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Mang Huang Ji Full-time Job

Nov 1st, 2022 at 03:05   Security & Safety   Adwick le Street   241 views
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Inside the warship, there were six hundred purple monks and more than ten real people in Vientiane. Shaoyannong and the middle-aged man with black, thin, long and narrow eyes stood beside the side of the ship, looking at the earth from a distance. Snow Red Clothes, Walk. Shaoyannong asked, "What are the most powerful people in Anjun?"? Forget the Taoist priests and immortals. "Not an immortal, a Taoist of the primordial gods." Xuehongyi said, "Among the real people in Vientiane in Anju County, the ones who are really strong should be the most powerful ones in the Black and White Academy gathered in a few days. Of course, there are some elites trained in the Split Sword Sect, Mulan Sect and Hunting Dragon Sect, but this is also the real seed of these forces. It's hard for them to take risks." Shaoyannong nodded gently. Xuehongyi is the best of the younger generation of Xuelong Mountain, because Xuelong Mountain is a small sect in the whole Daxia Dynasty, so Xuehongyi is willing to be a pawn. Not necessarily those who are better. Eh? Next to the walking real person's eyes lit up, "It seems that we are going to the boundary of Yanshan Mountain. There is a peerless genius in Yanshan Mountain. He is the real top one in the Black and White Academy of Vientiane. He is Ji Ning, the real person of Beiming." Hearing Ji Ning's name, Xue Hongyi immediately frowned. Ji Ning? Shaoyannong also showed curiosity. —— A new roll begins ~ ~ ~ (To be continued). If you like this work,304 Stainless Steel Coil, you are welcome to subscribe and reward. Your support is my greatest motivation. Volume 3 Chi Bian Wu Dao Volume 10 Entering the Immortal Mansion Chapter 2 Strength is the most powerful. "I've never heard of him, Buyou. Tell me, how is he?" Shao Yannong asked curiously. Snow red clothes in the side, although there is unhappiness, but also can only be placed in the bottom of my heart. This man was a genius in swordsmanship. When he first entered the Black and White Academy, he defeated many brothers and sisters in the battle of Taoism. Finally,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, Yu Wei, the reincarnation of the Fire Rainbow Fairy, defeated him. And now his strength is even better! Not long ago, he also repelled the Snow Feather Taoist, one of the three yuan Shinto Taoists in Xuelong Mountain! Said Buyou Zhenren Lian. Snow Dragon Mountain? Shaoyannong looked at Xuehongyi, "Hongyi, are you from Xuelong Mountain?" Xuehong was very depressed, but she whispered, "Yes, there is." "What is the realm of the Snow Feather Taoist?" Shaoyannong asked, he lived in the capital of Daxia, how could he know about the yuan Shinto of Xuelong Mountain, a small sect in Anfu County. "The primordial spirit is perfect, 304 Stainless Steel Pipe ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet," said Xuehong in a low voice. "Ha ha ha.." This Ji Ning is really worth seeing. Shaoyannong smiled and nodded, this time out is an important test for the tribe, and even the tribe will not give him much help. Really brought out from the tribe, only from an early age to protect his old servant'Liu Fang ', as for the other hands are he let others take the initiative to'give'. This test is quite troublesome. The old servant needs to protect him closely, so he also needs some powerful men, please yuan Shen Taoist? Immortal? Shaoyannong is not at ease, because some anti-heaven yuan Shinto even has the fighting power of immortals, I'm afraid he can kill Shaoyannong in an instant! He will never allow such a threat to exist. So he can only invite Vientiane Zhenren, no matter how powerful Vientiane Zhenren is. Strength is also within the scope of control. Some of the anti-heaven people in the Primordial Shinto are no longer within the scope of control. Cultivating immortals is unable to see the strength from the surface, even if the reputation of a primordial Taoist is not obvious, who knows if there is any hidden secret. It's better to invite a real person from Vientiane! Safe, just under control. But the more powerful the Vientiane real person is, it is also very difficult to invite. Mr. Shaoyan, Ji Ning has been practicing for only thirty years. I'm afraid it's hard to invite him. Xuehong Yi Lian said, "and he is very aloof and arrogant. He didn't even give me the face of Xuelong Mountain before. If he neglects Shaoyan Childe.." "Ha ha ha, if he doesn't give you face, he won't give me face?" Shaoyannong glanced at him, "Red, I can see that he has some contradictions with you Xuelong Mountain, but since he came to help me, there is no need to think too much about the past." Xuehong could only bow her head and answer, "Yes." "Let's go and see that Jining." Shaoyannong smiled and looked forward to it. Winged Snake Lake and Mingxin Island. In the study. Ji Ning was writing one stroke at a time, while Qiu Ye was grinding ink to wait on him, and Jiu Lian was also standing on one side watching. Whew. ” Ji Ning closed his pen with a smile. Writing is really a kind of enjoyment, especially to write out one's own understanding of swordsmanship, which feels very cool. Akiba, take it and burn it. Ji Ning said. Yes, Childe. The autumn leaves immediately began to pick up the paper. Autumn leaves. Jiu Lian also said, "take it to the next room and burn it. Ji Ning and I have something to say." Akiha nodded and backed out. Only Ji Ning and Jiu Lian were left in the house. There are some secret things to avoid the autumn leaves. Ji Ning hung the brush and took a look at Jiu Lian. Nine lotus looked at Ji Ning: "Ji Ning, do you feel, you to autumn leaf … …" Is it a little too intimate? Ji Ning was stunned. I don't think you're much different from me to Akiha. Nine lotus looked at Ji Ning, "I am your Taoist companion, she is only your maid." "Ha ha ha." Ji Ning smiled, "you think too much." "No." Nine lotus even way, "I am not as stingy as you think, but you are destined to be stronger and stronger in the future, the status will be higher and higher, and more and more people will follow you.". So many men. How to manage it? There must be rules. How can there be no rules? Status must be clear, Akiba is a maid,stainless steel welded pipe, that is a maid! If there is no distinction between superiority and inferiority, won't it be a mess? What she had learned from her childhood in the Dongyan family made Jiu Lian think that it was necessary to distinguish between high and low status. A servant is a servant! Even if you spoil the servant, the servant must obey the servant's duty! "What do you want to say?" Ji Ning frowned. sxthsteel.com

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How would her little woman react if she knew that her younger brother and sister were already formidable industry leaders? Uh!!! When Qian Mo has a bad feeling, his several younger brothers and sisters will not become non-human. Although she left a lot of things before she left, they were not very detached from this era. If you don't understand, don't think about it. Hello, sister-in-law! At the end of the training, Qian Mo could not tell what those people looked like. Anyway, they all crawled out of the mud nest. "Hello!" After saying hello to them, he called the little mud monkey to come over. Mom, I'm dirty. I'll go there after I take a shower.