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Fast Charge Cable factory Full-time Job

Jan 9th, 2023 at 04:33   Security & Safety   Dagenham   230 views
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Fast Charge Cable factory PD 3.1锛?The new era of charging is here. What USB C to USB C Cables are currently on the market that supports PD3.1 fast charging? With the recent release of USB-IF's new standard, it is now possible to transmit power up to 240W, making it much faster than previously available protocols such as PD3.0 at max 100w only. This means that your phone will be able to charge much faster and also provide more charges for its users. What is PD The newly-launched USB Type C standard has been met with much anticipation. The physical interface is still universal as C to C, but now includes three different voltage options for charge cables; 28V/36V or 48 volts extra strong. There is a new protocol for USB-C chargers on the market, and it's called PD 3.1 This newest update supports up to 48V 5A 240W charging power. However there are some laptops that only come with 100 watts max out of their ports which means they won't be able to charge as quickly using this type of cable, But don鈥檛 worry because we have got some cables supporting 240W already. Nylon Braided 240W C to C Cable The body of the fast charging cable is designed with nylon braided wire, which is anti-bending and has a longer service life; the C to C end of connectors are made of aluminum alloy + TPE plastic injection, also logo printing with laser is accepted. Using the tester measured cable with E-Marker chip, support up to 50V5A fast charging power, data transfer type is only USB2.0. Summary The new high-powered charging cable from our top-of-the-line supplier is perfect for playing games on your phone. It can provide up to 240W power output and breakthrough PD3.0's limited limit, so now you're able to charge with ease. We also carry this same type in a C2C (USB Type - colon) version which will work only when used with another USB port or charger that has been Made For That Specific Purpose." Secondly, the fast charging cable supports PD3.1 technology and has a maximum voltage of 50V which requires power devices such as VBUS capacitors built into data cables for its operation but it can sustain up to 5A based on Type-C v2 1 specification so this will be found in E Marker testing. Where to buy the charging cable that supports PD3.1 fast charge technology? There are two channels for them: one is from a retail shop, and another can be purchased after you purchase your main device; but different than private protocol chargers on market with wires, these ones use an uncommon private protocol called "fast charge" which has its own set of standards not matching those established by USB-IF Association. The future of this type of charging cable can be expected to remain hot as more and more people invest in electric vehicles. The price point is still high, but the benefits will make up for it with increased energy efficiency across all industries due to their lower carbon footprint and much higher charging speed.Fast Charge Cable factory website:http://www.shusbs.com/usb-data-cable/fast-charge-cable/

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