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Dream space Full-time Job

Nov 2nd, 2022 at 07:05   Independent & Freelance   Castleford   406 views
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Seeing the policeman's smile, Haihua was stunned, but said, "I have a friend who lives near the police station. After seeing the news, I can't get through the phone all the time. I want to see if he has an accident." Ha ha, the trick of deceiving people has not been used for a long time. It seems that Haihua has not abandoned it. Oh, the power line at the police station was damaged, so there is no signal now, but there is no problem except that the police station was damaged. Your friend should be fine. "But I can't rest assured!"! I must go and see it so that I can rest assured. Haihua made a very anxious expression. "Uh.." Looking at Haihua's expression, the police thought that the friend was Haihua's lover. So he hesitated for a moment and said, "Sir, if you must go, you can. It's safe there, but please be careful. The terrorists are still in the city.". I hope you can stay at your friend's house when you go there and don't come out for a while. Then he raised his hand and let it go. It seemed that this man was the captain of the police here, the police at the checkpoint, and as soon as he saw his gesture,plastic pallet supplier, he opened the checkpoint. That's all right. Thank you. Haihua went away as soon as he refueled. At this moment the policeman that is pulled cannot help asking curiously: "Captain, how can you let go?"? Isn't it martial law? Did you see the license plate number? That's the car that brought down the former chief of police. The captain looked at the back of the car and said lightly. …… Then you can't let him go. How dangerous it is! As soon as the policeman heard this, he shouted, because the matter of Haihua's car and the resignation of the former director had long been circulated internally. Although he doesn't know Haihua's identity, he must be a big shot. No problem. The captain lit a cigarette, took a puff and whispered to the policeman in front of him,spill plastic pallet, "I'll tell you a secret, but don't say it with a big mouth." Captain, don't you know my mouth is the tightest? Don't worry. What's the secret? The policeman asked in a low voice. Do you know the former traffic police captain Xiao? Yes, I heard that the former director was arrested by him, and now he seems to be the captain of XB. I don't understand how someone who can't kiss ass through the back door can get into XB! ". The policeman also took out a cigarette and lit it. Their task is only to persuade the citizens to return, but knowing that there are terrorists in the city, who dares to come out to play, not afraid of stray bullets? So they can chat easily. Stupid! Do you think XB can get in through the back door? Captain Shaw, he's smart! Did not follow the former director to go, otherwise will be the same as those captains and deputy directors, all fall to investigate and deal with! "Yes, plastic pallet manufacturer ,mobile garbage bin, I just know that the former director was guilty of corruption, but I don't know how those captains and deputy directors also fell?"? Does the secret you want to tell have anything to do with this? The captain saw the markings painted on the bottom and fuselage of the helicopter,plastic trash bins, pressed the police cap that was about to be blown away by the strong wind, and said to the policeman, "The army is coming." cnplasticpallet.com

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