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Little Lord of the Spring and Autumn Period Full-time Job

Nov 3rd, 2022 at 02:40   Marketing & Communication   Darlington   491 views
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Originally, Zhi's territory was so poor that only food was left, but since Zhi's rake kept sending your students to his father's house, they began to change. Zhi Shi also learned from you to develop mountain forests and run factories and workshops. The things produced are also sold in Zhaocheng. The old man is smiling at everyone now. I knew his family must be rich. In all the families, except Zhi, like you, there are too many mountains and forests in the territory. It's not easy for other families to find a mountain. While grabbing meat with Han Qi, Zhao Wu complained discontentedly: "In theory, you are sorry for the Zhi family and the Zhao family.". When my father-in-law was a prisoner of Chu, you didn't leave a good fief for Zhi Shi, and you know the situation of Zhao Shi. Only our two marginalized families have only mountains left in their territory. We are forced to be in this situation now. We are forced to think of ways to use the development of mountain forests, facts have proved that our results are good, and now the production of mountain forests is more. It doesn't make sense for you to envy the richness of the mountains and forests. Outside the camp, there was a burst of singing and. The tinkling of wood. The song is loud and clear, singing: "Kan Kan Fa Tan Xi.". The river is dry, and the water is clear and ripples. Zhao Wu remembers this song, which is the "Big Rat" in the Book of Songs. It is said that this poem was recorded by the oppressed class accusing the ruling class of cruelty,face detection android, but the group of feudal people outside the tent sang so happily that when they sang "Big Rat, Big Rat, I don't eat Qin", it was a bit of a modern "Rat Loves Rice" song. The next day, at daybreak, Han Qi got up from the camp. He stood by the Sanggan River and looked at Zhao Wu's camp. He found that a huge trench had appeared outside the camp. There were already energetic soldiers working by the trench. They were singing. While vigorously digging the earth in the trench. At the same time, another group of samurai continued,smart interactive whiteboard, tinkling the wood, and Han Qi could clearly perceive that they were working as a military unit for a group. Reclamation of the first day: Zhao's private soldiers were divided into three groups. A group of warriors on a military mission mounted their horses and took the camp as the center of the circle, hunting twenty miles ahead, hunting both wild animals and birds, as well as human beings. At the same time, two groups of soldiers remained in the camp, one group continued to dig trenches, the other group continued to cut wood. In the afternoon, the two groups that remained in the camp split into two groups. In the group in charge of earthwork, one group of soldiers continued to dig trenches, while the other group of soldiers had mixed the excavated soil into mud to make adobe, while the group in charge of logging In addition to leaving one group of people to continue cutting wood, face recognition identification kiosk ,facial recognization camera, another group of people have set up wheel saws and started to process the wood that has been cut. Reclamation on the second day: Zhao's three groups of private soldiers were rotated. The group of samurai who had been on military duty returned to camp. They began to dig, and their movements were not urgent.  After the successful construction of "Zhen Mo", the earthwork group outside the city began to build farmland in the gap of Zhen Mo. The supplies of this party were also replenished, and the first seed was sown by the families of the Tun mane who came later. Autumn sowing has begun. Han Qi watched Zhao Wu's soldiers complete the reclamation day by day. The land in front of him is changing every day, and by the thirtieth day, a new city has appeared in front of Han Qi. This is the Taiyuan city that Zhao Wu expected. The city's walls are not high, that is, more than three meters,temperature check kiosk, but its outer wall is three meters thick, look at the posture, it is not a problem to continue to increase three meters on the outer wall. hsdtouch.com

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