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How do consumers identify KN95 masks? One article to understand _ protection Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 00:50   Engineering   Sale   335 views
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Original title: How do consumers identify KN95 masks? Understand one article Nandu News At the moment of the epidemic, masks are the best protection that individuals can take. In the Guidelines for the Use of Pneumonia Masks for the Prevention of New coronavirus Infection issued by the Health Commission, the recommended types of masks are KN95/N95 and above particulate matter protective masks in addition to medical masks. Nandu reporters found in the interview that most citizens did not know the details of "KN95/N95" masks. " What national standard does "KN95/N95" correspond to? What qualifications do manufacturers need? How do consumers identify "KN95/N95" masks? Nandu reporters will answer the questions below by sorting out the information and interviewing the manufacturers. KN95/N95 mask. The Health and Health Commission recommends that the public wear it in highly crowded places or closed public places. "KN95/N95" mask is not the name of a single product. "KN95/N95" corresponds to the protection standard of the mask. According to public information, NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, USA) The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOsh) of the United States divides the mask filter materials into three types: the first type is N series: N stands for Not resistant to oil, which can be used to protect against non-oily suspended particles; the second type is R series: R stands for Resistant to oil, which can be used to protect against non-oily and oily suspended particles; The third P series: P stands for Oil Proof, which can be used to protect non-oily and oily suspended particles. Among them, P series has stronger ability to protect oily suspended particles than R series. "N95" means that the filtration rate of non-oily particles reaches 95% under the standard test conditions. Among the masks sold online, some brand masks will be marked as N95, R95 and P95 masks, and it can be considered that their ability to protect non-oily suspended particles is basically the same. The "KN95" mask refers to a mask with a non-oily particle protection efficiency of not less than 95% in accordance with the Chinese national standard GB2626 Respiratory Protective Equipment-Self-priming Filter Particulate Respirator. According to the Guidelines for the Use of Masks for the Prevention of Pneumonia Infected by New coronavirus issued by the Health Commission, the protective effect of particulate matter protective masks of KN95/N95 and above is better than that of surgical mask and disposable medical masks, which are recommended for on-site investigation, sampling and testing personnel, and can also be worn by the public in highly crowded places or closed public places. Affected by the epidemic, "KN95/N95" masks are basically out of stock in official stores of various brands. Although some online stores still have a small number of sales, the price has been raised to 20 yuan or even higher. Expand the full text A kind of KN95 mask sold online, from the e-commerce platform network pictures. KN95 respirator belongs to special labor protection articles. Although available in some pharmacies, the "KN95" mask is not a medical device. In fact, "KN95" masks belong to the category of self-priming filter particulate respirators in special labor protection products,Against Bacteria Breathable KN95 Face Mask, which is why many online stores introduce "KN95" masks with the words "labor protection products" (the correct term should be "labor protection products"). Nandu reporters found that online stores selling "KN95" masks would hang out such certificates as "Industrial Product Production License". Previously, the special labor protection products were indeed issued by the provincial production license authorities or the subordinate production license authorities entrusted by them. Last year, the State Council adjusted the catalogue of production licenses for industrial products, and the catalogue of products has cancelled the item of special labor protection articles. Some online stores will also post certificates of "safety signs for special labor protection articles". Previously, the Rules for the Implementation of Safety Signs for Special Labor Protection Articles stipulated that "Safety Signs for Special Labor Protection Articles are certificates confirming that the safety protection performance of special labor protection articles conforms to national and industrial standards and permitting production and operation units to distribute and use the labor protection articles". According to public information, this regulation was declared invalid on February 4, 2016 by the Notice of the State Administration of Safety Supervision and Administration on the Declaration of Invalidation of a Batch of Safety Production Documents, No.13 of the General Office of Safety Supervision and Administration. That is to say,free shipping