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Favor one's wife as queen Full-time Job

Nov 3rd, 2022 at 02:41   IT & Telecoms   Darwen   330 views
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She said with a smile. "If you had told me earlier, you would have found him a quiet courtyard to study in peace." I hadn't seen my mother's family for fourteen years, but she was still such an elegant and promising young man that the old lady didn't like him, so she waved to sit on her right hand. This is extremely like, will have the treatment. But in humbert politely declined, want to wait for the old lady to invite again to sit, there is a eunuch outside loudly way: "The four princes have arrived." Guo Huai can't sit down naturally. The people in the room quickly stood up, and the old lady was helped by Xiao to the door to see the ceremony. A crowd of people followed the old lady. Humbert, see the real day Huang nobles, today's four princes, immediately feel four princes is a special trip to the face. His good demeanor just now, in front of the four princes dressed in goose-yellow royal robes,Interactive digital signage, was immediately lowered several grades. In terms of bearing, in terms of talent, looking at the entire Dalong Dynasty, can not find a few people who can be compared with the four princes, what is a young Juren? Anyway, against the background of the four princes, Guo Huai suddenly dimmed down. Fourth cousin, what are you doing here? After everyone saluted,temperature scanning kiosks, Baoling happily ran to the side of the four princes. Xiao Ting gave him face. He had a cold face just now. As soon as Baoling jumped in front of him, he smiled and stroked Baoling's head with his big hand: "When I went back to the study, I saw the words you had practiced. I missed you and came." More spoiled action, more spoiled words, see Mrs. Guo mother and son three people all eyes straight. The four princes are famous all over the world, even if it is the edge of the city, but also everywhere singing four princes is a cold-faced gentleman. It's as cold as a thousand-year-old iceberg. Did not expect, just the first time to see, was so spoiled a little girl? After experiencing the initial shock, Mrs. Guo quickly came to her senses. The four princes were not as difficult to get along with as the legend. If she could climb the big tree of the four princes in the future, not to mention her husband's official career, even her son's future would be all settled. At that moment, she stood beside the old lady with a smile on her face, waiting for the old lady to introduce her. Guo Xiang, standing on one side, outdoor digital signage displays ,thermal imaging camera, looked straight at the eyes of the four princes, saying that his brother was handsome, but compared with the four princes in front of him, it was fundamental. Not worth mentioning. It's just a matter of intimacy between cousins, and it's just a matter of spoiling your own sister. By such a reminder, Guo Xiang first held a skeptical attitude, then think about the age of the four princes, heard that there are sixteen? And the noble girls of this Dynasty had to marry later. At that time,touch screen digital signage, the four princes were all twenty-one years old, but they couldn't afford to wait. Such a thought, Baoling is really not an obstacle. hsdtouch.com

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