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Jing Hong Yi Jian Zhen Jianghu-Wolong Sheng _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

Nov 1st, 2022 at 03:19   Engineering   Adwick le Street   293 views
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Cheng Yuling suddenly raised her eyebrows and nibbled her lips. "Could it be he?" She said bitterly. Chen Zi smiled and said, "Are you talking about Yue Fengkun?" Cheng Yuling was stunned. "Sister." How did you know I was referring to Yue Fengkun? "Why is it so difficult?" Said Chen Ziyun. "When I first saw this handkerchief, I suspected it might be him, because it was embroidered with your nickname in Jianghu. If I didn't know anyone, I would never pick it up and hide it. If I were willing to pick up and hide this handkerchief, even if I didn't know you, I would have seen you. That night, we fought against the spirits of the underworld. Although we could not say that we were in the Shaolin Temple, which made them afraid, we never dared to stroke the tiger's beard lightly. This speculation reminded me of Yue Fengkun, who was still deeply in love with you. This silk handkerchief, though insignificant, may be cherished by him. Say this, sigh suddenly, way: "Although this person is disgusting, but to you with affection of special, can calculate commendable." Cheng Yuling gave a snort and said, "Sister, you can't look like a man. Yue Fengkun looks like a gentleman, but his intentions are dangerous and unpredictable. That day he led me to the valley behind the mountain. At first, he was able to observe courtesy and self-respect. But later, he dared to hug me, which made me angry and gave him two ears. Now that I think of it,mobile racking systems, it must be when he hugged me." When I took the handkerchief, I was so angry that I didn't pay attention to it. "It's a good steal," said Chen Ziyun with a smile. "If he hadn't stolen your handkerchief, how could he have left a trace? I'm afraid we wouldn't have thought of him." "Sister," said Yuling, "that's a good inference. I'm afraid someone else can sneak into this cottage without that skill and not let us find out.." She thought deeply and then said, "It's just that his whereabouts are uncertain and he is at home everywhere. Even if we know that he stole the sword, where can we find him?" Chen Ziyun said,warehousing storage solutions, "Although we have found out about this matter, we are not sure yet. Don't tell Martial Uncle Sang and his younger brother for the time being. You should know that Martial Uncle Sang has a strong nature. If you know, you must go to Mount Heng to find a Taoist and ask for the sword.". If Taoist Yiye is a man, he will never admit his mistake face to face. It will be a life-and-death struggle. Although Martial Uncle Sang is highly skilled in martial arts, he may not be able to defeat the swordsman of Hengshan. At most, it will be a lose-lose situation. Younger brother Ying has got most of the master's true martial arts, but his skill is inferior to others. It's hard to predict the outcome. When the heroes of the Central Plains Wulin gathered in Zhongyue and planned to deal with the demons, it was not a good time to set off this battle that had no chance to win. Besides, if Yue Fengkun stole the sword formula, he might not be willing to go back to Hengshan. Maybe he would find a remote mountain with few people. To practice swordsmanship, in short, this battle, regardless of victory or defeat, the hope of recovering the swordsmanship is not very great.. When Cheng Yuling heard this, she frowned and said, "With what my sister said, cantilever racking system ,Teardrop Pallet Racking, don't we ask him for a sword?" Chen Ziyun advised, "Although Yiye Dao is an eccentric person by nature, he is extremely conceited. Yue Fengkun would never dare to tell his master about stealing the sword formula. As long as the sword formula is not in the hands of Yiye Dao, there is no need to be too anxious at the moment. As far as Yue Fengkun's swordsmanship is concerned, I'm afraid it's not so easy to understand the Taiji, Liangyi and Sancai swordsmanship thoroughly in a short period of time. Besides, The matter has come to this point, it is useless to be anxious, we can not search every place in the country. "Then what shall we do?" Asked Cheng Yuling? Can't we wait for him to send it back to us? !” "Yes," said Chen Ziyun, "the only way is to let him put himself in a trap and send the sword back. At the very least, he should send it to the door himself. But if he wants to send it to the door himself, he has to rely on his sister's strength." Hearing this, Cheng Yuling was stunned and said, "What?"? What can I do? Can force him to send back the sword formula. Suddenly she gave a hum and said, "Yue Fengkun is very cunning. I'm afraid he won't fall for it." Chen Ziyun said thoughtfully, "We really have to come up with a proper way to do this, so that he has no doubt in his mind. Moreover, we have to hide it from Ying's younger brother, so that he can pretend to be real. Only in this way can we deceive the world and deceive Yue Fengkun into falling into the trap.". ” Hearing this, Cheng Yuling shivered and said, "What method are you going to use?" Chen Ziyun fixed her eyes on Yuling's face and answered slowly, "I just thought of a principle, using my sister as bait to lure him back. I haven't figured out how to do it yet!"! When I'm ready. I'll discuss the details with you. No matter how, always wronged younger sister, the matter concerns the teacher hand to learn, hope you can endure humiliation... "" Cheng Yu-ling smiled sadly and said, "Don't worry, sister. Even if I have to go through fire and water, I won't refuse." Ziyun smiled and said, "I will think about it for you. I will never let you really feel wronged. Even if you are really wronged, it will only be a very short time.". Jian Jue was lost from Ying's younger brother. In the future, knowing that you are looking for Jian Jue, you have endured a lot of grievances. I'm afraid he will love you more deeply! Yuling felt a slight warmth on her face and said, "He has suffered a lot for me, and he treats me more kindly than his own flesh and blood. Master's kindness is as deep as a mountain. Not to mention that he wants me to endure some grievances, even if he wants me to be crushed to pieces, I will never refuse. If my sister has anything to say, please tell her." Chen Ziyun sighed softly and said, "Alas!"! It's not the audacity of my sister. I dare to use my sister's beauty as bait, because the sword formula is not only the crystallization of my master's heart and blood, but also related to the fate of Wulin. Yue Fengkun's martial arts are superhuman, and he is more resourceful. If he dived into the deep mountains and great lakes, and painstakingly tried to figure out the strange knowledge recorded in the sword formula, he would be able to know the mystery in ten years at most. If he could have a benevolent and chivalrous heart, that's all. If he did evil, things would be difficult to handle. Although Ying's younger brother had already acquired his teacher Xuanmen Innate Qigong, he was afraid that he would not be able to crack the Taiji, Liangyi and Sancai swordsmanship. At that time, who in the martial arts world had the ability to subdue Yue Fengkun? "I hate Yue Fengkun," said Cheng Yuling,warehouse storage racks, "but I think he knows a lot about him. He has a deep hatred for me and my brother Ying, but if he really wants to go against the trend and do harm to Wulin, maybe he won't." jracking.com

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The shape of the lamp was like a horse's hoof, which contained half of the liquid like clear water and ignited a little bright fire. But strangely, no matter how fast and fast these lamps flew, There was no shaking of the liquid and the fire. (Small) "Sure enough, it's the cloud, water, wind,10g Ozone Generator, thunder, and bright lantern. This four-hoofed beast has actually cultivated this magic to the realm of one hundred and eight bright lanterns. I'm afraid the Six Ren Flame Demon Chain God Pillar can't control it!" Lingshou Taoist secretly scolded in his heart, "Is it necessary for Lao Tzu to spend the power of the primordial spirit and use that magic weapon to drive this four-hoofed beast away?"