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Jade hook slanting-Sima Ling _ txt novel paradise Full-time Job

Nov 2nd, 2022 at 06:52   Marketing & Communication   Cannock   278 views
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Captain Li paused for a moment and then said, "It is said that this Gongsun yuanbo has something to do with the jade hook slanting.". As soon as the news spread, even the East Factory was greatly shocked, and immediately sent all the experts to search for Gongsun yuanbo. The big fellow surnamed Wei exclaimed, "What is the jade hook slanting?" "I don't know, brother," said Captain Li. His voice suddenly dropped a lot, which made people know that he had a heavy and nervous feeling in his heart. Just listen to him: "If I knew what a jade hook slanting was, Gongsun yuanbo would have been a turtle in a jar long ago!" The big fellow surnamed Wei was even more surprised. "What's the reason?" He asked. ” Captain Li said, "Because a few days ago, because of another big case, I was ordered to guard the city gate and check the people and cars coming and going. I caught a young man driving a car. At that time, I heard the name of'Jade Hook Slant 'from his mouth.". At that time, I didn't know what the jade hook slanting was and didn't pay attention to it. He paused for a moment and then added, "Then I caught another woman. After the trial, it was over yesterday and the whole case was transferred.". Lord Wei also knew that our rule was that when the case was transferred, the original detailed confession was sent out together, so it was not until the afternoon that Lord Xue saw the confession. As a result, the phrase "jade hook slanting" was like a magic spell. Not only did Lord Xue jump up in surprise,stainless steel tube 304, but it also spread to the East Factory in an instant. Xiao Liuzi, the rebel who drove the rickshaw, was immediately arraigned, and senior figures from the East Factory also took part. The big fellow surnamed Wei was shocked and said, "How can the three characters of Jade Hook Oblique have such great magic power?" "Who says no?" Asked Captain Li! It was not until midnight that the trial used an evil trick to make Xiao Liuzi reveal the truth, which involved the name of Gongsun yuanbo. On hearing this, Lord Xue said that he had accidentally killed the important criminal,aluminium coated tubes, because he had allowed Nie Sanniang to take Gongsun yuanbo away and put him to death, so he hurried out to find Nie Sanniang himself. Who knew Nie Sanniang had run away and found that Gongsun yuanbo was not dead. "Has Lord Xue seen Gongsun yuanbo?" Asked the big man surnamed Wei. "That's not true," said Captain Li, "but because of three circumstances, it can be judged that Gongsun yuanbo is not dead. First, she learned from Nie Sanniang's clothes that she had escaped. Because if she had been killed by Gongsun yuanbo, her clothes would not have been taken away completely. Second, Gongsun yuanbo's body was not found anywhere. Third, when Lord Xue searched, he found that someone had escaped. Although he did not catch up, he knew for sure that the man who had escaped was not Nie Sanniang. "With Lord Xue's magical powers," said the big man surnamed Wei, "you can't be wrong if the fugitive is Nie Sanniang. But the man who could escape from under the eyes of Lord Xue was no ordinary person. "Of course, side impact beams ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes," said Captain Li. "That's why Lord Xue put on such a battle array. Otherwise, if we catch a small rebel, why should we bother to come here?" I'm not going to make it anyway,stainless steel 304 pipes, "said Zhu Haitang." You can escape by yourself before Fourth Master Xue arrives. Gongsun yuanbo did not answer, for the unfortunate fate of this beautiful girl, he did not know why his heart was filled with guilt and pity. cbiesautomotive.com

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