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Lonely Riding-Dugu Red _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

Nov 3rd, 2022 at 02:46   Real Estate   Salford   314 views
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Fortunately, the day spinning time is not long, suddenly, static, the eyes shine bright, Ai girl hurriedly left Li Yanhao's embrace, blushed a charming dimple, just did not dare to look at Li Yanhao. Fortunately, no one noticed the embarrassing scene. How could you not notice? Because everyone's attention. They were all attracted by the scene in front of them. So, what kind of scene is in front of us? Li Yanhao and Miss Ai were also busy looking at it, and when they looked at it, they were shocked. Shicai's round stone chamber has now become a square stone chamber. In the center of the stone room was a stone couch, on which a coffin was placed. Under the stone wall facing the coffin, there sat a thin old man with white hair and silver beard. The old man's white hair was like a chicken coop, and his silver beard was uneven in length. He was so thin that his skin was covered with bones, and his clothes were so worn that it was difficult to cover his body. This is nothing, it is shocking that the old man's two legs below the knee are gone, the lute bone is wearing two chains, the other end is firmly nailed to the stone wall, and the blood stains on the chain are black. On the ground in front of the old man, there was a hill of fish bones and fish bones, and there was nothing else in the stone room. Quiet,Carrara Marble Slab, quiet, quiet, a suffocating silence! The old man broke the suffocating silence. "Gentlemen-" Leng Chao stared and shouted, "Old man Wuqi, how did you become like this?" The old man was a strange old man. His white hair and silver beard flickered and he said, "Pu Huazi and Leng Huazi, you won't blame me for not showing up to see my old friend again, will you?" Pu Tianyi said in a trembling voice,Granite Slab Supplier, "Old Wuqi." "How did you become like this?" Leng Chao snapped. "Leng Huazi, I can be as calm as water, why are you so excited?" Said Wuqi calmly. "No strange old son, you-" Leng Chao rushed over. Pu Tianyi raised his hand to stop Leng Chao and said, "Brother Leng, old man Wuqi is right. At this moment, no matter what you do, it won't help." "Yes!" Said Old Man Wuqi. "I almost went crazy two years ago, but what's the use? That's asking for trouble. Only by being as calm as possible can I live a long time and wait for a chance. In fact, I'm right. We're old friends. We'll talk later." Her eyes turned and fell on Miss Ai. "Girl," she said, "you are-" Miss Ai stepped forward with a shallow salute and said, "I've seen the elder Wuqi. The younger generation's surname is Ai." "Miss Ai!" "I don't deserve it. Give me more advice from my predecessors." "Advice?"? The girl is modest I should ask you for advice. "The younger generation is even more unworthy." "The girl's teacher--" "He calls himself a nameless old man." "The nameless old man?" "Yes." "Why haven't I heard of it?" "Ha, ha, girl, Agate Slabs For Sale ,Slate Wall Panel, I say there is nothing strange, but there is something strange. Your teacher is nameless. Pu Huazi, if you save the Jin family boat gang, I will have a grass ring in my next life." Pu Tianyi's beard and hair flickered and he said,pietra gray marble, "Old man Wuqi, I'm a chivalrous man. I should try my best to save the Jin Family Boat Gang, but someone else can save the Jin Family Boat Gang." "You mean this girl?". forustone.com

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