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Hznmpipeline Full-time Job

May 10th, 2022 at 04:09   Engineering   Salisbury   282 views
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Ceramic Tile Lined Pipe has very uniform coating of specially formulated ceramic material that is affixed to the inner of the pipe and gives a very smooth surface. Outer of straight pipe is common steel pipe, cladding realized by forming high chromium lining via centrifugal forming technique. The advantages of Ceramic Tile Lined Tube with its own irreplaceable performance win the favor of consumers, and play an important role in abrasion market.



Wear Pipelines Layer is a seamless steel pipe, and the inner layer is alumina ceramics. Ceramic liner layer hardness is up HV1100-1400, which is equivalent to tungsten carbide cobalt. The wear resistance performance is 20 times higher than carbon steel tubes. Alumina Ceramic Sheet Wear-resistant Tube can resist industrial wear problem mainly by a few millimeters thick corundum inner layer, which is much better than alloy steel pipe and cast tube resisting by both composition,organization and thickness.


Wear-resistant ceramic composite pipe quickly occupied the market, in addition to high quality and good performance, but also because of its cost performance in wear and corrosion resistant than other pipes. For the abrasion resistant pipe of the same size and terms of unit length, wear-resistant ceramic composite pipe weighs only around half of wear-resistant alloy casting,each meter project cost lower by 20% -30%; only one-third the weight of cast stone pipe, construction cost per meter decrease 5% -10%; during high corrosive or high temperature environment, the price of ceramic lined pipe is only a fraction of stainless steel and nickel-titanium tube.


Ceramic wear pipe tube are widely used in mine filling material, powder ore and tailings transport, coal-fired power plants feeding powder, slag, ash and other wear-resistant pipes,It is also very suitable. Ceramic wear wear pipeline transport is strongly rot acid, alkali, salt and abrasion both solid, liquid delivery pipe wear over.


Ceramic tile lined pipe to form the basic principles:

Bimetallic composite steel pipe basic principles: outside the tube is responsible for the pressure and the role of rigid support pipe, liner bear the role of corrosion resistance.


The outer tube can be used according to the flow and pressure requirements of the conveying medium. Choose the carbon steel pipe with different diameter and wall thickness, hot-dip galvanized steel pipe, straight seam welded pipe, spiral pipe, low pressure medium pipe, high pressure boiler, Oil cracking with seamless pipe, pipe and so on. Diameter from 耳20-耳1020mm, wall thickness from 2.5-50mm.


The lined pipe can be austenitic stainless steel 304, 304 L, 316, 316 L, copper-based alloy, nickel-based alloy, Hastelloy, titanium, titanium alloy, duplex stainless steel and other new high corrosion resistance alloy material. The lining wall thickness can be based on service life and welding process requirements from 0.3-4mm.


It will be assembled inside and outside the tube placed in the sink with the cluster of explosives placed in the lining liner axis. The explosive instantaneous production of explosive force causes the water pressure within the tank increased instantaneously, increasing in water pressure. The expansion of the outer surface of the outer tube produced, and under the action of water pressure, the external tube continued to expand until the pressure disappeared; And the outer tube had in the axial direction inward contraction for the final composite forming.


The Ceramic Lined Pipe can be devided into many other different types such as Ceramic SleeveBimetal Composite PipeCyclone Wear-resistant TubeSuper Polymer Wear-resistant Tube(ultra Polymer) with Surfacing Plate.

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