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Drunk three thousand, usurp the heart queen Full-time Job

Nov 2nd, 2022 at 07:11   Marketing & Communication   Cannock   363 views
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Finally, he waited and waited. Seeing that Ye Xuan had fallen silent again, he made a gesture to leave again. Ye Xuan was in a hurry and asked, "How many months have you been?" Yan Yan was stunned to see his complicated eyes fall on her bulging lower abdomen, only to understand what he was asking. Without answering, she turned and faced him. Ye Xuan is a little embarrassed, the eye light flutters, good half ring, seems to be finally full of courage, only then raises the eye to look intently into her eye, "who is the father of the child?" He deliberately straightened his voice, but still failed to hide the tremor of his voice. Contrary to his excitement and trembling, he was very calm. "No father," she said faintly. Leaf Xuan was shocked and opened his eyes wide in astonishment. Why "No reason, because I don't know who the father is." Yan Yan's tone is still indifferent, like the autumn water in August. But Ye Xuan thought it was totally incredible. Pain and heartache climbed up his eyes, and he looked at her with pity. What's going on? What happened to her? She is not a casual woman, and how can she be pregnant without knowing who the father of the child is? Unless something happens. A big change. Moreover,phycocyanin spirulina, in addition to the bulge of the lower abdomen, she really lost a lot of weight, the original thin face, seems to be only as big as the palm, the body is also skinny, but also because of thin, more and more appear protruding abdomen. What exactly did she go through? Once she used herself to save him,naringenin price, which was already a nightmare for a proud and self-respecting woman like her, and now it happened again. What are you going to do next? "What are you going to do?" She sighed in a low voice, lowered her eyebrows, and hid the emotion in her eyes. Didn't you think about finding a father for the child? Ye Xuan asked in a slightly tentative dumb voice. Who wants to be the father of a child of unknown origin? With that, he suddenly raised his eyes and looked at him again. "Would you like to?" "Yes!" The tone was firm, unthinking, without a trace of hesitation, as if waiting for her to ask. Yan Yan was slightly stunned, not expecting him to answer so quickly. The corners of her lips curved imperceptibly, and she turned her back to him. "Don't answer so quickly. I saved you, but I don't need you to repay me." "No, not..". I'm not trying to repay you. I'm.. I am ......” Result, akba boswellic acid ,pumpkin seed extract, "I am" a long time, Leng is also did not say the words behind. Yan Yan shook his head helplessly. After all, it's a lifetime thing. Well, I'll give you one day. You go back and think it over. If you're willing to come to the palace tomorrow morning after careful consideration. Ye Xuan wanted to say, don't think about it, you can answer now, then thought of her and said, don't answer so quickly, after all, it's a lifetime thing, afraid she felt that he didn't think carefully, so she had to give up and said: "Good!" Then, the man went out of the Longyin Palace with joy and excitement. When Ling Lan came back, he saw Yan sitting there alone, and he stood in front of her for a long time before she realized it. When did you get back? Yan Yan's cheeks were hot, and he did not know if he had any embarrassment to see. Ling Lan bent her lips and smiled. "It's been a while. Where is Ye Xuan?" "Gone. Didn't you meet him on the way back?" Yan Yan looked at him doubtfully. Ling Lan still bent his lips and did not answer. Yan Sui understood that he was asking knowingly, so he curled his lips and said, "I was scared away by your luck therapy." Yan Yan pointed to his stomach. Ling Lan glanced at her with a smile, turned around and took out a needle bag from a medicine box on the table and walked towards her again. If you're really scared away by this, it's not your lover. She smiled and said nothing. You have been sleeping for so long, and you must use this Qi to go through your limbs and bones again. The purpose is also to open your whole body meridians. Now I will release the Qi in your abdomen with needles, and you will be all right. Pulling out a silver needle from the needle bag, Ling Lan walked up to Yan. Yan Yan sat up straight. Net long two fingers twirl thin long silver needle, gently into the acupoint of the face, Ling Lan slowly opened his mouth. You know what? Ye Xuan specially went to Yunmo to ask Sang Chengfeng to come with his master to save you. Sang Chengfeng said that the process was tortuous. Who knows, you were rescued by me yesterday. If I had known, I should have left him such a big favor.. At night, the candle flickers. Ling Lan finished the memorial, and went to the day prison around a circle back, Wei Jing has finished bathing. turmeric extract powder, group Mody ~ ~ [311] I'm afraid of losing you. He thought that Wei Jing would be silent again and bear all this passively, but she suddenly turned around in his arms and faced him. Ling Lan, "she called him.". Ling Lan was stunned and somewhat surprised. prius-biotech.com

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