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Legend of Zhen Huan Full-time Job

Nov 2nd, 2022 at 07:13   Independent & Freelance   Castleford   316 views
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Hua Fei smiled lightly, but in her eyes was a cold and faint light. "Zhen Jieyu is very good at words." The smile had not yet faded away, but his face was stiff, and his mouth was already full of anger: "Sima Guang's Family Model (2) says, 'Therefore, a woman takes submissiveness as her virtue, and does not take strong argument as her beauty.'". How could Jieyu not even follow this woman's virtue, resort to sophistry, and commit a crime?! The move was so swift that a cold sweat broke out on his forehead. "I dare not," he said. Ling Rong hurriedly rushed in front of me and cried, "Zhen Jieyu didn't mean it. Please forgive her." Hua Fei snorted coldly, "how dare you intercede for others when you make mistakes?!"! Sure enough, sisterhood is deep. Suddenly she laughed again. Her smile was so charming that it did not match her tone at this time. It only made people's hair stand on end: "As the head of all the imperial concubines in the harem, I must do my best to teach the two younger sisters the rules they should obey." "Come on," he said, "although she has no power to manage the six palaces, after all, she is the most respected person under the queen, but I don't know what she's going to do with me and Ling Rong." Two claps of hands, like thunder and lightning coming from the clouds. Not see the person, but the voice first into the ear, "this song is very beautiful." Looking up, I saw the five-color Jiulong umbrella flying in the wind, and the color of Cuihuagai and Zizhigai was dazzling. Xuan Ling stood behind Hua Fei with her hands on her back, and the queen stood beside Xuan Ling with a faint smile on her lips. Li Changyin golden wall brilliant Luanjia honor guard on both sides, quietly without the slightest sound, I do not know when has come near, I do not know how many of the current scene fell into the eyes of emperors and empresses. My heart relaxed and I wanted to cry with joy. Hua Fei is stupefied, hurriedly turns round to go to salute to see drive: "The emperor is blessed.". Queen Wanfu. There were a group of people kneeling on the ground,best green coffee bean extract, but Xuan Ling just didn't see them. He stepped forward and picked me up with one hand. His eyes were gentle. "You seldom wear such gorgeous clothes." I got up and stood beside him with a gentle smile. Xuan Ling ordered Hua Fei and the others to get up and said to me, "I heard someone singing in the distance, but it was you who were here." Then he took a look at Hua Fei and said, "The weather is refreshing today, and the imperial garden is very lively." Concubine Hua hesitated to speak. "Has the emperor gone to court?" She said gently? Are you tired? Xuan Ling, however, did not speak at once. After a moment, he said to Hua Fei with a half-smile, "Are you tired of Hua Qing early in the morning?" I said with a smile, "Your Majesty has come at a good time. Empress Hua is enjoying Sister An's song with my concubines." He took my hand. "Oh?" "Really?" He asked Hua Fei. Hua Fei is embarrassed, hear Xuan Ling asks so, feel relieved, way: "Be." "I think Anxuan is very good at singing," he said with a forced smile. Xuan Ling's long eyes lit up slightly, and his handsome face suddenly contained a slight smile. He gently said to Ling Rong, tannic acid astringent ,lutein eye complex, "Just now I couldn't really hear it from a distance. Would you like to sing it again?" I looked at Ling Rong encouragingly. She took a slight breath, nodded heavily, cleared her throat and sang again. Lingrong's singing voice is like a green lotus in the pond, green and green, and like the breeze at the end of the duckweed, fresh and intoxicating. Euphemism in the ileum, a fold, a swing, a sound of everything, there is the beauty of breaking the jade. As if the silk is curled up, the way is affectionate, seems to be ruthless, as if the 360 pores on the body are all stretched out, warm and cool to say comfortable and comfortable. The so-called beautiful songs in the world have become very vulgar and ordinary, which can only be compared with Kunshan Jade Broken and Xianglan Weeping Dew. Shocked, I can't help feeling ashamed that there is such a good song in the world, as delicate as a warbler, as soft as running water, as smooth as silk satin, and as gentle as a dove. It makes people lose their souls and bones. I just want to drown in the song and not want to get up again. Xuan Ling's expression was infatuated; Hua Fei's face was so ugly under the surprise that she was about to break. The queen's surprise was only for a moment, and then she smiled quietly, as if she were just enjoying ordinary music, without any special novelty. I can't help but be secretly surprised that the queen's strength is so good. A song three times, gradually stop. The beautiful melody seems to be still lingering in the air for a long time. For a long time, Xuan Ling concentrated as if he had fallen into a dream. "Your Majesty," the empress called softly. If Xuan Ling did not hear, the queen called again a few times, just like waking up from a dream. I know, Ling Rong has done it. And, very well done. All right, unexpected. The empress said to Xuan Ling with a smile, "An Xuan Shi's song is really good. It's like hearing the sounds of nature." Ling Rong heard the queen's praise, and after thanking him, he lowered his light head deeply. Xuan Ling told her to look up, and her eyes fell on the face of Ling Rong, who was as beautiful as the rosy clouds. Ling Rong's eyes, full of autumn water, reveal a light mixed with uneasiness, shyness and timidity. That kind of shy color is really attractive. This kind of weak girl's coyness and helplessness is exactly what the empresses and concubines around Xuan Ling do not have now. My heart can not help but give birth to a strange feeling because of the shy dimple and the charming amorous feelings. "Xuan Ling is in a good mood, as good as the blue sky today." What a'flower can be folded straight and must be folded '! ".' "What's your name?" He asked Yan. Ling Rong looked at me confusedly. I smiled and motioned. She calmed down a little. Her voice was as soft as a mosquito: "An Ling Rong." The smile of Hua Fei is a little stiff: "When answering the emperor's question, you should use the word" minister and concubine ", which is not impolite." Ling Rong panicked and hung his head lower in embarrassment. "Yes.". Thank the empress for her advice. The empress looked at Hua Fei and said, "It seems that there will be a lot of time for Hua Fei's younger sister to meet An Xuanshi in the future. Let's teach her slowly. There will be plenty of time." Hua Fei's eyes were shining, and then she smiled and showed her white shellfish teeth: "This is natural.". The empress is already in charge of the harem. I should share your worries. Xuan Ling only looked at Ling Rong with a smile and told her to get up. "Very good," she said. The song is refreshing and the people are refreshing. I only stepped back silently, keeping a decent smile as a concubine, and I had nothing to do with it. Hua Fei left with the emperor,carnosic acid price, and I only said that I was tired and wanted to go back first. Xuan Ling told me to have a good rest and ordered the maid to send me back. Ling Rong also wants to accompany me back. Xuan Ling and the crowd but a few steps forward, Li Chang trotted over and asked Ling Rong to go with him. Ling Rong had no choice but to look at me, and finally picked up her skirt and hurried up to follow Xuan Ling. prius-biotech.com

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