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Code and dance Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 01:05   Engineering   Sale   253 views
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When Xiao Xuan stubbornly stood in front of the men's clothing store, Shuiqingyuan did not know how to convey his inner thoughts to him, this is Xiao Xuan, Xiao male God, whether IQ or EQ are properly crushing her existence, how can she tell Xiao Xuan, so it seems pompous. Xiao Xuan had already stepped into one foot, and the shopping guide's flower-like smile was getting bigger and bigger, but he soon realized that his girlfriend was not advancing and retreating with him, so he looked at the hesitant Shuiqingyuan with some confusion and asked her, "What's wrong with you?" By such a question, Shui Qingyuan did not know how to answer, but she herself is a nerve will not prevaricate, directly told the truth: "I do not think this is necessary." Xiao Xuan raised her eyebrows. "Why don't you think it's necessary?" Shui Qingyuan swallowed her saliva. She glanced at the shopping guide unintentionally. She saw that the young shopping guide was also looking at her, and her eyes were a little bitter. She shivered and continued: "You are very good now. It's just a meeting. It's not too formal." Xiao Xuan gently smiled, also understood her meaning,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, patiently explained to her: "I do not think the clothes are not good, but you look at my clothes." As soon as he said this, Shuiqingyuan looked at his clothes obediently and found that his clothes were not as neat and clean as usual, although they were only slightly wrinkled, but they looked very abrupt on Xiao Xuan. It's like a perfect piece of jade suddenly has a little flaw, which makes people feel unacceptable. It's not about the clothes,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, but I'm going to see your mother, and I always have to make sure that the basic clothes are neat. Xiao Xuan explained. Shuiqingyuan still can't accept it: "My mother doesn't have obsessive-compulsive disorder, so she shouldn't care about it." "It's not a question of whether she will care." Xiao Xuan looked at Shuiqingyuan seriously, his eyes were a little firm, "but I do not attach importance to the problem, your mother think I attach importance to this opportunity to see her, naturally will feel that I attach importance to you." This kind of thing related to emotional intelligence Shuiqingyuan always doesn't know how to deal with it. Some things look simple, but as long as you go to the deep level to dissect it, you will find that there are many doorways inside. Before Shuiqingyuan, dealing with interpersonal relationships always depends on her intuition. Fortunately, she is kind by nature, and most of the people around her are honest, Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle ,Oil Dropper Bottle, even if no one specifically told her about it. She still has a good popularity, today such a listen to Xiao Xuan said, immediately found that the gap between himself and him is not just a little bit. Thinking of this, she suddenly had some loss, just know that she and Xiao Xuan people think they are made in heaven, beauty and talent, but people who know them feel that, in fact, Shuiqingyuan and Xiao Xuan are not as well matched as imagined. Hua has said before that her painting style is different from Xiao Xuan's. As if feeling the loss of Shuiqingyuan, Xiao Xuan took her hand and said, "What's wrong?" Shui Qingyuan was still thinking that she was an oil painting and Xiao Xuan was an ink painting. She said absentmindedly, "It's nothing." "Then don't buy it." Xiao Xuan led Shuiqingyuan to leave the shop. The shopping guide's eyes suddenly turned into reluctance and silent detainment. In this way, she missed a handsome customer and lost a sale. She said that her heart was broken. Shuiqingyuan came to his senses and stopped in place: "Hey?"? Didn't you say you wanted to buy it? "It doesn't really matter whether you buy it or not." Xiao Xuan said. Just now he told her a lot of reasons, and now said that it is not important to buy or not, Shuiqingyuan some puzzled, with eyes motioned Xiao Xuan to give her an answer. Xiao Xuan sighed slightly and rubbed her head: "Although mother-in-law is important, she is not as important as his wife." Shui Qingyuan reacted for a long time, only to find that Xiao Xuan thought she was not happy to buy it. For a moment, she was somewhat dumbfounded, but there was some sweetness in her heart. All kinds of emotions were intertwined. She never knew that buying a dress could also produce so many inexplicable emotions. No, go in and pick it out. After hearing this sentence, the shopping guide with sensitive ears immediately had a brilliant smile on his face, feeling that the spring of life was coming again. "Welcome, what style of clothes do you want to buy?" Xiao Xuan: "Just have a look." If someone else says so, the shopping guide may still follow the customer all the time. When the customer grabs a piece of clothing, he will introduce a lot of it. But Xiao Xuan said so. The shopping guide immediately obediently said to that face: "OK, call me whenever you need it." And stand down. Shui Qingyuan picked up a black windbreaker. "How about this one?" Xiao Xuan nodded: "You can try." After waiting for Xiao Xuan to put on, Shui Qingyuan nodded appreciatively. Xiao Xuan nodded: "That's it." Shui Qingyuan: ".." She estimated that they had stayed in the store for less than ten minutes, and Xiao Xuan had already bought the clothes by swiping her card. This is really the fastest person she has ever seen to buy clothes. —————————————————— Water mother took a cup of hot tea and handed it to water father. Water father took, eyes continue to stare at the TV, but water mother's eyes have been strafing him, he can not see a little, had to ask: "What do you want to say to me?" "Qingyuan is taking her boyfriend home." Water father instantly dull, for a time can not digest the words of water mother, carrying hot tea do not know how to drink, swallow saliva asked: "who to take home?" "Her boyfriend." Mother Shui said word by word. A lot of fathers for their daughters to make a boyfriend is like a Chinese cabbage that has been carefully cultivated for many years has been arched by a pig. Water father said that before water mother and he said this sentence, he did not agree at all. He felt that Qingyuan was beautiful,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, but he had been growing up safely under his careful protection for so many years. Even if he wanted to be a partner, it was after graduation from university. He doesn't have to worry about it for another two years. But when he knew that his daughter had a boyfriend, he had a slight feeling in his heart that something was going to be lost. penghuangbottle.com

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