disposable coverall, at present, the production of "KN95" masks no longer requires "industrial product production license", nor does it require the certificate of "safety mark of special labor protection articles". How do consumers distinguish? "KN95" mask will be printed with the national standard logo Zhongkang Protective Products Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. produces KN95 series masks. With regard to the current production of "KN95" masks, Nandu reporters contacted Mr. Zong, the general manager of the company. Mr. Zong told Nandu reporters that although the catalogue of industrial product production license products had cancelled the item of special labor protection articles last year, the state still has strict standard requirements for products, "that is to say, which standard you use for your mask, you must follow that standard." The Quality Supervision Bureau may conduct spot checks at any time. Mr. Zong said that consumers can also supervise. After the production of "KN95" masks, it is often necessary to send them to professional testing institutions for testing and issue test reports. Mr. Zong said that "KN95" masks should generally be marked with the national standard on the product. That is to say, if the "KN95" mask is produced according to the national standard GB2626-2006, there are generally such words as "GB2626-2006 KN95" on the mask, consumers can identify whether the mask meets the "KN95) standard. Recently, illegal elements selling counterfeit 3m brand masks were seized. Is the "KN95" mask easy to be counterfeited by illegal elements? In this regard, KN95 Face Mask ,Quickly Delivery Disposable Protective Clothing, Mr. Zong said that the "KN95" mask has its technical requirements. He gave an example: When a professional chef and a person who has never cooked before buy the same dish, they may use the same ingredients, but the taste of the dish may be very different. Counterfeiters can not meet the national standards, masks can not be seen by the naked eye, everyone can do the same shape, but you have to look at its filtering efficiency, this is the core. Production market of KN95 masks during epidemic Manufacturers are working on the first day of the Lunar New Year. Mr. Zong told reporters that there are not many manufacturers producing "KN95" masks at present. This kind of mask used to be suitable for labor protection, "such as cement plants, flour mills, mines, these industrial pollution enterprises, this kind of mask plays a protective role for workers, is a protective article." In addition, in the year of severe haze weather in the north, it is the peak season for sales of "KN95" masks. "Business is good at this time." In 2015, many people who made masks made a fortune, right? Many of them have made money, and they have made money in 2016. The goods are not enough to sell. How many goods do you have not enough to sell? Mr. Zong recalled that by 2017, the whole industry began to stock up. But with the country's pollution control, "the air is getting better and better", the demand for such masks has become smaller, "the goods we hoard can not be sold." By 2018, it will be destocking, and in 2019, it will still be destocking, and everyone will not dare to make goods. Mr. Zong said that in this context, "many peers change careers". Now, the outbreak of the epidemic has boosted the production of "KN95" masks. " We have been working since we were twenty-four or twenty-five years old. Mr. Zong said that until now, the production workshop is still busy. Up to now, we have not had a rest, including the first day of junior high school, because the gap in this market is too big, the gap is too big. Mr. Zong said that the masks produced at the beginning were still shipped to distributors as usual, and later more in response to social donations and supplies to hospitals. At present, the relevant departments are involved in the direct deployment. Mr. Zong's mask factory now produces more than 30,000 masks a day. But there are also many difficulties, such as the supply of materials, many of our core materials are sometimes from other places in Jiangsu, two days ago, we'cut off materials', let the other side (suppliers) airlift, directly to Nanjing Airport to airlift, but because of the epidemic, air express is closed. If there is no way, we have to use Shunfeng channel to transport by air, and the cost will rise a lot. "Our labor costs and material costs can be said to be at least three to four times higher." The reporter asked Mr. Zong whether it was necessary to raise the price when the cost was rising? Mr. Zong said, "It is certainly unrealistic not to raise the price. If we do not raise the price, to tell the truth,Medical Full Body Coverall, if we follow the previous price, we will definitely lose money.". Our price increase is also a reasonable range of price increases, and we are also communicating with the government to explain the situation. Written by: Nandu reporter Chen Jiesheng Intern Hou Zitong Editor: Xu Le returns to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. zjyuan-group.com

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