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Evil spirit is awe-inspiring Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 01:04   Engineering   Sale   360 views
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Luo Lie threw himself on the ground and slapped the floor hard, but this time he hit me head-on. He was so angry that he moved much faster. I didn't hold his fist, and I didn't have time to dodge sideways. Swept by his fist wind to the shoulder, I smiled, instead of retreating, the shoulder hit his chest hard, at the same time I pressed forward, Luo Lie immediately center of gravity unstable, and I took advantage of the situation to seize his clothes, lifted him up, easily thrown out. Pow! This is the third time that Luo Lie has been knocked down by me. In just three encounters, he was turned over three times by me, and I already understood that there was a big gap between his skill and mine. To be fair, in fact, this boy's skill is not bad, but after all, he started to practice kungfu too late, three years ago began to exercise systematically. And everyone who practices martial arts knows that if you want to be successful, you must start practicing from an early age! Because the human skeleton, as well as ligaments, after adulthood, has been basically ossified and shaped, this time to start practicing,oil dropper bottle, can only be twice the effort, and half the effort! This Luo Lie's skill, even if it is much worse than Ciro, if we put it in our big circle, it is only the upper middle level of the former garage gym. I fell three times in a row. Even though I didn't have a heavy hand, the three falls made me dizzy. Luo Lie got up from the ground for the third time and breathed a few times. He took out a folding knife from his pocket. It was the kind of knife commonly used by the underworld. It seemed that he was very skilled in playing with this kind of folding knife. He hit a flower in his hand very skillfully and stared at me with his eyes. I sighed, if he used anything else, but playing with knives in front of me. You know, my kung fu with dagger is taught by the top killer old cat in the big circle. And finally I killed the old cat myself with a dagger! Luo lie saw an opportunity,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, a stand up, face to face stab over, I gently let, and then a hand pinch his arm, Luo lie is very tough, eat pain in the hand, but refused to relax the knife, but my right leg knee but took advantage of the situation to a top, on his wrist. Now he can no longer hold the knife, the knife flew up, I caught it with one hand, not waiting for Luo Lie to struggle, the bright blade has been across his neck. Luo Lie's face was ashen, but I gently shook my wrist, put away the knife, and then lightly punched him out. Luo Lie fell out for the fourth time, Serum Bottle With Dropper ,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, this time on his back, snorted, but struggled a few times before he stood up. I sighed. "Is it necessary to be so stubborn?"? You're no match for me. I'm not trying to kill you. You can go. "No!" Luo Lie climbed up from the ground, his eyes flashing light, such light, fell in my eyes, but it seems to make me very familiar. As soon as my heart moves, it seems that there is a hyun in my heart, which is gently touched at this moment. Luo Lie gasped twice and rushed over again. This time I punched him in the waist and eyes. He was in pain, but he held on. Instead, he cut my throat with a palm! I raised my arm to block all this, and at the same time I twisted it hard and pinned his hand behind his back. This boy eats pain, but as if desperately the same! In such a position, I had pinned his arm, as long as he twisted hard, he could even break his arm, but he did not care, the other hand, clasped towards my eyes! He doesn't want that arm?! I frowned, pushed in my hand, hooked at my feet, and Luo Lie flew out again. This time he fell to the ground, but he didn't get up for a long time. He just pinned his arm and fought with me desperately. This time he fell out. I'm afraid his arm is out of joint. When he stood up again, one of his arms was hanging feebly, and his forehead was covered with cold sweat, but his eyes were still staring at me! I frown: "I said, I do not want to kill you, you can go.". ” "No!" Luo Lie gritted his teeth: "I want to take Duoduo with me!" His eyes were full of tenacity, and his facial features were twisted with pain, but his eyes were shining. He looked at me and said, "Brother Huan, let me protect his daughter!"! I promised brother Huan! So anyway. I'll take her back safely, too! The words fell into my ears, and suddenly my body shook! Looking at the young man in front of him, looking at his arms hanging feebly. Look at the sweat on his head, the persistence on his face, the firmness in his eyes. And that sentence. I promised brother Huan. Such a scene, as if. Deja vu. The young man in front of him, his stubborn appearance. Vaguely with that night, that pulled the little girl running in the streets of the night, the picture overlapped. I don't know what happened. Suddenly my heart was sour, and then as if a voice in the dark was reminding me, I looked at this young man, looking at this young man who looked like me in those days, I looked at him, my voice softened involuntarily, and then I sighed and asked him: "Is it worth it?" Is it worth it? When this sentence came out, I really had an impulse to laugh. But such a smile, but as if dead in the throat, but there is no trace of pleasure, there is only an indelible bitterness! Is it worth it? Is it worth it? Luo Lie? Is it worth it? Xiaowu? "Worth it!" The young man in front of me was staring at me. There was a little blood at the corners of his mouth. Maybe he had just fallen to the ground. He wiped his backhand with the back of his hand and gritted his teeth: "It's worth it!"! I promised brother Huan that I would do it! I suddenly had a feeling of powerlessness in my heart,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, and really, this feeling made my clenched fist unclench involuntarily. In the face of this young man who is as vigorous as a young tiger, I really can't give birth to any fighting spirit against him. I waved my hand: "You go …" Take Duoduo away. I won't stop you. Luo Lie was stunned. He stared at me in surprise. penghuangbottle.com

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