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I heard I was crossed. Full-time Job

Nov 4th, 2022 at 07:25   Engineering   Sale   334 views
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Now that it was about Shen Muyou, Lin Qingwu naturally refused to give in at all: "Wei Taishi, you also know that you have to think carefully before you can speak.". You have been an official for many years, and you are not young. Did you think about what you said just now? Would you have said something like that if you had thought about it? Wei Taishi was so angry that his beard was about to fly. If another minister dared to attack him like this, he would naturally have the courage to fight back, but the other side was the prince, but Wei Taishi did not dare to do anything about it. He had to say, "Your Majesty, the old minister is not feeling well. I'm sure Your Majesty will allow the old minister to retire first." The emperor did not want to see his trusted minister quarrel with his son in the court, so he agreed to let Wei Taishi go back first. Then continue to discuss the matter of Shen Muyou. While listening to the minister's discussion, the emperor glanced at the prince from time to time. The child is still pouting and angry. 054 After the early court, the emperor called the prince to the imperial study, intending to talk to her about how to get along with the ministers. Although today in the court above, the emperor also more recognized the opinion of the prince, feel that the red original bandit suppression, before the investigation is clear, can not first deny the contribution of Lord Shen, but Wei Taishi put forward doubts are not reasonable, the prince said those words really some let Wei Taishi down. Like Wei Taishi this kind of important minister,L Methylfolate Factory, although sometimes biased, but after all still want to give some face, the prince today is really some impulse. The emperor said in all earnestness, "I know you have a good relationship with Lord Shen, so there's nothing wrong with saying a few words for him.". But you are the prince, later will succeed me to become the king, in getting along with courtiers, to know how to four or two sets of kilograms,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, can not be as clear as today's words. If you hurt your courtier's pride and make him feel bad, how can you serve the court in the future? Lin Qingwu also knew that her performance today was not safe, but she could not calm down these days. Apart from speaking for her husband, she was still concerned about the safety of the prince. She could not control her emotions, so she took this opportunity to vent. Father, you're right. I'm not doing well today. Lin Ching-wu's temper was originally soft, and just now he had only summoned up a moment of courage in the court, but now he had long lost his momentum, and naturally he was very quick to admit his mistake. When the emperor saw that she had such a good attitude, he felt that he could not completely deny her performance today: "But what you said is still reasonable. I also believe that with Shen Aiqing's character, he will not be eager to claim credit. He is really a capable person.". I don't know if he's safe or not, and I'm really worried. When Lin Qingwu saw that the emperor also believed Shen Muyou, he took the opportunity to say, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, "Father, if Lord Shen really met a killer on his way back, do you think there is any conspiracy in it?" "What do you say?" "It's a good thing that Lord Shen went to Hongyuan to suppress bandits for the sake of the people.". If someone assassinates Lord Shen because of this, it means that the mastermind behind the scenes is either jealous of Lord Shen's contribution, or has something to do with the bandits, and teaches Lord Shen a lesson for the bandits. No matter what kind of speculation, it is contrary to justice, we must thoroughly investigate and find out this person, lest he continue to do evil. "I thought of what you said, so I was anxious to send someone to Hongyuan to confirm the bandit suppression." "Father, there's one more thing you may not know. Mrs. Shen has also had an accident." Yesterday, Xiao Jinglan went to the palace and told her to find an opportunity to tell the emperor about the kidnapping of "Mrs. Shen", so that the emperor could know in his heart that someone was deliberately targeting the Shen family, not a simple bandit revenge. Besides, Mrs. Shen, who was now tied up, was the real prince, and it was reasonable to let the emperor know about it. Today is the last day for the kidnappers to pay the money, and now they are not afraid to make things bigger, so Lin Qingwu chose to say to the emperor at this time. Mrs. Shen was kidnapped a few days ago. The other party asked for a ransom of one million taels. Lord Shen's whereabouts are unknown now. Now the Lin family is collecting money to redeem him. Today is the deadline. I wonder if the redeemer has come at this time? "Is there such a thing?" The emperor was surprised. "Why didn't you say so?" "I have secretly sent someone to help, and I dare not make things too big in advance, for fear that it will affect Mrs. Shen's safety." Lin Qingwu said, "Father, Lord Shen and Lady Shen have had accidents one after another. Do you think this is a coincidence?" The emperor also felt strange: "This is really worth pondering." The emperor frowned and thought for a moment, then said, "Is that child of Aqi all right?"? "If the Shen family is really being targeted, you should hurry to raise the child in the palace." The emperor had always thought that Aqi was his grandson, and now naturally he could not rest assured of the child. Lin Qingwu can't send Aqi in now. If he really sends Aqi into the palace, it will be the day when Aqi's identity comes out. Father, as long as Lord Shen and Lady Shen come back safely, the child will be all right. The emperor still felt uneasy: "Well, today you go out of the palace with me. Let's go to the Taishi Mansion to sit for a while, and then go to the Shen Mansion to have a look." "What are you going to do in Taishifu?" "Didn't you hear Wei Taishi say today that he was not feeling well and had retired earlier?"? Let's go and have a look. Lin Ching-wu didn't like it. "It was just made up casually. Why do you want to go and see him?" "After all, he's a grand master, and he's blue in the face by you today. If you don't give him a step down now, I'm afraid he'll say he's sick and won't come to court these days." "That's his own negative work. Father, do you still tolerate him?" "I don't have to go to see him, but after all, he is a veteran of the court and has been my teacher. He said he was not feeling well, so we went to see him.". I won't embarrass you and ask you to apologize to him. You go with me to his place to drink a cup of tea, and then we will go to Shen Fu to see, Shen Fu out of such a big thing, I go to see is also reasonable. "All right then." For the sake of going to Shen Fu, let's go to Taishi Fu first. Lin Qingwu changed his clothes and left the palace with the emperor in a carriage. Carriage driving on the street,Thyroid Powder Factory, the emperor lifted the curtain to see, see the shops on both sides of the street are placed outside a lot of goods, the price is very low. pioneer-biotech.com

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