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Fence Semi Trailer factory Full-time Job

May 26th, 2023 at 03:23   Engineering   Ashford   144 views
Job Details

Fence Semi Trailer factory The space frame structure formed by assembling and welding longitudinal beam and integral through beam is adopted for fence cargo semi trailer. It can balance the strength, stiffness and toughness of the frame, so that the loading capacity of the fence truck trailer is strong without deformation. We use high-strength steel to make the fence semi trailer. The tensile strength of high-strength steel is more than twice that of ordinary steel. Under the condition of constant strength, the self weight of high-strength steel semi-trailer is 1 ton lighter than that of ordinary steel light semi-trailer. With the reduction of the self weight of the vehicle, the fuel consumption of the vehicle decreases accordingly. 聽 The fence truck trailer has developed rapidly with its flexible and versatile features, this fence semi trailer has become the main equipment of highway transportation with its unique advantages, Driven by social and economic factors such as energy conservation and environmental protection, it has been rapidly developed and widely used. 聽 We are a professional trailer factory. Our factory has a huge production team and advanced production technology, and has been committed to the production of semi trailers. Now we have become one of the most popular trailer factories in the world. 聽 Our Company Since 1980s Brand VEHICLE MASTER was created,Whole Staff Begin to Think of truck trailer transportation,Through Almost 40 Years R&D,production and practice,Finally become famous Manufacturer and supplier of truck trailer. Vehicles Production Base over 40 years of development and accumulation. The leading products including Container semi trailer, low bed semi trailer, fuel tank semi trailer,side wall semi trailer, cargo semi trailer, fence semi trailer, box semi trailer, tipper semi trailer, car carrier semi trailer and all types special purpose semi trailer.Sinotruk Shacman CC brands truck tractor, dump truck other truck series together with all spare parts, such as axles, landing gear,springs, suspension, etc. 聽Fence Semi Trailer factory website:http://www.vmsemitrailer.com/fence-semi-trailer/

Company Description
Fence Semi Trailer factory