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Dandy madman Full-time Job

Nov 4th, 2022 at 07:28   Engineering   Salford   275 views
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Fortunately for Lin Yun, his soul seemed to be wrapped in his own five-star soul power through a wormhole and reborn to a mental patient on Earth. Lin Yun gave a wry smile, which is very suitable for his identity, his original nickname in Tianhong Mainland is'Madman '. Whether it is the study of science and technology or combat training, or even in the "pick up girls" above, are called "crazy" by others. Now, it's really reborn into the body of a madman. After three days of understanding, Lin Yun finally knew the identity of his body and his position. According to my own understanding, this should be a place called the earth, but the development of science and technology is only equivalent to the mainland of Tianhong 200 years ago, that is to say, it is relatively backward. And his own body is also called Lin Yun, who is the fifth son of Lin yuanzhang, the head of a big family, the Lin family. The Lin family is almost one of the dozen or so largest families in China. Not only are their businesses all over the world, but even among the top five leaders of the central government, there are members of the Lin family. Lin Yun became mentally ill is also a later thing, he was originally just a dandy who did all kinds of evil, eating, drinking, whoring and gambling are not the same. But there was no business or official mind, and the rest of the Lin family had a lot of dandy guys or peers. But at least everyone can do something, not just eating, drinking, whoring and gambling. Lin yuanzhang had six sons and three daughters, and Lin Yun, who had repeatedly corrupted the family business, gave up directly. Lin's family has a great cause, that is, there is no shortage of people to inherit the family business, simply three years ago to help Lin Yun marry a daughter-in-law, and then gave him some of the family property directly regardless. Although Lin Yun was unbearable,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, Lin yuanzhang did not marry a wife for him casually. Or because of politics, or for other reasons, he married the third daughter of a small dilapidated family, Han Yuxi. But Lin Yun remained the same, and it took only one year to completely corrupt his last bit of property. Had it not been for the fact that the place where he lives now is Lin yuanzhang's property, it would have been sold by Lin Yun. But two years ago, Lin Yun had a sudden attack of illness, and after being rescued, he was a frequent visitor to the mental hospital. Once they get sick, they immediately beat, smash, burn and scold everything, and they bite people like dogs. So he often came here to live for a month or two, and when he was better, someone would pick him up, usually a nanny invited by his mother to take Lin Yun back to where he lived. But this time Lin Yun has come to live for three months, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,S Adenosyl Methionine, although now Lin Yun is reborn from the mainland of Tianhong, it is said that someone should have come to pick him up long ago. But no one has come to pick him up, every day is just an aunt level nurse to come over, first take away the books that Lin Yun borrowed to read these days, and then change one to Lin Yun. For Lin Yun's change, the Hao Ma who has been taking care of Lin Yun is very clear, although she knows that Lin Yun's mental illness will not be good, but in recent days Lin Yun not only does not beat people or curse people, but also calls her aunt, asking her to help him borrow all kinds of books to read. Lin Yun put a book he had recently read, Jiangnan Wuzhi, beside his bed and stared at the ceiling in a daze. Although this body is weak, even when the wind blows, it will be blown away, but there is a star source in the root bone of the body, although it is not as much as in his previous life, but with the star source, he can practice again. Although he had a failure experience, but Lin Yun still believes that this time can definitely pass the five-star, there is no reason just a feeling. But now I can't practice, my body is too weak, only after I have a good body, can I start my star cultivation plan. From the books and magazines he has seen recently, Lin Yun affirms that there should be very few practitioners on the earth, and they are all legends. But Lin Yun will not think that there is no true cultivator on the earth, after all, even the legend must have a basis to spread out ah. Put on your clothes and come with me. A cold, emotionless voice sounded in the doorway. Lin Yun raised his head, a beautiful and palpitating girl standing in the doorway, the expression on her face was like ice in the cold winter, and there was no trace of emotion in what she said. Cold rain pity, Lin Yun immediately knew who this person was. Although most of Lin Yun's memories have disappeared, some of the main memories are still there. Cold rain pity should be said to be in order to revive the cold family, and the Lin family deal with an unimportant victim, the cold family did get a little benefit because of this marriage, Lin yuanzhang casually a word can let the cold family benefit a lot. If there is no Lin yuanzhang, the news that the cold family has a son-in-law who is Lin yuanzhang's son is enough. The fact is that Lin yuanzhang will not speak at all because of Lin Yun, he has completely given up this guy who wastes the food of the Lin family. But with the news that a son-in-law was Lin yuanzhang's son, the cold family gradually gained a foothold. Although know the meaning of the cold family, but Lin yuanzhang is too lazy to ask what, no matter how the cold family has nothing to do with him. Although Lin Yun's mother was impatient at this time, she had no alternative. Lin yuanzhang has issued an order, if you dare to send someone to the hospital to pick up Lin Yun that ignorant neuropathy, immediately will their mother and son three people out of Fenjiang City. Although Lin Yun's mother He Ying still wanted to pick up Lin Yun, she was grounded by Lin yuanzhang. And Lin Yun also has a younger sister, she can not ignore. He is not Lin yuanzhang's wife in name, but an underground concubine, and there are several concubines like Lin yuanzhang. For the sake of Lin Yun's sister who is still in school, He Ying did not dare to ask Lin yuanzhang too much. Can only place hope on Lin Yun's daughter-in-law cold rain pity, hope she can take Lin Yun back to live for a period of time, do not always stay in the mental hospital, but the heart also knows that this hope is not very big. Although the cold rain cherishes a person to live very quietly,D BHB Factory, I hope Lin Yun will never come back. But Lin Yun in the hospital for two months no one sent back, although he is happy, but also can not pretend not to know. pioneer-biotech.com

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