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Industrial crystallization technology development history, current situation, technical details, this is also missed? Full-time Job

Nov 4th, 2022 at 06:23   Engineering   Sale   217 views
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Original Title: Industrial Crystallization Technology Development History, Current Situation, Technology Detailed Explanation This Is Also Missed? The development of modern crystallizers reflects the progress of mathematical models of crystal growth and nucleation theory. Today, we bring you an overview of the development of industrial crystallization at home and abroad in the past 20 years, as well as some major industrial crystallization methods. 1. History of development At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, vacuum crystallizers were mostly horizontal tubular evaporation equipment, which consisted of cast iron shells, horizontal tubes and tube sheets, and crystallized salt filters. The crystalline salt filter is located in the lower part of the vessel, and the crystal grains are deposited in the filter during the evaporation of the solvent. At the end of the topping operation period, the crystallized salt filter can be separated from the crystallizer body, the liquid is discharged through the bottom screen, and the crystal grains can be discharged through the side outlet. The crystallizer is an evaporation type product forming device, and the circulation process is gentle. During the evaporation process, the grains are deposited through the bottom conical funnel into the underlying crystalline salt filter. The location and operation of the crystalline salt filter facilitates the removal of the coarsest grains, while the finer grains are recycled for further growth. Because the evaporation process takes place around the tube array. As a result, a large amount of grain deposition always occurs between the inner wall of the crystallizer and the tube array. Therefore, the application of crystallization process has a long history. 2. Application status at home and abroad Expand the full text Crystallization is currently recognized as the best industrial process. As a purification method, the structure of crystallization equipment is relatively simple and the operation is not complicated, so it is also widely used in the production of medicine, pesticides, dyes and so on. In many cases, substances with similar boiling points, azeotropes and heat-sensitive substances are not suitable for separation by distillation, and crystallization can be used to take advantage of the fact that their freezing points are generally different. From the point of view of energy saving, the latent heat of melting is much smaller than the latent heat of evaporation for a certain substance, and the energy consumption is more reasonable. Crystallization is the process by which a solid substance is precipitated in a crystalline state from a vapor, solution, or molten substance. Most commonly encountered in industry is solution crystallization. Although crystallization is widely used, its theoretical development is still immature. In recent years, the popularization of industrial crystallization technology, the development of new fields and the research of application theory are very active in the world. In China, with the development of petrochemical, fine chemical,nutsche filter dryer, biochemical and pharmaceutical industries, new industrial crystallization technologies are urgently required. Compared with the situation and demand of rapid economic development in China, the development and promotion speed of new industrial crystallization technologies urgently needs to be improved, and it is just around the corner for China's industrial crystallization industry to enter the stage of crystallization engineering. The new technology of industrial crystallization mainly focuses on melt crystallization, reactive precipitation crystallization and solution crystallization; Internationally, the new trend of international crystallization development is to extract high-purity organic substances by melt crystallization, and to prepare biochemical substances (including medicine), ultrafine particles and functional crystals by reactive precipitation crystallization. In order to develop the design of crystalline particles, the mechanism research has recently focused on changing the molecular arrangement to achieve the exploration of different crystal forms. 3. Classification and Introduction of Industrial Crystallization Technology Because of the diversity of crystallization processes, there is no strict and unified classification method so far. Generally, according to the characteristics of crystallization phase change, industrial crystallization can be divided into three categories: solution crystallization, melt crystallization and direct vapor crystallization. According to the crystallization technology,rotary vacuum evaporator, it can be divided into two aspects: general crystallization and recrystallization.  Planning Commission, on the one hand, continue to organize major industrial crystallization technologies, and on the other hand, call for and set off an upsurge in the development and popularization of new crystallization technologies in the industrial sector, striving to basically reach and partially surpass the international level in China's industrial sector within five years,rotovap distillation, so as to ensure that China's industrial crystallization sector can gain a firm foothold in future international competition. (3) Vigorously strengthen international scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation in the field of industrial crystallization, guide and encourage the scientific community and industry to carry out transnational scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges, and expand the content of international cooperation and exchanges from different levels and channels. (Source: Huan Gong 707) Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. toptiontech.com

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