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Ghost Marriage Surprise: Ghost King's Husband Please Be Lightly Spoiled Full-time Job

Nov 3rd, 2022 at 02:24   Real Estate   Dartford   106 views
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Feng Yan loosened Nian Xia, wrapped his quilt tightly in Nian Xia, went to the door, opened the door, and before he could see who it was, he raised his hand and slapped Leng Lingfeng on his face. Leng Lingfeng covered his left face, which felt a little familiar. It's like he went through something not too long ago.. Leng Lingfeng thought Nian Xia would scold him as an idiot after beating him, but he waited for a long time without waiting for the scolding of Nian Xia. He covered his left face and looked at Nian Xia in front of him, only to see Nian Xia hanging his head with his hair scattered on his face, looking like Sadako! Leng Lingfeng twitched at the corners of his mouth: "Mom …" Ye words have not yet said, the summer rub, like a mad lion, directly threw Leng Lingfeng to the ground! "Bang", Leng Lingfeng fell grinning, Feng Yan stood in the doorway looking at the summer riding on Leng Lingfeng, his head flashed green light, when Feng Yan was ready to embrace the summer back, the next action of the summer completely let Feng Yan dumbfounded.. Nian Xia raised his hand and slapped it on Leng Lingfeng's face, making a sound. Leng Lingfeng looked at Sadako in front of him in a confused way. Ah, Bah,Vegetable oil filling machine, Nian Xia: "Mom.." Mom Mom Yeah! Stop Stop Ah "Let you disturb Miss Ben's sleep!"! Let you disturb Miss Ben's sleep! Let you disturb Miss Ben's sleep! If I don't beat you into an idiot today, I won't be Nian! Leng Lingfeng: ".." "Stop.." Stop it! At If it doesn't stop, I'll do it.. Do it! Move Let's do it! Leng Lingfeng grabbed Nian Xia's wrist, and Nian Xia burst into tears: "Husband, he pinched me!" Leng Lingfeng quickly let go, and raised his hand again in the summer to slap Leng Lingfeng in the face: "Dad, she hit me!" Feng Yan: ".." A father,Edible oil filling machine, a husband! He's a little confused now! However, as a crazy wife, Feng Yan was sure to protect his wife. Feng Yan went to Nian Xia's side and pulled her up from Leng Lingfeng's body: "Wife, let me do the rough work of beating people. You don't have to do it yourself, do you know?"? Your hands will hurt, and my heart will hurt! Leng Lingfeng: ".." Chapter 1108 what! Gay! He can say, does his face hurt? The hand that hits a person hurts, but have you ever thought that the face that he was hit hurts? What about the love? What about the friendship cruise? Did you turn it over? Is the spark of love extinguished? I'm afraid it's out. Leng Lingfeng stood up from the ground with a red face. He felt that every time he came home in the summer, he would get hurt! He is really wronged in his heart. Mom, yeah! You are really wronged, okay? Leng Lingfeng rubbed his face and got his hairstyle by the way. It doesn't matter if his face is swollen, but he still has to have a hairstyle! Feng Yan hugged him tightly in the summer: "Are you hungry?"? Husband, will you buy breakfast for you? [Http://www.pan58.com] Netdisk resource search, Netdisk search artifact (novels, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,juice filling machine, movies, TV series) Summer has very serious get up gas, she acts like a spoiled child in the arms of Feng Yan twist: "To eat husband to do!" " "Good, husband gives you fried rice to eat, go, we go home, do not give idiot dispute!" Leng Lingfeng: ".." and I don't care if I used to like men, but now I can tell you for sure that I like women! I have my own wife! Don't come and destroy it, or it won't be as simple as the kick I just kicked you. Leng Lingfeng: ".." what Did he misunderstand something? What likes men,bottle blowing machine, what likes women, does he think he and he used to have any gay love? Does he look like a guy who likes men? He always liked women, okay. gzxilinear.com

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A great sage with silver hair and eyes.