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If tomorrow comes Full-time Job

Nov 4th, 2022 at 07:22   Engineering   Sale   319 views
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Tracy chose a Saturday to visit the caves. It was the most crowded time. Hundreds of tourists from all over the world flocked to the caves. She bought a ticket at a small counter and disappeared into the crowd in an instant. Cooper and two other members of Chief Matz's staff are keeping a close eye on her. A guide led the tourists down a narrow stone path. The stalactites on the top of the head were like fingers of skeletons, pointing down in a gloomy way. Water dripped down from them, making the stone surface very slippery. The cave is full of alcoves, into which visitors can leave the path and look at the strange animals, birds and trees made of rock. There were dark pools on either side of the shimmering path, into which Tracy drifted. Daniel Cooper took a few steps forward, but Tracy's figure had long disappeared. She was nowhere to be found by the throng of people descending the path. Cooper wasn't sure if she was in front of him or behind him. She must have come here for some purpose, Cooper said to himself, but what was it? Where will it take place? In what way? At the bottom of the cave is a grotto the size of an arena, with a large lake in the grotto, opposite a Romanesque theater, surrounded by stone benches on three sides, where spectators can enjoy the wonderful scenery once an hour. Tourists groped for seats in the dark and waited for the show to begin. Tracy counted to the eleventh row of stone benches and found the twentieth seat. The man in the twenty-first seat turned to her. "All the best?" "All right, Gunther." She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. When he spoke, she had to put her ear close to him to hear him. There was a lot of noise around. I thought we'd better not meet,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, because you might be followed. Tracy glanced around the large, dark, crowded cave and said, "It's safe here." She looked at him curiously. "This job must be unusual." "Exactly." He approached her. "A rich customer wants to get Goya's famous painting Bodo.". He will pay $500,000 in cash to whoever gets it for him. This is beyond my ability to commission. Tracy was thoughtful. Anyone want to give it a try? "Yes, but,Sex Enhancement Powder, in my estimation, the chances of success are extremely small." "Where is the painting collection?" "Madrid Prado Museum!" "Prado!" Tracy couldn't believe the words that flashed through her mind. He pressed close to her, ignoring the noise of the full theater, and said in her ear, "It's not for a resourceful man to do this.". So I thought of you, dear Tracy. "I'm flattered," Tracy said. "Half a million dollars?" "Not a little." The performance began, and the theater was suddenly quiet. Gradually, countless invisible light bulbs began to shine, and the sound of music echoed in the huge cave. The center of the stage is a lake facing the auditorium, and a punt comes out from behind a stalagmite on the lake and is suddenly illuminated by a hidden spotlight. There was an organist on the boat, Glucono Delta Lactone ,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, playing a beautiful serenade, and the music rippled on the lake. The audience watched with fascination, the colorful light shining like a rainbow in the black sky, and the boat slowly crossed the water and disappeared on the other shore with a lingering sound. "It's beautiful," Gunther said. "It's worth a visit just for the show." "I like to travel," Tracy said. "Do you know which city I've always wanted to visit, Gunther? Madrid. Standing at the exit of the cave, Daniel Cooper saw Tracy Whitley walk out. She's alone. www.xiAoshuotxT.cOM If Tomorrow Comes. Chapter 28 Small. Say T/X/t day. Don The Ritz Hotel is located in Madrid's Lille Teide Square and is considered one of Spain's leading hotels. For more than a century, it has hosted monarchs and tycoons from dozens of European countries. Presidents, dictators, billionaires have all stayed here. Tracy was already familiar with Ritz, but she was disappointed by the reality. The carved lacquer in the hall has faded, showing a scene of decline. The assistant manager escorted her to the suite she had booked, room 411412 in the South Annex. "I'm sure you'll be pleased, Miss Whitley." Tracy went to the window and looked out. Under the hotel, across the street, is the Prado Museum. It's fine here, thank you. There was a lot of traffic on the street below her room, but here was exactly what she wanted: an aerial view of the Prado. Tracy ordered a light meal in her room and soon after that she changed her clothes and went to bed. As she lay in bed, she found it as difficult to fall asleep here as it was to pass through medieval torture. At midnight, a detective in the hall said to his colleague who had come to replace him, "She hasn't left the room. I think she's gone to bed." The headquarters of the Madrid police are located on Via Porta de Sal and occupy a building. The building is made of red brick and has a tall clock tower at the top. Red and yellow Spanish flags fluttered above the main entrance, and a policeman always stood guard beside the door. Those on guard duty wore beige uniforms and berets and carried an automatic rifle, a baton, a pistol and a pair of handcuffs. The police headquarters is here to keep in touch with Interpol. The day before, Madrid's chief of police, Santiago Ramiro, received an urgent x-d telex informing him that Tracy Whitley was arriving in Madrid. The chief read the last sentence of the telex twice and then called Andre Trijean, the chief of the National Police headquarters in Paris. "I don't understand your telegram," Ramiro said. "You have my organization working with an American who isn't even a policeman. Why?" Chief, I think you'll find Mr. Cooper very useful. He knew Miss Whitley well. "What is there to know?" The chief retorted, "She's just a criminal.". Skillful, perhaps, but there are many clever criminals in Spanish prisons, and this man will not escape our trap. "Yes.". You wouldn't object to working with Mr. Cooper? Reluctantly,Quillaja Saponin, the chief said, "Since you say he is useful, I will not object." pioneer-biotech.com

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