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In the seventies, the Imperial Physician passed on the past through the present. Full-time Job

Nov 2nd, 2022 at 07:03   Marketing & Communication   Canary Wharf   1.1K views
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Comrade Yang's movements were very continuous and powerful. Although she was a woman, she was not weak without strength. On the contrary, she had more feminine softness. Some male masseurs, relying solely on brute force, pressed and pressed the patient's back and waist. The patient began to feel pain. A few days after returning home, they found that the pain had not gone down, but was more serious. And women can better avoid this adverse possibility, even if let Yang Liyu use brute force, she dragged the injured right leg also do not use any brute force. The push method of massage is also exquisite,heavy duty plastic pallet, generally speaking, the hand should be close to the skin, one-way straight line push, so that patients can better adapt to the changing techniques. But Yang Liyu is not used to this kind of push, she feels that along the muscle structure along the push, she can save a little effort, followed by the patient will be more comfortable. The point of this push is to move slowly and evenly,plastic bulk containers, as long as her hand is withdrawn and does not leave the patient's skin. Yang, do you have an elbow push at this time? He Shifu saw Yang Liyu show her arm, and he asked hurriedly. He can take a good look, secretly learn from Yang Liyu, after this kind of thing by him to do for the patient, then the benefits can always be taken by him. Yang Liyu explained to Master He while massaging, "Yes, elbow pushing is mostly used on both sides of the waist and back, and elbow pushing can be used for lumbar muscle strain, which is more irritating." Master He memorized the steps of Yang Liyu's massage in his mind, saying that he would be a helper for Yang Liyu. In fact, he was really a helper. He would learn massage secretly first. Later, when Yang Liyu could not come, he would naturally become a "helper". Yang Liyu's physical strength was also somewhat exhausted. After finishing the last set of palm pressing method, plastic pallet box ,plastic wheelie bins, she stopped and lifted the patient's clothes down again. She sat beside the bed and took a breath. Next to the nurse also do not know when to bring Yang Liyu's red double happiness cup, the iron kettle in the ward has boiled water, but the boiled water has been a little cold. Yang Liyu finished the notes report, tomorrow is the last day of the month, although her legs are not convenient today,stackable plastic pallets, her arm is a little painful after massage, but she also finished the notes report, this dean will not come to her this new person. Yang Liyu asked the beautiful sister to help the aunt who was responsible for distributing daily necessities downstairs to borrow a needle and thread. Yang Liyu sat on the edge of the bed and began to sew her torn pants. cnplasticpallet.com

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