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Chiaki Excalibur Full-time Job

Nov 4th, 2022 at 07:06   Engineering   Sale   353 views
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I know who you are? Between you and me, we've already broken up with each other. What kind of little brother is that? "I have something important to discuss with you." When Yu Jian Qin heard him repeatedly refusing to leave, he became more and more impatient. "There's so much Lu Su," he snapped through the door. "If you don't leave, you'll know the ferocity of the Red Flame!" This red flame God fire bomb, a touch is burning, the power is incomparable, if a shot out, even if it does not hurt people, but can burn other people's houses. Therefore, Yue Tianlei was slightly startled, subconsciously moved his feet, and stepped back half a step. But as she turned sideways, she saw the three young girls covering their mouths and frowning in the distance. "Cheng Hung-lien" was amused, "Wu Shan Yan Feng" was quite sympathetic, and "Snake Lady" looked as if she were saying: Serves you right! Who told you to ask for trouble? Yue Tianlei did not answer, but with a calm and serious accent, he said to the room again: "Yu Jian Qin, if you still remember your father's tragic death and want revenge, you'd better be reasonable and consult with each other." This sentence, although did not cause the other side to reply, but she was suddenly silent, it is clear that she did not forget the revenge of killing her father, so, after a moment of silence. Yue Tianlei said aloud for the second time: "The Tianlei Strange Sword has been handed over to me by your teacher, 'The Iron Hand of Mercy'. Would you like to see it?" "Um.." The other party hesitated a little, and finally gritted his teeth and swallowed it. "Tomorrow I'm going to look for my enemies at Yinling Mountain. The Snake Lady and the other three sisters are all ready to go together. If you want, you can lead them. Otherwise --" "How's it going?" "We're leaving!" "Oh-" "Then what are you looking for me for?" Yu Jian Qin asked after a short pause. "This sword.." "How about a sword?" "There are still some twists and turns,magnetic separator machine, and we must discuss them with you. If you don't forget Wu Shan's kindness in learning the sword, you should also open the door to meet and discuss it in the long run." "Yu Jian Qin" was silent again. Finally, in a rather agitated accent, he said, "Come in!" As that three young girl stared at him, Yue Tianlei calmly stepped into the quiet room. "Zheng Honglian" was the first to give a gasp and say in surprise: How strange! She's such a strange person who doesn't laugh. Why did Lei Ge ask her to discuss it? Besides, what are they going to discuss? "Snake mother," she said, shaking her slender hand, "don't speak. Maybe we can hear it." But When the three girls were listening attentively, the light in the room shone on the window screen, reflecting two figures sitting opposite each other. Although their heads were moving, there was no sound at all. It was obvious that they were talking in a way to prevent others from hearing them. This mysterious atmosphere, but also touched their curiosity, Qi will stare at the eyes, Carbon in Pulp ,small gold wash plant, staring at the shadow lights, who do not want to leave. But The waiting is excruciating. Although it was only half an hour, they seemed to have waited for their adult months. It was not easy to see the figures moving again. Yue Tien-lei turned his head and called out the names of the three girls, telling them to come in together and be the "Snake Lady," "Wushan Yanfeng," and "Cheng Hung-lien.". He actually solemnly introduced the four women again, and explained in detail the family background of each of them, especially tirelessly. Only then did the three young girls fully understand the origin of Yujianqin, so they bowed together and respectfully called her Elder Martial Sister. At the same time, they also feel that tonight's party, the atmosphere is solemn, must contain a significant meaning! Right after everyone took their seats. It wasn't Yue Tien-lei who spoke, but Yujianqin, who had always been aloof. Although she tried to pretend to be calm, her accent could not hide her inner excitement. Her first sentence was a straightforward question: "The three sisters have all learned the Wushan Swordsmanship, so they must have mastered it." "We all remember.." "Very good!" Yu Jian Qin nodded approvingly, and then explained from the beginning the wonderful use of the four swords together. The three young girls were originally nervous, but when they heard that the sword move had been passed on to the female disciples, they could not help but relax and smile together. But although they smiled, Yue Tien-lei did not smile at all, and even Yu Jian Qin acted uneasily, and his eyes were full of contradictions. "Snake mother" saw this situation, can not help but ask suspiciously: "We sisters have all learned the'Wu Mountain Swordsmanship 'and joined hands to help Brother Lei destroy his enemies. Isn't this the purpose of going to the'Yin Ling Mountain' together?" ?? A ……… "Yu Jian Qin" hesitated even more, but Yue Tianlei took the next sentence and went on to reply, "That's not entirely true, because although the sword moves are strange, it depends on how good each person is.." "Are you saying that we sisters are too weak? Even if we work together, we can't deal with our enemies?" Compared with your skill, you are a little worse, and the secret of these four types of swordsmanship is not the feminine skill of dealing with enemies. But to deal with.. "Against what?" "Deal with this'Thunder Monster Sword '!" "Oh!" The three young girls all gave a cry of surprise at the same time, but "Wu Shan Yan Feng" gave another charming laugh and said: "Lei Di, your master was afraid that an outsider would get the sword, so he thought of this way. Now that the strange sword is in your hand, what are you afraid of?" "Sister Yan!" Yue Tianlei straightened his face and said, "This sword has magic power. It's easy to send but hard to stop. Others may not believe it, but you know it best!" "Of course!" As Wushan Yanfeng answered, she immediately remembered her mother's words. Even the "Wushan Crane" could not control this sword, so much so that it had killed and wounded many followers of the "sorcery sect.". So, although Lang's skill is high, of course, it's hard to avoid accidents. Thinking of this, she dared not think any more. With a shiver, Ji Lingling asked in reply, "In that case, don't you.." You want us to come.. Against you..! "It's not something to deal with, but you have to take precautions!" No! Nope! Nope As soon as this remark was made,portable gold wash plant, the three young girls shook their heads together and said a series of no words in unison! At the same time, six bright eyes glared directly at Yu Jian Qin, meaning to blame the other side for being too cold to agree with this opinion. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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