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I should have held you. Full-time Job

Nov 1st, 2022 at 03:16   Engineering   Adwick le Street   417 views
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According to the process stipulated by the company, you have to hand over all the work before you can leave, which is also a buffer. Jiang Yu was angry. Yesterday, he had an evil fire in Lu Sinan's office. He went home early to vent his anger. He was coaxed by Xi Mo for a long time. In the end, he was calm. Take money to do things where to respect, God knows where she came from the courage and Lu Sinan bar, may not be under the eaves of people, with the courage to raise their heads, the back is straight, this is qualified to be a man of temperament. When Yan Shuyue knew that she was leaving, she couldn't bear to part with her. She came to be a lobbyist and sincerely advised her, "If you can stay in the green hills, you won't be afraid of no firewood. Elder Martial Sister, why should you be angry with the villains?"? Lu always is very good to you, did not let you suffer what loss again, it is to transfer a bit more frequently just. Jiang Yu asked, "Are you coming with me?" This time Yan Shuyue hesitated and refused to tell her the result. Working here is very decent. When the sky falls down, Lu Sinan carries it. The pressure is not great. The welfare benefits are quite good. The annual meeting alone is worth her staying. Besides, it takes time and effort to find a new job. Maybe she has to move home. The trouble is immeasurable. Jiang Yu is not her family, not her lover, can only be regarded as a guide in the workplace, only children will talk about the loyalty of rivers and lakes, she will not give up her future for others. But in reason, she felt sorry. Jiang Yu is also a newcomer from the workplace step by step, an understanding smile: "You see people in front of their own interests is like this,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, who do not say who is ugly.". Can Lu Sinan discuss the layout with me? Must take this to test my depth, and then tell me I am not qualified. In fact, it is easy to understand that I am a subordinate he paid for, or a chess piece that can be discarded at will. There is no need to explain to me. Shu Yue, do you really think that he listened to someone's slander and asked me to make room for Xiao Zunyao? When he was comparing and weighing, he suddenly found that my value was not so high. I was not so much pushed down by Xiao Zunyao as by the man surnamed Xia. I am also a woman, and I can't have an advantage in many aspects. I don't know how to play it safe. That's the result. In fact, it's not that I really don't understand. I just don't want to. I don't like the feeling that my fate is in the hands of others. Said she still smiled, "said to want you to go with me is to play with you, I do not know how to go next, you work hard here, support yourself, 7g Ozone Generator ,ceramic igniter electrodes, support children in the future is no problem, but I can not protect you, to learn to be smart, I have this lesson you must remember to polish your eyes, do not throw a bait on you, and finally do not match." Make such a joke. Jiang Yu patted her on the arm and smiled. "I've made up my mind to go, so don't try to persuade me. I can't stay." Although Yan Shuyue didn't want to go with her, she really admired her and respected her from the bottom of her heart. She said sincerely, "Then I wish you a bright future." Jiang Yu said, "Go to work." In the afternoon, Xiao Zunyao came to Jiang Yu's office for a walk to see where he would work in the future. Last time he came with his tail between his legs, today he was justified. Jiang Yu was not there when he came. He touched the leather seat behind his desk and looked around. When Jiang Yu came back, he happened to see him looking through the documents on her desk. He immediately asked with a straight face: "I haven't left yet. I'm afraid it's not appropriate for boss Xiao to touch my things without permission." She couldn't stay in the company for long. She wanted to find a good job for Yan Shuyue before the tea was cool. She took the little girl to communicate with the head of the department. After leaving for a while, they let her in. In normal times, she must be angry, but she can understand the feelings of those little girls caught between the old and new leaders, not to embarrass them. But is this Xiao Zunyao too rampant? Xiao Zunyao flattered without any intention: "I have heard of General Jiang's name for a long time, and I feel sorry for him." Do you know how to say it? Jiang Yu frowned coldly: "What's the matter?"? It's all right to ask boss Xiao to leave. Xiao Zunyao still didn't take off his hypocritical face and said with a half-smile, "I'll hand it over to you. Please show our company's account to someone like Xiao.". ” Jiang Yu was particularly jealous when he met with his enemies. He said coldly, "I want to give it to General Secretary Lu first. If you want to see it, you can ask General Secretary Lu for it." "General Secretary Lu?" Xiao Zunyao smiled. "Secretary Chen may be ill. I just asked, but he asked for a week's sick leave. Do you want me to wait for a week?" —— On the weekend, I'm going to celebrate the birthday of Xi Moran's grandmother. The 80th birthday is an important day worth commemorating. I called them once on my birthday in the Gregorian calendar. But Xi Moran was busy. There were a lot of things in the house when it was stolen. He also pushed several important social activities. This time, he said that everything would go back. Several other families promised to come back for reunion in the Mid-Autumn Festival, but at this time, they were thousands of miles away and had no name to come back, so they could only make a video call to wish Grandma a long life. Just a few people, eat a meal that is not simple. There were many things in Xi Mo's mind, and the news was late, but Jiang Yu did not blame him for telling him late, because she also forgot. In previous years, I also celebrated my grandmother's birthday, but I didn't do it in a big way. It was not grand, and it was not easy to remember. When they were strolling in the street that day, Xi Zhenqun called and said that Hu Xinmei stewed black-bone chicken for them, but Xi Mo-ran really thought it was for Jiang Yu to mend his body, and did not think about Grandma's birthday. Jiang Yu prepared in a hurry. He ordered a cake downstairs at noon and made an appointment to pick it up at six o'clock. He asked Xi Mo on the phone what to do with the birthday gift. Xi Mo said to him, let the secretary assistant put down the work at hand to go to the mall to buy clothes suitable for the elderly, do not be afraid of expensive, choose a better material. Grandma was so happy to get the clothes that she tried them on. The size was just right. She said yes, but she took them off immediately after trying them on. After a while,Alumina Ceramic C795, Hu Xinmei called Xi Moran to her side and said, "Grandma told you not to buy clothes for her. She said she would not live for a few years. When she left, no one would want these clothes. You should not spend this money on her. It's a waste." global-ceramics.com

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The shape of the lamp was like a horse's hoof, which contained half of the liquid like clear water and ignited a little bright fire. But strangely, no matter how fast and fast these lamps flew, There was no shaking of the liquid and the fire. (Small) "Sure enough, it's the cloud, water, wind,10g Ozone Generator, thunder, and bright lantern. This four-hoofed beast has actually cultivated this magic to the realm of one hundred and eight bright lanterns. I'm afraid the Six Ren Flame Demon Chain God Pillar can't control it!" Lingshou Taoist secretly scolded in his heart, "Is it necessary for Lao Tzu to spend the power of the primordial spirit and use that magic weapon to drive this four-hoofed beast away?"