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Huanzhu Landlord Qingcheng Nineteen Heroes Full-time Job

Nov 2nd, 2022 at 06:54   Marketing & Communication   Canary Wharf   303 views
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Ji Nu didn't know what the monster meant. After chasing for a while, he gradually fled to a place not far from the lake. Ji Nu saw that the monster was blocked on three sides, but kept one side unblocked. She guessed that there must be a monster's lair in front of her. Thinking that his brain must be full today, he wanted to force himself back and leave it for tomorrow to enjoy. Thought: "Left and right is dead.". Chasing all the way, with two rows of poison crossbow arrows are all finished, now the weapon is only a waist knife in his hand, a skill poison spear and three family spears slanted in his back, and he has escaped exhausted. The monster was probably invulnerable except for his mouth, nose, ears and eyes. Why not slow down the footwork, wait for it to catch up, and hit it with three darts first. If not again, simply go forward, toward its mouth, nose and other places, with the technique of penetrating the real in the virtual, stab it. In case of stabbing, like this full of poison weapon, as long as a little through the skin to see blood, but an hour, must be poisoned to death. At that time, it was even better to escape. Even though the body was approaching, the monster was agile. If he was caught by it and died together, he would avenge his companions and eliminate the harm for the world. It was ten times better than dying in vain. The matter has come to this point, it is better to live in death. Ji Nu thought of here, the heart a horizontal,38 needle valve, courage will be strong a few minutes. He hurriedly threw away the empty crossbow barrel in his left hand, handed over the blade in his right hand to his left hand, and took out three spears from the bag. His footsteps were fast and slow, and he ran and looked back from time to time. Seeing the monster with a bloody mouth with exposed teeth, he jumped happily all the way, about three or four feet away from his body. Knowing that the crisis is imminent, the monster can catch himself with a gentle attack and dare not delay any more. As he ran, he felt that there was a soft thing under his feet. At that time, he did not look at it carefully. As he ran, he put all his strength on his right finger. Suddenly,hydraulic fitting supplier, he turned around and still used the Lianzhu technique. Two darts hit the monster's eyes, one dart hit the monster's open mouth, and at the same time sent it out. Ji female crossbow learned from the mountain people not long ago, although it is also a hundred shots, it is not as good as the magic of the family's life-saving chain of three darts. He thought that this time he would calm down, and that life and death would be out of the question. He was not as anxious as he had been when he was running for his life. He had palpitations and was dizzy. In a hurry, he was not accurate. Even if he was not 100% sure, he was confident. Although the body of the monster is tough, not afraid of knives and arrows, in the end to the body, not without pain and itching. At first, he was afraid of being shot in his eyes, so he was very careful. When he saw that Ji Nu had abandoned the crossbow barrel, he knew that the thing that shot it was sent out from the barrel. He thought that the enemy's hidden weapon had been sent out, and he had neglected to guard against it. These three spears are difficult to escape one by one, as long as one dart is hit, the account can be settled. Who would have thought that the soft thing that Ji Nu stepped on first was a big red snake across the mountain path, with the thickness of a teacup and the length of twenty feet. The body has almost finished, ball valve manufacturer ,needle valve manufacturer, only a little tail, was stepped on by Ji Nu foot, a negative pain, immediately back to turn around, turn around to bite.  When a careful look, although the snake will entangle the monster, not only did not bite the monster,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, the snake's seven inches instead of eating the monster. He just scratched and twisted his paws and rubbed and bumped against the rocks. For a moment, his flesh and blood were flying. He knew that the snake would be unlucky. As soon as the monster got away, he still wanted to find his own bad luck. chinaroke.com

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