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Copper Tubing Coils in stock Contract Job

Jul 13th, 2023 at 08:33   Security & Safety   Sale   169 views
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Copper Tubing Coils in stock Product Introduction T2 Copper Coiled Tubing is also known as red copper tube. It is a kind of nonferrous metal pipe, and pressed and drawn seamless pipe. It has the characteristics of good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, electronic products conductive accessories and heat dissipation accessories of the main material. This product has become the modern contractor in all residential commercial housing water pipeline, heating, refrigeration pipeline installation, etc. Features T2 Copper Coiled Tubing is a kind of relatively pure copper, generally can be approximately considered to be pure copper, and its conductivity and plasticity are better, but the strength, hardness are worse. It also has high purity, fine structure, very low oxygen content. There are no pores, trachoma, with loose, excellent electrical conductivity, high precision of the surface of the die etched by electricity. After heat treatment process, the electrode has no direction, suitable for fine beating, fine beating. Product Information 1. Grade :T2 (C11000) T3(C2170 )TP1 (c12000) TP2(C12200) Tu2(c10200) 2. Length :100-600m/coil 3. Size:2*0.5 2.5*0.6 3*0.5 3*1 4*0.5 4*1 5*0.5 5*1 6*0.5 6*0.8 6*1 6*1.5 8*0.6 8*1 8*1.5 6.35*0.7 9.52*0.7 10*0.8 10*1 10*1.5 12*1 12*1.5 12.7*0.7 14*1 16*1 16*1.5 15.88*0.4 19*1 22*1.2 4. Shape锛歴traight tubing can coiled tubing 5. usage锛欰ir conditioning refrigeration copper pipe, water supply and drainage copper pipe, medical gas copper pipe, radiator copper pipe, floor heating copper pipe, natural gas copper pipe, etc. 6. Condition: softness 7. Application: Electric heating pipe, cooler, heat exchanger Size range: D 鈺睸0.400.450.500.550.600.650.70 3.10鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p> 4.0鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p> 4.76鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p> 5.0鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p> 6.0鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p> 6.35鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p> 7.0鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p> 7.5鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p> 8.0鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p> 9.0鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p> 9.52鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p> 10.0鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p> 12.0鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p> 14鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p> 15.88鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p> 19.05鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p> 20鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p> 22鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p> 26鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p> 28鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p> Physical properties: Tensile Strength Rm/锛圢mm2 锛夆墺Elongation A锛?锛夆墺HV HardnessHBW hardness T2 T3 TP1 TP2 TU1 TU2M2004040~6535~60 M22204045~7540~70 Y22502070~10065~95 Y290-95~12090~115 T360-鈮?10鈮?50 Chemical compostion: CSiMnPS 0.0301.002.000.0450.030 NiCrMo 10~1416~182~3Copper Tubing Coils in stock website:http://www.shstainless.com/coiled-tubing/copper-tubing-coils/

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