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China Pseudo Boehmite Temporary Job

Jan 3rd, 2023 at 08:56   Security & Safety   Salford   178 views
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China Pseudo Boehmite Molecular Sieve 4A The aperture of the molecular sieve 4A is 4A, which adsorb water, methanol, ethanol, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, ethylene, propylene, does not adsorb any molecules more than (including propane) a diameter greater than 4A, and the selective adsorption performance of water is higher than that of any other molecule. It is one of the largest molecular sieve varieties in industry. The molecular sieve 4A is an alkali metal aluminosilicate that adsorbs molecules with critical diameters of water, NH3, H2S, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, C2H5OH, C2H6, C2H4.It is widely used in the drying of gases and liquids, and also in the refining and purification of certain gases or liquids, such as the production of argon. Chemical formula: Na2O路Al2O3路2SiO2路9/2H2O Silicon-aluminum ratio: SiO2/ Al2O3鈮? Effective aperture锛歛bout4脜 IndicatorsUnit Nosphericalbar-type Specificationmm0.5-1.01.6-2.53-51.63.2 Static water adsorption锛?5鈩冿紝RH50%锛?/p>%wt鈮?1.5鈮?1.5鈮?1.5鈮?1鈮?1 rate of wear%wt鈮?.2鈮?.2鈮?.2鈮?.25鈮?.25 bulk densityg/ml0.69-0.75鈮?.69鈮?.69鈮?.70鈮?.65 compression strengthN/鈮?0鈮?0鈮?0鈮?0 Packaging water content锛?75鈩冿紝3hours锛?/p>%wt鈮?.5鈮?.5鈮?.5鈮?.5鈮?.5 Adsorbed methanol quantitymg/g鈮?40鈮?40鈮?40鈮?40鈮?40 The molecular sieve 4A is a synthetic aluminosilicate with a microporous cubic lattice. Molecules that adsorb or reject different substances based on the size of the holes in their crystals, and are called "molecular sieve鈥? Substances with a molecular diameter smaller than the hole diameter of the molecular sieve crystal can enter the molecular sieve crystal and thus be adsorbed, otherwise, it will be rejected. The molecular sieve 4A determines the order of preferential adsorption based on the polarity of the different material molecules. Select adsorption by molecular size and shape. For small polar molecules and unsaturated molecules, with the selective adsorption performance, the greater the polarity, the higher the unsaturation, the stronger the selective adsorption ability. Type A molecular sieve belongs to the molecular sieve, which is similar to that of NaCl that belongs to the cubic crystal system. Since the effective aperture of 4A molecular sieve is 0.4nm,, it is called 4A molecular sieve, and its spatial network structure is composed of silicon oxygen tetrahedral units (SiO4] and aluminum oxygen tetrahedra [AlO4] units.China Pseudo Boehmite website:http://www.sd-alumina.com/pseudo-boehmite/

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