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Memoirs of the proprietress of Dasong Sharma Supermarket Full-time Job

Nov 4th, 2022 at 07:18   Engineering   Salford   408 views
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Open something to make money? A brothel? The work of abducting and selling girls, assembly line work, from abduction to selling to professional training, but also the introduction of Japanese geisha training methods, to cultivate the girls'sensitivity and analytical ability to current events, to create the first rich and gentle town in Kaifeng-er.. No, Zhanzhao will chop me up if I abduct girls. Or a casino? It is necessary to recruit a group of high-quality cheaters, pluck the feathers of wild geese, strip the skins of people, exploit and accumulate the primitive assets of capitalism layer by layer, and beat those who refuse to accept them half to death and then throw them out -- er, are you sure that Zhanzhao will sit idly by? Or the underworld, tinkering with a big Song Qing Gang axe gang or something, going door to door to collect protection money-er, this doesn't work, Zhanzhao. All the dream pink bubbles of entrepreneurship were mercilessly punctured by Zhanzhao. The more I thought about it, the more discouraged I became. After walking all morning, my legs were sore. I sat down and had a rest. Before I could sit on the hot ground under my buttocks,Serum Bottle With Dropper, someone drove me impatiently behind me: "Hey, girl, how can I do business if you block my appearance?" I looked back angrily, and my eyes stopped on the shopkeeper with short arms, short legs and triangular eyes. Suddenly, I was stuck on the shop sign behind him. Niu Er Grocery Store! The arrow of fate hit my heart in an instant-I want to open a grocery store, sell wine mixed with water,Amber Dropper Bottles, sell rice mixed with sand, and aspire to be the biggest profiteer in Kaifeng! ———————————————————— At this point, the audience can not help but ask, Miss Sha, why are you so promising? They are either as rich as a country, or as beautiful as a city, or sweeping the handsome pot group to worship the prime minister. Why don't you let people worry about it? Put Zhanzhao such a baby girl girl girl young woman old milk old lady killer you do not go to plan, try to plan some unfashionable things, you are too disappointing! Please don't misunderstand me. There is a deep psychological incentive for me to do so. You can find a little bit of scientific theoretical basis from Freud's and Jung's psychological research monographs. To put it simply, this person is dark and has a dual personality. Dual personality is still light. Don't you see that there are even 24 personality perverts in American criminal psychology? Simply put, the more disciplined and law-abiding you are in reality, the more you have the desire to trample on social rules and regulations in your heart. From the above, Blue Bottle Serum ,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, you can see what kind of state I am in real life. Brother Tao should definitely give me a good citizen award. Not to mention Brother Tao, Brother Pan Jiwen should set me up as a citizen model. Is it easy for me for so many years? I don't know how many grannies I helped cross the road (grannies appeared: Are you sure I want to cross the road?) I don't know how many times the middle school has cleaned the corridor voluntarily. (The principal of the middle school appeared: Are you sure you were not punished?) How much love does the university send to stray cats and dogs? (Cats and dogs show up: by "love," you mean the leftovers you secretly dump out the window?) After stepping into the society, the moral integrity is even higher and higher. If you pick up a dollar on the road, you have to take a rickshaw of five yuan to send it to the nearest police station. While returning the money found, you also care for the laid-off rickshaw workers. You have to reflect on yourself three times a day in the morning, noon and evening. In the morning, Jesus turns to Buddha at noon and Mohammed at night.. God knows how much desire to break the rules is surging in my heart. I dream of bullying men and women. I kick all the street vendors along the road in the fish and meat village. I finally come to the Song Dynasty where no one knows me. The left and right frames that my relatives, friends, superiors and colleagues used to put on me are gone. Why don't you let me release them? The more I thought about it, the more beautiful it was. I was immersed in the plan of cultivating profiteers. Brother Niu was angry. What about you? If you don't move your nest for such a long time, will you let people do business? I calmly turned around, graceful with a little bit of seriousness: "Comrade Niu, let's talk about it." ———————————————————— As a result of the conversation, Niu Er's grocery store changed hands. In the meantime, I used quite a lot of conversational skills, first implicitly expressing that I had a wide circle of friends, black and white, and acted more ruthlessly. Then he "inadvertently" revealed that I had just met the emperor yesterday, and "incidentally" complained about the general food in the Kaifeng Mansion-to show that I had a good friendship with the Kaifeng Mansion, using both hard and soft means. Finally, he asked: How about considering transferring the grocery store to my sister? My sister pays twenty taels. It seemed that Niu Er was under so much pressure that he didn't even think about it. He blushed with excitement: "Twenty taels?"? Deal I can rely on it. It seems that the price is too high. My intestines are immediately regretful and green. So I hastened to add the condition: "These twenty taels also include the goods and inventory in your shop." Niu Eryi patted his thigh and said, "I can't sell it anyway. I'll give it to you!" I rolled my eyes and almost fainted. ———————————————————— The consolation is that in the morning I was a vagrant wandering around, and in the afternoon, I was already a family with fixed assets. At dusk, with a lighted candle in my hand, I rummaged through the stock in Niu Er's grocery store. God damn it, the so-called grocery store was originally selling melon seeds and peanuts. The so-called stock was two baskets of melon seeds and peanuts. How dare it be called a "grocery store"? "Miscellaneous" means "a variety of", more than three, you at least sell a herbal tea or something, do not know sister eat melon seeds peanuts easy to get angry ah? When I was checking Huan.. "Miss Sha?" As soon as I raised my head, I turned over a basket of melon seeds, and the melon seeds fell all over my face. My face was expressionless. As soon as I stretched out my tongue, I licked a melon seed from my lips into my mouth. I chewed it and spit out two pieces of melon seed shells. "Guard Zhan, what's the matter?" You this.. God damn it.. Can't you call before you come? Uh, no, flying pigeons or making an appointment? Are you lawless because you are handsome? I'm telling you, I'm not buying your shit. Oh, no, I'm dizzy. I'm dizzy. I told you, the handsome guy is fierce. Holding my forehead and the wall,30ml Dropper Bottle, I took several steps back, but I didn't even notice that my voice suddenly became much more gentle: "Guard Zhan, what's the matter?" penghuangbottle.com

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Qing Yu Nian