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Ling Ding (Rebirth) Full-time Job

Nov 1st, 2022 at 03:10   Training   Adwick le Street   312 views
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The seed in Huixin's heart has been ignited. Today, when I saw these two small paintings, I suddenly felt that the original vague imagination had become concrete, and the little people had become the emperor and themselves. Think of being with the emperor like this. In the heart suddenly gave birth to the idea of blocking my death! The author has something to say: The next chapter starts with V! For the next chapter of the content to do a small notice: the book's greatest white lotus will appear in the next chapter, the protagonist Ling Ding will also usher in a deep palace turning point. Like white clouds and grey dogs. You Sixing walked all the way for more than a month, and finally arrived at the border town of Daqi. Because it borders on Daliang. Therefore, the folkway is almost the same as Daliang. At this time, the weather is approaching the hottest season of the year. The women walking in the bustling street market were wearing tight tulle skirts, showing their arms and waists, and every woman was tender and delicious. Deyang has never come to Daliang in his previous life. Today, I have to open my eyes. I can't move away from those women at all. He led the horse to You Sixing. He turned him with his elbow and blinked his eyes. "The general is very lucky." You Sixing was stunned by what she said, and then understood what she meant. So he said : "The end will not be blessed to enjoy." Eyes do not squint face expressionless. From the day he left the city, You Sixing was extremely cold to her. Except if necessary. The rest of the time,whirlpool hot tub, I don't talk to her. Sometimes if you have something to say, just say it to Gu Ruzhi. And then Gu Ruzhi told Deyang for him. In his previous life, Deyang saw him with such a cold face. Naturally, I feel used to it. "Did your generals use to observe the same etiquette when they came here?" Deyang asked Zhang yuanlang next to him. Cheung Yuen-lang compared his thumbs and said, "Our general is a first-class gentleman.". Liu Xia Hui, who is sitting in her bosom . There are many squires in this city who want to give their daughters to the general as concubines. ” "Your general always has one or two months a year here,endless swim spa, buy a house outside, take a concubine, human nature." Deyang slanted his head to think. The women in this small town are so beautiful. Each water onion is the same, if really accept two concubines, that is really beautiful. Just as I was thinking about it, I saw a ready-made clothes shop, which put the clothes on the scarecrow, perhaps because it was afraid that the scarecrow's withered grass would scrape the clothes, and wrapped them in several layers of white cloth. The dress The upper part of the body is a white moon shirt embroidered with colorful auspicious clouds, indoor endless pool ,5 person hot tub, and the lower part of the body is a gradient blue gauze skirt hanging down to the ground. In this hot summer, such colors simply give people a cool feeling of high sky and broad clouds. Deyang looked down at his complicated clothes. He turned to them and said, "wait for me.". Then pushed the door and went into the shop. After a while The door of the shop opened, and a woman who looked like a man from heaven came out. She walked lightly with a willow waist, and her eyes were crystal clear. The men outside the door could not close their mouths in surprise. They did not expect to see the snow-white waist of Princess Daqi in their lifetime! "Close your eyes!" You Sixing came to the brain of Zhang yuanlong and Zhang Yang, and they quickly closed their eyes. "Change it!" He said to Deyang with a livid face. "Why?"? When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Deyang was not convinced. She felt that she was no worse than those women on the street. "Change it!" You Sixing did not say much to her, but stubbornly said these two words. Deyang was enraged by him. : "This princess wears what to do, when should the general ask?" You Sixing's eyes were a little red. "Would you like to change?" "No change!" Deyang's eyes were also red. She didn't listen to You Sixing. She just wanted to fight with him to the end. You Sixing glanced at her and turned away. Gu Ruzhi whistled at Deyang: "Princess Chang is really beautiful. She is better than all the women in the street." "No respect for the old!" Deyangchong Gu Ruzhi muttered and followed you Sixing. They settled down at a resting place in the city of Qi Liang. This is the house built here by the late emperor for the generals of the garrison. It's not big. It's a square courtyard with four entrances. Because it's cleaned by servants all the year round, the flowers and plants inside are flourishing and very clean. In the past, every time you Sixing came, he would stay in the main room, so many of his luggage was still in the main room. Now Deyang is coming. Naturally, she couldn't live in the wing, so Yousixing packed up his things and moved to the west wing to let Mr. Gu live in the east wing. The others rested in other rooms. . You Sixing stayed in his room after carrying his luggage. When it was time for dinner, Cheung Yuen-lang knocked at the door and called him, but he didn't answer. "The general is probably angry," he said to Zhang Yang. "Or.. Let the long princess have a look. ” Cheung Yuen-lang is not stupid. Naturally, he knows why the general is angry. The long princess is so beautiful. , and.. Bare so much. Walking on the road, the men's eyes were so malicious that they wished they could eat her. "I'm not going.". Don't you know my master's temper? Don't I know it? Stubborn and ruthless. Unless she wants to go. "Zhang Yang's head shakes like a rattle.". Deyang heard the two of them whispering at the table, and he felt a little sorry. It's not that I think there's anything wrong with wearing this dress. Instead, he felt that it was not good for him to openly contradict him. After all, he is a man of indomitable spirit. General again. Said by the long princess in front of many people here. , lose face. She ordered someone to fetch the tray, picked out two dishes that Yousixing liked to eat, and went to the west wing to knock on the door. There was no sound inside. Tried to push with his hand. The door creaked open. "Roll." Deyang ignored him and continued to walk inside. There was no light in the room. It was dark and quiet. Deyang adapted to it. I saw You Sixing lying on the bed with his face inward. She put the tray on the table. . "Roll." Deyang still did not speak, turned around and closed the door. Then he walked to the bed. . "Get you out of here!" The man on the bed jumped up and stopped talking at the moment he saw Deyang. He thought it was Cheung Yuen Long. . "The general is so fierce to his subordinates!" Deyang did not mention what had just happened at all, but said such a sentence coquettishly. Her tone stung You Sixing. . From the day she left town, no, from the day she popped into the yard to race with him, she had spoken to him in that tone. It sounds like coquetry. However,outdoor hot tub, the tone of contempt, provocation, carelessness and indifference seemed to remind Yousixing Deyang that he had no intention of doing this. monalisa.com

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How would her little woman react if she knew that her younger brother and sister were already formidable industry leaders? Uh!!! When Qian Mo has a bad feeling, his several younger brothers and sisters will not become non-human. Although she left a lot of things before she left, they were not very detached from this era. If you don't understand, don't think about it. Hello, sister-in-law! At the end of the training, Qian Mo could not tell what those people looked like. Anyway, they all crawled out of the mud nest. "Hello!" After saying hello to them, he called the little mud monkey to come over. Mom, I'm dirty. I'll go there after I take a shower.