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Crossing the Glory Road Full-time Job

Nov 2nd, 2022 at 07:05   Independent & Freelance   Canary Wharf   296 views
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Think about it, Princess Heshu is at least a royal princess, which is noble enough. As for the nephew is not bad, that there is a king's own brother. What a good marriage it is. Wang Sui-niang felt that if she could fulfill her nephew's wish, it would be a good thing. As for the worries of this princess, since she came to the East Tu Guogong to kiss, she must have the intention to achieve the in-laws of the two royal families. As for the court did not agree, the king accepted the princess as a concubine? In Wang Sui-niang's opinion, it must be her nephew's daughter-in-law, Queen Fu, who has done something wrong in the middle. Hey hey, let Wang Suiniang see, nephew daughter-in-law pay queen wants to dominate the harem, monopolize the sacred heart of things, is not once or twice. It's so obvious. Even too the queen mother in daughter-in-law Xiao here, is not also not for a cheap? Since Queen Fu, the nephew's daughter-in-law, had the support of her mother-in-law, the queen, and the king was indeed a weak water of three thousand, he only took a gourd ladle to drink. Then, Wang Sui-niang naturally wanted to forget her friend, this one and Princess Shu pulled a red line,drum spill containment, but also to bring another nephew Zhongyu ah. Thinking about such an idea, Wang Sui-niang thought it was good. She, in these days with Princess Heshu, is always getting closer and closer to Princess Heshu. Zhongyu, Zhiyuan, sit down. "Zhongyu, talk to your aunt. You are a good-tempered child.". Take a look, this cousin of Zhiyuan needs your care. Wang Sui-niang had a heart, and now,wholesale plastic pallet, of course, she was talking well with her nephew Zhongyu. Wang Zhiyuan is a good-tempered teenager, and he gets along well with his cousin. The ten-year-old young man had a viscount of Changting in his body. When Wang Zhiyuan became sensible, he already knew. Damn it, he wants to get him a better title. If a son is loved by his mother, he is naturally filial. This is also these years, Wang Zhiyuan has been around his cousins and cousins. Wang Zhiyuan wants to get along well with his cousin in the royal family, so as not to embarrass his mother. My aunt overpraised me. Cousin Zhiyuan is good. Cousin Zhiyuan's homework has always been praised by the master. If you think about the future, cousin Zhiyuan will certainly be able to do a good job for brother Wang and get more dignity. Xiao Zhongyu also echoed his aunt's words and praised his cousin Wang Zhiyuan. For Princess Ningguo, hearing these words is naturally happy to cover her mouth and chuckle. In Wang Suiniang's eyes, naturally her son Wang Zhiyuan is good everywhere. Cousin is also very helpful. What I don't understand, my cousin has taught me a lot. Wang Zhiyuan also understood the reason why people carried the sedan chair. For a time, everyone flattered each other. This let the princess and sook next to see a lively. Of course, when Xiao Zhongyu spoke, occasionally his eyes would secretly glance at Princess Heshu. For a monastic person, the five senses are acute. Princess Heshu had already seen too many things from some of the expressions of the Duke of Fengguo. As the princess of Korea, plastic pallet manufacturer ,collapsible bulk container, she is also a genius of spiritual practice. In the eyes of too many people, Princess Heshu has seen such love as Xiao Zhongyu, Duke of Fengguo. However, the beauty of love makes Xiao Zhongyu reluctant to let go. In particular, some of my aunt's jokes always touched the heartstrings of young people. Who can I ask? Who will you ask to help him? Xiao Zhongyu wanted to work hard for love, he thought for a long time,euro plastic pallet, and finally made up his mind. Xiao Zhongyu did not go to Ningguo Gongfu, he entered the palace. Han capital city, royal palace. cnplasticpallet.com

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