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Conquer the Kingdom of Heaven Full-time Job

Oct 18th, 2022 at 01:35   Public Service   Aberdare   365 views
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"Please make yourself at home, my Lord." The officer in charge of the seal swallowed a mouthful of saliva secretly. He was not ashamed of his fear of this man, because he did not know how many people in Rome would not be afraid of this man. "If you have anything, please try to tell me." "Then please pay attention to me, and if anyone comes to me, please bring them to me." Hector said lightly, looking at the seal officer who could hardly wait to leave, and the albino raised the heavy seal in his hand to his eyes and looked at it carefully. The noise of the people outside came faintly, but Hector seemed to be quite leisurely flipping through the records of the tribunes from all over the world. In fact, in the manor on the outskirts, there was a huge filing room like this room, where all kinds of reports from tribunes from all over the world were gathered. The only difference was that Hector paid more attention to what he saw, but obviously not what he saw in front of him. Hector did not know who it would be or when he would come to him, but according to his guess, the emperor might send his emissary soon after the queen entered Thrace. Hector did not know what kind of anger the emperor would have this time. Perhaps the emperor's tolerance for him had finally reached an unbearable point, which made him feel that if that was the case, it would be better for him to punish the possible punishment in the place where he was responsible. Who could it be? Flipping through the heavy documents, Hector could not help but admire the perseverance of his deputy when he saw in the documents submitted by a provincial official that day how many couples of local people had been married and how many funerals had been attended. Hector sighed softly as the white light from the empty windows divided the vast archives into several different shades, and watched the white breath he had exhaled disperse in the light. A sound of footsteps sounded from the far end of the corridor outside, echoing louder and louder, and when the footsteps finally stopped outside the door with an almost uniform meal, Hector put down the file in his hand and squinted slightly at the two closed doors. The door burst open from the outside, and with the sound of boots on the marble floor, Pepin entered, accompanied by two guards. It was you. "I thought it was Alex." Hector looked disappointedly at Pepin as he walked up to him. Then he gave a self-deprecating smile. "Of course, maybe Your Majesty doesn't think I deserve so much attention." Looking at Hector, who was sitting calmly in his chair, Pepin handed Lunge's secret letter to him. "I'm sorry, sir. I don't know what you're talking about. The emperor wants me to watch you open this letter." Hector, who had received the secret letter but had not opened it, hesitated a little, then slowly pulled back the wax seal, and when he had read the contents of the letter, White Marble Mosaic ,Grey Marble Slab, the albino tapped his striking forehead with his pale fingers. Scolded, "Hector smiled at Pepin with a self-deprecating tug at the corners of his mouth. Seeing Pepin's blank face, he asked," I don't think you know what's in it, General? " "Yes, your majesty," said Pepin, "but I think something may have happened, because her majesty has suddenly arrived in Thrace."  Although Lunge never forbade people to discuss the man, the name soon disappeared from Constantinople. And like Rhensian's other possessions in Rome, Anlubel's rather rich "property" became the property of Alexios,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, who, after that incident, had inadvertently gained the greatest benefit. forustone.com

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Life and plunder