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China Nano Interactive Blackboard manufacturers Full-time Job

Dec 7th, 2022 at 03:08   Real Estate   Saint Neots   239 views
Job Details
In recent years, it has been found that the reform of educational equipment has occurred with the promotion of some similar products, setting off a wave of educational equipment. With the development of science and technology, we also hope that our knowledge transmission can keep pace with the times and apply high technology to our national education. To provide the new generation with more scientific and convenient educational equipment suitable for the new century talent training environment, the future intelligent classroom depicts to us the scene of the future intelligent campus. The Digital Blackboard for Classroom can be scanned by infrared detection network, which can make the infrared touch frame more quickly and accurately lock the coordinate position of the touch and thus operate accordingly. In general, this product has a strong practical value.
Design features
The Digital Blackboard for Classroom use black crystal glass as the front panel, and use nano sandblasting and coating technology, the glass surface can filter harmful light sources to protect the eyesight of teachers and students. In addition, we have LCD technology, in the middle of the product there will be an LCD display, when the LCD display is activated, the display area is anti-reflective treatment, which can effectively prevent the reflection caused by external light. What's more unexpected is that we also have the nano interactive touch Function, we use the latest touch technology, support 10-point touch, you can use your finger, whiteboard pen and other objects to annotate and explain the content of the educational resources in the display area, is the perfect application of modern educational resources.

Technical characteristics
"Intelligent interactive blackboard" has the characteristics of anti riot, waterproof, dustproof and durable. It meets the use needs of high dust, high frequency and high safety protection in the teaching environment. The strict design of pure plane and industrial grade ensures the texture and quality of the whole product. The appearance is fashionable and scientific. It is integrated with the modern teaching scene.
Technical characteristics A
Smart classroom interactive blackboard = touch interaction + water pen writing + chalk writing
The front display is a plane ordinary blackboard made of three pieces, which can be written with all kinds of water pens or chalk as needed. When the power is turned on, a LCD display is displayed in the middle, which can be used for touch interaction. When the power is turned off, the display is invisible, which is displayed as the appearance of an ordinary blackboard on which to write.
The use of dust-free chalk and teaching fountain pen can reduce the problem that the traditional chalk dust is not environmental protection, which is in line with the national scientific policy of health and environmental protection teaching.
Technical characteristics B
Multi in one synthesis module = electronic whiteboard + projection + ordinary blackboard writing + PC + touch interaction
Electronic blackboard supports two-way touch interaction, meets all aspects of classroom use, vividly displays the teaching results, and shortens the distance between teachers and students.
Technical characteristics C
Image display ability = colorful + high contrast + high brightness (high transmittance) + high definition resolution
LED backlight LCD screen, a-gauge panel, Samsung or LG Industrial LCD panel, high-definition 1080p display, meet the needs of the school.
Technical characteristics D
The surface of the blackboard adopts nano composite coating technology, leading the self-developed nano intelligent electronic blackboard. Technology of surface nano composite coating
1. Filter harmful light source.
2. Nano particles diffuse the object at the light source.
3. Nano particles can transmit light and write.
4. Nano touch module technology.
The smooth surface of glass is made into micro particles with the surface of 300 nm to 400 nm by nanotechnology
1. It has white board pen writing and chalk writing function
2. High light filtering technology will be harmful to the eyes of the light source filter out 85%, making the picture more soft.
3. The surface anti glare technology can't form reflection image on the surface and doesn't affect the visual picture.
4. The surface of the blackboard is resistant to writing, and the surface of the blackboard is not damaged permanently by water pen and chalk writing.
Technical characteristics E
The product is ultra-thin design, the thickness of the whole machine is only 70mm, which greatly reduces the thickness of the blackboard and increases the use space of the platform. There is no longer the problem that the thickness of the push-pull blackboard is greater than 200mm, which is safe and scientific.
Technical characteristics F
Built in industrial computer pc-ops pull-out host, it uses the leading fourth generation processor system. With solid state hard disk, it support hard shutdown in a fast startup speed. With the function of wireless network integration, it is convenient for daily teaching to be networked and digitized.China Nano Interactive Blackboard manufacturers
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