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Dead Zone _ Stephen King _ txt Fiction Paradise Temporary Job

Nov 2nd, 2022 at 06:30   Independent & Freelance   Cardiff   280 views
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Johnny put the gun on his shoulder. It seemed to float there and land with a thud on the shoulder joint, and he remembered shooting grouse with his father when he was a child. They had been looking for it for a long time, but when he saw the grouse, he couldn't pull the trigger, and he was very nervous. It was a secret, as shameful as masturbation, and he never told anyone. There was another scream. An old woman covered her mouth, and Johnny saw that she had a circle of artificial flowers on the side of her black hat. Face turned to him, like a big white zero. Open mouth, like a little black zero. A little boy in a ski jacket is pointing with his finger. His mother tried to block him. Stilson suddenly appeared in the fore sight, and Johnny remembered to turn on the safety catch of the rifle. The man in the overcoat opposite was putting his hand into his jacket, and Sonny Eriman, his blue eyes shining, shouted, "Get down!"! Gleick, get down! But Stillson was still staring up the hallway, and for a moment,wire nail machine manufacturers, their eyes met, as if they understood. Stillson only dodged for a moment when Johnny fired. The gunfire was so loud that it filled the whole hall, and the bullets almost flew off a corner of the podium, revealing the white wood inside. Splash of debris. A piece of debris hit the microphone, and there was a strange buzzing sound. Johnny loaded another bullet and fired again. This time the bullet made a hole in the dusty carpet of the podium. The crowd feigned confusion like frightened animals. They all ran to the middle passage. Those standing behind easily escaped, but a bottleneck quickly formed in the doorway,wire nail making machine, cursing. Screaming men and women were blocking the place. There was a bang of gunfire on the other side of the hall, and the aisle railing suddenly flew in front of Johnny's eyes. Moments later, something whistled past his ear. Then an invisible finger struck him lightly on the collar. The three men on the opposite side all had their pistols raised, and because Johnny was up the aisle, their goals were very clear-but Johnny suspected that they would not have considered innocent bystanders. One of the three older women grabbed Muzzie's arm. She's whimpering for something. He shook off her hand and held the pistol in both hands. Now the hall is full of gunpowder. It was about twenty seconds since Johnny got up. Get down! Get down, Gleick! Stillson was still standing at the edge of the podium, leaning slightly and looking up. Johnny tilted the gun down, and Stillson was right in the middle of the fore sight. Then a pistol bullet tore across his neck, driving him back, and his own bullet flew away. The glass of the opposite window broke with a crash. A faint scream came from below. There was blood in his shoulder and chest. Oh, you've done a good job of assassination, he thought hysterically, iron nail machine ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, throwing himself on the railing again. He loaded a bullet and put the gun on his shoulder. The town hall turned twice in front of his eyes. He fell on two stools with a bang, breaking his back and two legs. He opened his mouth to shout, but instead he spurted out a big mouthful of blood. Lying on the broken piece of stool, he thought, "It's over.". I'm a loser. I screwed up. Grab him hard with your hand. They're rolling him over,Iron Nail Making Machine, and there's Iriman, Muzzie and the other guy. It was Elliman who was turning him over. Stilson came over and pushed Muzzie aside. "Take care of this guy," he said hoarsely. Find the son of a bitch who took the picture. Smash his camera. 3shardware.com

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