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Fierce Ghost Shelter System Full-time Job

Oct 18th, 2022 at 01:12   Independent & Freelance   Garforth   371 views
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 Lao Huai Cheng Jing, the ghost king of Linjiang." The Dragon and Sophora Ghost King gave a hearty smile and said, PET blow moulding machine ,water bottling line, "It's not worth mentioning." "Yo, a mere name, not worth mentioning?"? I thought it was someone who came back to show off to us. Tie Cixian, you are still alive! Dressed in red, he opened the door of the temple and came leisurely. Wedding clothes ghost, behind is the corpse rattan ghost Yaoyao, stone snake Ji. The strange and familiar voice directly evokes unpleasant memories. Long Huai Gui Wang's face stiffened, and his momentum was somewhat weak in the accident: "White Wall Man!"! What are you doing here? Dragon locust ghost king this time, obviously want to turn the guest into the main, and the qualifications are enough to turn the guest into the main. Skinned, headless is his two guards, hanging ghost before ranking first of the eight ghosts, no matter how, also want to put up the face of the master Yang Shen. Who expected to meet this guy! Long Huai Gui Wang frowned and secretly said that it was not good. In the final analysis, Longhuai Ghost City was snatched from the hands of Baibi people, who had been sealed in Mangshan Tomb for seventy years, and must have resented themselves. Sure enough. The ghost of the wedding dress glared at him headless: "If you dare to kneel down again, your legs will be discounted!" The headless ghost stood up straight in a hurry, not daring to move. The elder sister's hair is terrible! "Whose side are you on, hangman?" The hanging ghost took one look at the dragon locust ghost king and stood firmly beside the wedding clothes ghost. The Dragon and Huai Ghost King swallowed saliva. It's really not good. Tie Cixian, 70 years ago, you robbed my ghost town, caused me to be sealed, and even joined Yang Shen to interrupt my Yin Long, this account, who should I count with? Under the altar of the city God, the ghost of the wedding dress swung back and sat on a chair. Grandfather Chang stood on one side and handed over the melon and fruit tribute tea. The dragon locust ghost king stood where he was, and another man came outside. Peeling, wearing a human skin cloak, came to visit. As soon as I entered the door, I saw the Dragon and Huai Ghost Queen and fell to the ground with a splash. Wang. Wang Shang? You Grandfather Chang had a sharp voice and shouted, "The elder sister said that if you and Headless dare to kneel down again, your legs will be broken!" The skinning ghost immediately bounced up: "Dragon Huai Ghost King, what are you doing here?" He is purely to visit, unexpectedly saw the dragon locust ghost king? But when he saw the tension here, he immediately understood what was going on. Peeling asked questions as he retreated in the direction of the ghost of wedding clothes, and then stood straight behind the ghost of wedding clothes, his eyes steadfast. In the City God Temple, the wind is gloomy. Long Huai Gui Wang squeezed out a smiling face: "White Wall Man, things … …" It's all over.. Right "Tie Cixian, you have today, too." The ghost in wedding clothes covered his mouth and said with a smile, "has the strength fallen to the wild ghost?"? When I fled desperately under you and Yang Shen, you didn't let me go. It was really thirty years in Hexi, thirty years in Hedong. It's so boring tonight. Why don't you make two moves? The dragon and locust ghost king's expression is uncertain. Two moves? He learned how difficult it is to deal with the ghost of wedding clothes 70 years ago. At that time, he and Yang Shen sealed the ghost of the wedding clothes into the north. Now their own strength is a wild ghost, how to fight with her? In this group of ghosts, it would be better if there were no ghosts in wedding clothes. Skinned and headless must be selling his face, plus the hangman is an old acquaintance. I wanted to come over and show off, but who would have thought that the white wall people were still here! And the reputation is not low. If you really don't know what's good for you, the ghost of wedding clothes will surely humiliate you after he maimed himself. I'm the king of ghosts. I can't afford to lose this man! "No.." After decades of suppression of Wuwei Mountain,water bottle packaging machine, its strength has somewhat declined. "Yo, did I tell you to suppress it?" "That's not." The ghost of wedding clothes was still waiting to say something, but suddenly the scene changed. The ghosts came to a hotel. In front of him is Qin Kun. gzxilinear.com

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