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Bewitching in Miaojiang _ Nanwu Kasaya Science Buddha Full-time Job

Nov 4th, 2022 at 07:09   Engineering   Sale   297 views
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We didn't speak, but the young master of Ciyuan Pavilion thought about it and told Yizi Jian that he wanted to take us to see his father and discuss cooperation. Hearing what the young master said, he frowned again and looked back at the shopkeeper Tian next to him. The shopkeeper Tian knew that the pig butcher had misunderstood, so he made clear the previous negotiation agreement. Knowing that what we came here for was only the ambergris, not to rob the real dragon with them. A word sword a little relieved, bowed his head and thought for a while, but also unable to make a decision, only said that they went to meet together, waiting for Fang's old friend how to say. Everything had been decided, and the rest might need the people of the Religious Bureau to come and finish it. Instead of staying in the village, we went out of the village and went along the lake to the west. After the heavy rain, the road was muddy, and we, who had been drenched in the rain, were also a little weak, and we did not walk smoothly, not to mention that it was very difficult to carry three bodies that had died in the hands of the Evil Spirit Sect in turn. After a few miles, the sword finally suppressed the hidden wounds left by Yang Zhixiu in the first World War and told us to walk along the lake. If we saw a light on the water, we would stop, and he would go to inform the army of Ciyuan Pavilion and come to meet us. This is the best way. There is no need to rush. We finally breathed a sigh of relief and walked slowly. The woman of the three dead was Fang Yi's partner, who played the role of a maid in ancient times. However, the maid was beautiful and smart, and even more beautiful than Fang Yi. It was a pity to die. Seeing the dead partner, Fang Yi finally did not entangle the mind of Shaomao Xiaodao,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, accompanied by the poor girl's Tian shopkeeper, alone in tears. However, although the young master of Ciyuan Pavilion was also sad, he was quite difficult to deal with. He had been following me and Shaomao Xiaodao closely, asking us for advice on the principles of spiritual practice, and wanted to know why we could have such achievements at such an age. This so-called spiritual practice is nothing more than the four words of "Dharma, practice, enlightenment, and practice." Dharma is the method of spiritual practice,Glass Cream Jars, and practice is the diligent practice of the will. Enlightenment is understanding and understanding, and practice is personal practice. This is a process that is constantly repeated on the path of spiritual practice, and it cannot come with any ease. As for other opportunities, that is another count. There is no free lunch in the world. Even if I am lucky, I am also diligent in learning and practicing on weekdays. Life and death on the edge of countless wandering, just have a little confidence, it is difficult to say a few words, to explain clearly. To make a long story short, we talked for more than an hour, and when we were tired of walking, someone in front of us shouted, "Lights, lights, there are lights on the lake!" As I was chatting with my young master, I turned my head and saw a dozen lights rising from the misty lake, slowly heading our way. It was a long boat, 30ml dropper bottle ,Glass Cosmestic Containers, neither a fishing boat of ordinary fishermen, nor an iron-hulled motorized lake boat, nor an ordinary cement boat used to transport sand and stones, but something like an ancient ship, with high sides, carved pavilions, cabins on the surface of the ship, I do not know how many stones can be accommodated, four oars protruding from the side, and sails on the top, which was quite strange. Seeing the boat, the young master was also a little excited and said excitedly, "Ah, my father has brought all the treasures in the hands of the old man in Changde, and things will go smoothly!" On this side of Ciyuan Pavilion, shopkeeper Tian took out a Hu whistle from his bosom. He sipped his mouth and blew three long and two short whistles. The boat reacted and began to take the lead. It came closer to the shore. Fang Yi rushed to the lake excitedly and shouted, "Daddy, it's me, Fang Yi. We're here!" The boat on the lake also responded. Let's wait here and don't leave. The big boat could not reach the shore, and two small boats were released from the other side. In a short time, they rowed to the front. On the leading boat stood Huang Chenqujun, a sword, and on the latter boat stood a short and fat middle-aged man with a big back. Before the boat landed, Fang Yi couldn't help it. She rushed at the short and fat middle-aged man and burst out crying: "Daddy, whine, Yueyue is dead. Li Xinru's Yu Yue and the two shopkeepers were also murdered. They were killed by the bad guys.." The girl cried so hard that the pear blossoms fell in the rain. The short and fat middle-aged man comforted her. Finally, he said with a wry smile, "I told you earlier that it was very dangerous to come here this time. I had a narrow escape from death. I told you not to come here. You came here anyway. Look, do you know how terrible it is?" Fang Yi shook her head and said, "No, you and your brother are here. How can I stay at home?"? This middle-aged man was Fang Hongjin, the helmsman of Ciyuan Pavilion. As the head of the most profitable spiritual sect, he also had some businessman temperament and acted very thoughtfully. After comforting his daughter, he turned his head and said hello to us: "The three are Xiao Yingwu, Xiao Keming's uncle and nephew, and Lu Zuo's brother. I just heard brother Huang say that." It was you who saved me, the shopkeepers of Ciyuan Pavilion, and a pair of my sons and daughters. I have written down this feeling, and I will repay it in the future! Fang Hongjin gave a hearty laugh and came to shake hands with us. His palms were broad and soft, and he held me tightly and shook me, looking very enthusiastic. Of the three of us, my uncle was the elder, so naturally he came to answer. After some pleasantries, my uncle raised the previous topic, saying that we came to Dongting Lake this time for the sake of the ambergris. If we have similar goals, we might as well cooperate and seek a win-win situation. What do you think, Lord? The smile of the Lord of Ciyuan Pavilion was restrained a little, and he began to look at us. ww w.xIaoshuotxt. comt.xt. Small .. Say ... God . Don Chapter 1070 search for the Dragon. Fang Hongjin, the head of Ciyuan Pavilion, showed his face. He was a kind and smooth businessman. When he exchanged greetings, he was full of flowers, which made people automatically ignore his Jianghu identity. However, when he was a little serious and stared at us,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, I could feel that in this fat body, there was still a horrible beast and the power of terror. This is a very powerful person. Many people only remember that Ciyuan Pavilion can do business, but they forget what kind of strength these people rely on to be able to stand up in the dangerous market and make great progress. penghuangbottle.com

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Qing Yu Nian