Reborn Princess of the Shang Dynasty

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The beauty of the cold palace pet is dark and enchanting.

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We agreed with the people of the Kingdom of Yan that we would go together. It was here and now that I met her again. In fact, to this day, I have not told them, told Qingci, Xiaoqi...

Start from scratch

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As soon as the white light curtain appeared outside Isengard, Matsumoto's heart jumped. Every time Isengard made some new products,plastic pallet crates, the Japanese would have ba...

There is Jiayu in the south

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When I was a child at home, Wang's mother was busy with her work and could not spare any time to take care of Wang Jingqian. Every morning when he got up, the family had set up the...

Wesley 111 (virus)

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But as Tian Huo said, in her eyes, there is brilliance, different, but her eyes are a little twinkling, at a glance, she has a major concern, has become a heavy burden on her spiri...

Sou Shen Chapter

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Tie stared at God's receding figure, considered for a moment, and eventually left with God. In the roaring wind of Tianjue Prison Cliff, suddenly came the voice of God like illusio...

The struggle of ordinary citizens

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"I don't think the stock market crash is a valuable lesson after all, and at the same time, the experience we have accumulated during this period will certainly bring benefits to t...

The imperial concubine is a ruthless Buddhist tyrant, and you are free...

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 Right Ling Yimo seemed to think of something, showing an expression of seeking praise, and said to Yan, "I also heard that the reason why the father emperor changed was because th...

Miraculous doctor

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"Now you know the charm of a real Chinese man!" After saying this, the old man closed his eyes and said softly, "If you really have a heart, let Yunxi do it!"! Alas! You are confus...

The Delicate Mussel Spirit of the Scientific Research Big Brother

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Jing Heng did not know what she was thinking and went on to say, "a black family like Zhu Zhu, who is over fourteen years old, does not meet the conditions for adoption and cannot...

Can't Cover the Big Brother's Temperament--Curtilage Line

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At the beginning of the Song Dynasty, he asked casually, but he was not really concerned about Liu Yong's traces. From a long time ago, when I was still in middle school, I learned...

Dead Zone _ Stephen King _ txt Fiction Paradise

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Johnny put the gun on his shoulder. It seemed to float there and land with a thud on the shoulder joint, and he remembered shooting grouse with his father when he was a child. They...

Reborn Princess of the Shang Dynasty

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 Qin Xiaofang immediately kowtowed to Bai Ruyue and Bai Zhentian, hitting his head on the green brick and knocking loudly, saying in his mouth: "Thank you, sir, thank you,Automatic...