continued to lean on the shoulder of Yan Kui, the whole person has not actually recovered from the kiss, Yan Kui turned around, continue to look at the document, knock on the computer. After the man beside him recovered, his cheeks and ears gradually turned red, although Meng himself did not know why he was red. Yan Kui looked at the computer for a while, and then looked back at Meng Kui. About half an hour later, Meng Kui's eyelids gradually became heavy. Yan Kui pushed away the computer, directly let Meng Kui lie down in his arms, and continued to pat him up, after making sure that Meng Kui was sleeping soundly, he picked him up, in fact, today he can accompany Meng Kui all the time, but he Wan is a demon, he has something to do again. He carried people out of the living room, Zhen Han came up from downstairs, he nodded to Yan Kui, and then went to the study to wait for Yan Kui. Meng Yin now sleeps more comfortably in their own bed than in other places. He doesn't need Yan Yan to watch him all the time. After he patted people to sleep again, he came back to the study. What are you going to do? Zhen Han asked directly, not to mention Yan Kui, that is, he received a lot of phone calls here, of course, most of them said that they needed help to find them, but some of them came to find out. But there is no doubt that everyone is waiting for Yan's attitude, whether to choose to compromise with He Wan, whether to give up Meng Yan directly, or to break up completely. As she wishes, you should know, I am also waiting for this day. Yan Kui spoke as usual, but the phoenix eyes had an indescribable coldness and sharpness, and he was waiting for this day from the time he connived at He Wan's intervention in his marriage. He is not a man who is willing to be controlled by others, even if that person is his birth mother. Zhen Han looked at Yan Kui for a long time, he just nodded, he actually just want to make sure that Yan Kui is successful. Don't be too tired, "Zhen Han said this sentence and stood up, he nodded to Yan, and then left from the study.". He knew that Yan Kui grew up so fast because he had suffered more than others,Pallet rack upright, from childhood to adulthood, and that Yan Kui was the kind of person who had lost his teeth and swallowed mixed blood. What he showed was always his strong and tireless side. But he's human, and he gets tired. omracking.com

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