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Heard I'm a wife-gnawing clan [wear quickly] Full-time Job

Nov 2nd, 2022 at 07:12   Marketing & Communication   Cambridge   875 views
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"You have something to say to him." Doctor Chu shook his head. What's the use of this silly girl paying silently? In the end, the person she likes will hold another woman. Giggle He Xi tried to hide his feelings of loss, "I owe Ah Chen a lot, after making up for it, I can feel at ease." "All right, I see. What else can I do?" Doctor Chu did not know why, as long as he saw the eyes of He Xi, he felt that Chu Chen and He Xi were a natural couple, if for some reason separated, he would feel heartache for this, can not help but do something for this silly girl. Didn't you say Ah Chen didn't sleep well recently? He Xi took out an aromatherapy packed in a clinker bag, "My friend brought it back from abroad, which is helpful for the treatment of insomnia." "Put it down." Doctor Chu said helplessly. Silly girl such a valuable thing in a plastic bag, afraid of Chu dust guess what, can not be collected before racking their brains with a simple bag packaging. Thank you, Dr. Chu. He Xi served the meal with both hands. "I have something to do in the afternoon. I'll bring you eel rice tomorrow." He Xi said that she put on a big hat and sunglasses, so that people could not see her face clearly, and left the hospital secretly. The little fat pig hid in the dark and witnessed the whole thing, and his mind was controlled by He Xi. Chu Chen finished his meal and went back to the lounge to rest. Chu Chen,turmeric extract powder, she wants to impress you with her heart. The little fat pig concluded. Uh He thought of it, too. Dr. Chu took too much care of him. There must be something wrong with him. He Xi paved the way for himself. He Xi helps you get through Dr. Chu. With your excellent foundation, you will be famous in the hospital in less than half a year. You Lan, who should have helped you get through the relationship, has not moved. You Lan can't help you become a star in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. If He Xi helps you, will you two be together in the end? Said the little fat pig uncertainly. Is Youlan her? Chu Chen is not sure that people's souls have changed. I'll look for a chance to explore. Said the little fat pig. He still did not give up breaking through the boundaries, hoping to find out the truth as soon as possible. After the break, Chu Chen followed Dr. Chu to study,stesweet stevia, and he planned to apply for a PhD with the school. Dr. Chu has been looking for opportunities to send things out, until after work, he took out a bag and put it in Chu Chen's hand, "old friend sent, I eat well and sleep well, do not need, you keep it." "Thank you, Mr. Chu, I am allergic to aromatherapy." Chu Chen declined. Oh, and this saying? Dr. Chu obviously didn't believe it. To tell you the truth, I like fresh air, but I don't like perfume and other things. I can't sleep when I smell them. Chu Chen thanked Dr. Chu for his kindness and left with his bag. Qi Huai put on a delicate makeup and saw Chu Chen's eyes brighten. "Brother Chu, Aunt Chu said she would accept me as her adopted daughter. You are my adopted brother now. I want to go to dinner. Brother, jujube seed powder ,rosmarinic acid supplement, would you like to eat?" "Good." Chu Chen said with a smile. Qi Huai was fascinated by his smile, everyone likes the overbearing president type, she prefers the gentle gentleman type. Two people come to a hotel with good decoration, Qi Huai with ulterior motives, drunken sex. Wait until you Lan miscarriage, she confirmed pregnancy, Chu Chen will marry her for the sake of the child. Chu Chen got something out of Qi Huai's mouth, so he didn't refuse to drink. Brother Chu, I wish you happiness. Qi Huai raised his glass. I wish you find the rich second generation. Chu Chen clinked glasses with her. Qi Huai forced a smile, the original owner to become a beauty blogger's purpose is to bubble the rich second generation, the world of the rich business world is not as simple as she thought, a word a look is a trap. It is better to share the joys and sorrows with Chu Chen to create a rich generation. Chu Chen has become a star in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. Many wealthy businessmen are waiting in line for Chu Chen to see people. Those people will not only not give themselves a trap, but also curry favor with themselves. Qi Huai has been looking for a topic to talk about the green memories of high school, unconsciously, she did not get Chu Chen drunk, he was drunk in a mess. Qi Huai? Chu Chen came forward and patted her on the arm. Qi Huai grabbed Chu Chen's arm and climbed up the pole. "Hey, it looks better than I imagined." She must catch such a good-looking high-quality man, and she can't let the high-quality man run away. Chu Chen knew that she was drunk and took her back to her rental house. Qi Huai has been showing the shape of an idiot, God let her cross, is to let her be the heroine. You are not Qi Huai! Chu Chen asked softly. "Yes, I am not Qi Huai, you are in the characters, I wear in, in order to make up for the harm to you, I decided to replace Qingmei to make up for you." Qi Huai said with a silly smile. Worthy of being a man, so gentle! "What?" Chu Chen once again bewitched way. That's right, brother Chu, listen to me, you won't be happy with Youlan. Qi Huai Bala Bala said everything she saw. Chu Chen probably understood that the little girl was still a junior high school student, because she stayed up late to see a book that was completely different from her own memory. He was sure that the original owner lived in the real world. Chapter 581 back to reality (1). This is in the book, the book where all the characters are twisted. What's the point of him staying in this world? It's not the world he's going to. No wonder you see He Xi has an empty body, all the emotions are stuffed into her mind, perhaps she is just a character in the author's works, forced by the author to give her emotions. The little fat pig guessed. Uh The mother's abnormality was explained by the plot arranged by the author. Liao Anxi suddenly had an epiphany, according to Qi Huai, he and you Lan finally ended in a tragedy, Qi Huai came in to save himself, according to the urine through the great God, he should be arranged with Qi Huai. He has a soul in the world, not at the mercy of the author, and the world has changed beyond recognition. As the protagonist, if he dies suddenly and the world collapses suddenly, will he break through the world. Qi Huai lies on the bed to roll, actually sleeps on the male God's bed,fenugreek saponins, lifts the quilt very regrettably two people have not had any relations. Chu Chen went to work with his bag as usual and followed Dr. Chu to learn medicine. At noon, Chu Chen went out of the gate of the hospital and returned the same way, leaning against the wall and waiting for someone. prius-biotech.com

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