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China Thin Film Dryer Full-time Job

May 24th, 2023 at 06:18   Engineering   Barnsley   148 views
Job Details

China Thin Film Dryer Introduction The thin film dryer is a special type of thin film evaporator. There are two types of thin film dryers, the vertical and the horizontal dryer. Work Process Horizontal film dryers are continuously operated contact dryers for a wide range of applications in vacuum, atmospheric and overpressure. They consist of a horizontally arranged heating enclosure with end caps and a rotor with bolted blades. The wet product supplied through the inlet nozzle is picked up by the rotor blades, applied to the hot wall and simultaneously delivered toward the outlet nozzle at the opposite end of the body. The generated steam flows countercurrently to the product stream and exits the dryer near the feed nozzle. The evaporation and delivery capabilities are adjusted by the right rotor blade arrangement. Entrained particles from the drying zone are removed in the wet zone. A moisture content of less than 1% can be achieved. The residence time of the product is usually 5 to 15 minutes. Horizontal film dryers are also suitable for applications other than drying of solid particles and product melting. The excellent heat transfer rate of the hot solid product allows for the cooling of large amounts of solids in a compact machine compared to the commonly used cooling screws and no cooling air. In the melting of the product, such as urea, the particles are heated and melted in the dryer. The melt can be mixed with other liquid and solid additives to improve the performance of the final product. Advantages Wide range of feed characteristics: liquid, paste, solid High throughput per unit based on thin film principle Dry product is sticky during the transition from paste to solid Small products are kept in the dryer Quick start and close No remaining products at restChina Thin Film Dryer website:http://www.heczb.com/thin-film-dryer/

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