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Highway Barrier Full-time Job

Apr 21st, 2022 at 06:13   Engineering   Saint Neots   217 views
Job Details

Precast concrete highway barriers ;are the go-to product for vehicular and construction worker safety, in addition to building security. Precast concrete barriers have the unique ability to not only realign stray vehicles but also reduce their speed. Upon impact, precast concrete barriers partially lift the stray vehicle off the pavement, which decreases the lateral resistance force between tires and pavement. Precast barriers can be installed in permanent or temporary applications.



What are the advantages of having corrugation in crash barriers?

The layout of corrugated beam barriers ;is that the beams are corrugated in the longitudinal direction so that it provides higher lateral stiffness with a thinner material. Moreover, the distance between beams posts and crashing vehicles are considerably increased.

In case the beam barriers are tensioned, it is intended to create a stiff beam erected on relatively weak posts. During vehicle collision, the posts would be separated from the beams and there would be lesser deceleration experienced by the vehicles.


Guardrail Offset Blocks and Associated Products

Features and Benefits

Environmentally safe and eco-friendly, Mondo guardrail blocks ;are made from post-consumer/post-industrial material diverted from the solid waste landfill.

All guardrail blocks are recyclable; there are no disposal costs for damaged blocks because they can be collected, returned, and recycled.

The Mondo block is crash tested to NCHRP Report 350 Standards, Test Level 3-11, and is approved by the Federal Highway Administration.

Lightweight and with a smooth bolt hole, the Mondo block is easier to install.

Material composition is recycled polyethylene, one of the toughest polymers available in the market.

Long-lasting, Mondo blocks are weather resistant and impervious to boring insects.

UV protection is added during manufacturing to extend service life.


Guardrail End Terminal with Outstanding Properties and Different Types

Guardrail terminal end ;not only can be divided into the roadside terminal and median terminal according to their install positions but also can be classified into round end terminal and fish end terminal according to their shape. End terminals are all processed through antiseptic treatment, such as galvanizing and plastic coating, which have superior properties.


1. Low cost, long service life.

2. High safety performance and high intensity.

3. Anti-corrosion, anti-aging, impact resistance.

4. Easy to install, elegant appearance.

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