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Jian Hai Ying Yang Full-time Job

Nov 2nd, 2022 at 07:10   Marketing & Communication   Cambridge   328 views
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Duanmufu said, "Actually, it's not mysterious at all. If the Shaolin Temple already has two or three hundred monks who are proficient in martial arts, plus more than one hundred Taoists who are highly skilled in swordsmanship in Wudang, they will form an elite force. This force is so powerful that it can be said that it will not be weaker than the two forces of Cuihua City or the people of the Western Regions.". You should know that although there are not many outstanding masters in these two sects, these hundreds of people have solid foundations, strong internal forces, and average standards, which are not comparable to other gangs. For this reason, they are the most difficult force to mess with if they are fighting in a melee. Master Jixiang nodded his head and said, "Miss, this is true. No wonder Lord Yan has scruples about this force." Uncle Cui suddenly interrupted, "Look!"! It seems to be retreating. At the end of the conversation, there was the sound of a retreat. The seven or eight hundred torches that spread over the three sides of the courtyard were soon extinguished one after another. After a while, someone below shouted, "Miss Duanmu, you can come down!" The voice was made by Yang Shidao, and Duanmufu answered, but did not immediately move. At this time, seven or eight torches were lit at the bottom, and the shining light illuminated the wooden platform above. Duanmufu looked at Master Jixiang thoughtfully and said slowly, "Master Jixiang, you said before that your disciple Zhilin was kept under your seat since he was a child. Is that true?" Master Jixiang said, "When he was sixteen or seventeen years old,pump tube, he became a monk and worshipped me as his teacher. It has been more than twenty years." "If that's the case," said Duanmufu, "then we can trust him. You must know that Yan Wuwei has always been good at using the art of the room. He relies on a talented person like you very much. Therefore, he may not be able to rest assured and send someone to follow you and monitor you." Master Jixiang said, "Zhi Lin has been with you for many years and is loyal to you. There is no doubt.." In fact, he did not think so at all, because for more than 20 years, although Zhilin Monk was his disciple, he did not spend much time with him. This is because he has been studying swordsmanship with great concentration over the years,aluminium laminated tube, and apart from the time spent in passing on his skills and supporting the forest, he rarely comes into contact with him. And the time for passing on art is only three or five days a month. Of course, he would not divulge what he had in mind, only to hear Duanbenfu say, "In my opinion, Master, your swordsmanship is really brilliant, but now you can occupy a seat in kendo and establish a school. That's just a matter of time." "I'm flattered, Miss," said Master Jixiang. "It's not easy to start a school. I don't have such extravagant hopes." Duanmufu said, "If you have a chance in the future, you might as well talk to Yan Wuwei about this matter. He must be very successful.". Because if you can create a faction, it will increase his prestige and influence. Intentionally or unintentionally, she turned the topic to Yan Wuwei. Master Jixiang said, "After listening to the young lady's analysis, Master Yan won't object."! To tell you the truth, although the poor monk seldom meets the old Villa Leader Yan, plastic laminated tube ,plastic laminted tube, I have been cultivated by him over the years, and his kindness is unforgettable. "So you've known each other for years?" Duanmufu asked. "Yes, it must have been more than twenty years," said Master Jixiang. Duanmufu smiled and said, "I guess your martial arts were very ordinary at that time, right?" Before Master Jixiang could answer, Monk Zhilin suddenly interjected, "We should go down, too. The wind is very strong here. Miss Duanmu should be careful to catch cold." Duanmufu nodded and went down first. Yang Shidao was still waiting below. When she stood still, he said, "The young lady didn't come down right away. It's been delayed so far. She must have gained a lot." "Mr. Yang is too suspicious," said Duanmufu. "If I look at it for a while, can I see any signs?" In the heart however secretly admire, think: "This person intelligence is transcendent, the word is sure to have, it is my adversary as expected." When she returned to the hall, Luo Tingyu was still fully armed, with a broadsword slanting on her shoulder, and handsome, just like any young girl's dream of being a hero. Duanmufu couldn't help looking at him twice more, which made many people in the hall feel strange. Zong Xuan and Shule Guoshi are both jealous, but the degree is quite different. Uncle Cui, on the other hand, was worried, because if she fell in love with this handsome and handsome man, she would have no intention of doing anything about it. Cha Huang and Huai Gui Qi Man looked at him and saw him off. Luo Tingyu said to her, "As far as I know, three hundred monks from Shaolin Temple and nearly a hundred swordsmen from Wudang formed an army and threatened the back of Duzun Villa about ten miles away.". Yan Wuwei thought that he felt attacked from both sides and the situation was not good, so he ordered a retreat. Uncle Cui said proudly, "When my young lady was watching from above, she had already pointed out this possibility before the retreat of Duzun Villa." "Miss Duanmu knows everything," said Luo Tingyu. "I admire her very much. I don't know how Lin Wu these two sects can make people feel nothing and send out such a huge number of people? Duanmufu said, "I believe that when the Han family in Huaiyin sent out a secret letter, the two sects had already mobilized their men to go down the mountain in batches.". At that time, the Wulin of the whole country was quite turbulent, and the roads were full of Wulin figures. For this reason, these two groups of people were able to make Duzun Villa completely unconscious to the ground north of the Yangtze River. Everyone nodded yes. Miss Duanmu said, "If Lord Yan wants me to help him wholeheartedly, I will point out that it is really unwise to put the leaders of the two factions of Wudang and Shaolin under house arrest.". But since he used me, the twenty-sixth chapter is three points. "Miss," said Guan Tong, the mountain pusher, "will Cheng Zhenren, the head of Wudang, and Master Guangwen of our school be in danger?" The hall was silent, and all eyes were focused on Duanmufu. Without hesitation, she answered at once: "Teacher Guan, don't worry too much. If you and I were you, we would use the status of these two people to force the two factions to withdraw from this martial arts feud.". No one wants to strengthen the enemy, right? Guan Tong, the mountain pusher, was sincerely pleased and thanked her for her advice. Duanmufu stood up and said, "The slave's body is weak. He is very tired now. Excuse me." They all got up to see Duanmufu off, and Yang Shidao personally took Duanmufu to a courtyard,cosmetic tube, where only Duanmu Fu, Uncle Cui, and Jixiang's disciples lived. emptycosmetictubes.com

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