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Misleading the Rich and Powerful Family: The Confused Bride of Jue Shao Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 01:04   Engineering   Salford   367 views
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The steel ladder was not brand new, and with a slight squeak under his feet, Chen Anping concentrated and walked all the way to the front of the laboratory. He turned around, and Tong Ran in the lower left gave him an OK gesture. Chen An reached out to hold the doorknob, unscrewed it and went in. Almost at the same time, the side door on the right side of the factory was suddenly pushed open, and about twenty men with guns rushed in, and the sound of clicking and loading was orderly, "Give it to me, catch it alive!" "Be careful!" Tong Ran shouted at the laboratory on the second floor, "There's an ambush!" The agents outside also heard the noise, all rushed in from all directions, the quiet factory instantly fell into a scuffle, the sound of fighting was endless. Tong Ran loaded the gun in her hand and was about to rush up to the second floor when a man suddenly flashed by. She clasped his arm and pushed it away. She saw five people rushing out from the other side. Tong Ran bit his lower lip and had to squat down and hide behind the equipment for a while. She pressed the walkie-talkie on her waist and kept sending out dangerous signals. By this time, it was completely dark, and the lights in the factory were deliberately blown up by people from which side, and they were completely plunged into darkness. The laboratory on the second floor was soundproof. Chen An did not hear anything outside. He came to a small glass box and looked down at the specimens. Suddenly, the door was kicked open. Chen An was startled. When he straightened up,Blue Bottle Serum, he patted the switch of the light. He put his back against the wall and touched his waist with one hand. Several men came in swearing, "You go over there, I watched him come in, it's impossible to run away." "Good." The man nodded to this side, Chen An pursed his lips tightly, and when he was about to approach, he raised his hand and shot him with a bang! Chapter 3223 jue,30ml Dropper Bottle, long time no see Bullet into the shoulder, the man staggered, the people behind him rushed up, Chen An reached out to pull his body, kicked open the other side of the window and jumped out! No matter what, you can't be caught alive. This is the second floor. No matter how you fall, you can't die. Go down and catch it! Several people rushed down the stairs quickly. Outside the window, Chen An clasped the man's waist cushion with both hands. Although he was not the one who fell on the cement floor, the huge impact made it difficult for him to stand up for a while. Just now the man in the laboratory had come after him. Chen An put his back against the man's shoulder. He put his elbows on the ground and stood up with all his strength. There it is! The sound of footsteps came in succession. Chen An clenched the gun in his hand. His ankle seemed to be twisted and he could not exert his strength. His knee was on the ground. When he turned around, the gun in the hand of a man who rushed over was already aimed at his leg. Boom! Bullets exploded in the ear, Chen An did not feel pain, the shoulder was grasped and pulled up, 30ml dropper bottle ,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, the man's magnetic and pleasant voice sounded in the ear, "Stand behind me!" The sound.. Chen An was stunned, instantly as if petrified as hard to move, his shoulders trembled, Mo Nanjue turned around, pulled his arm to pull him close to himself, "what are you waiting for?"? Where did you hurt?! “……” Chen An raised his eyes and fell on his handsome face. Mo Nanjue reached out and pushed him away. The man behind him approached. The man turned around and kicked out with his legs! "Who are you?!" That group of people are so angry that they could have captured him alive, but now someone will rob him again?! One of them raised the gun in his hand and pointed it at Mo Nanjue. Seeing this, Chen An rushed to block him. "Be careful!" "I told you to stand back!" Mo Nanjue grabbed his shoulder and pushed him away. He stared at him coldly. "You still want to do this, don't you?"? Believe it or not, I'll break your leg! “……” Chen An was pushed to the rear, Mo Nanjue came forward to clasp the man's arm, then the sound of dislocation sounded, he moved quickly, the nerve booster in the body is even more powerful, Mo Nanjue palm to support the man's shoulder, long legs swept clockwise to rush up a few people. After several bangs, Mo Nanjue stood firm and withdrew his hand, throwing the empty magazine at his feet. Several people fell down one after another. Chen An is holding the railing on one side, there is a spot of blood on the shoulder, should be just bruised, he did not notice, but stood still. The tip of Mo Nanjue's tongue touched the corner of his mouth lightly. He turned around, still holding the gun in one hand, and looked coldly at Chen An through layers of dark light. It was the first time he had seen him since the burial at sea. How long? For a long time.. So long that even the time has been forgotten. Mo Nanjue's tall and straight figure stood in the backlight. He did not move. He just stared at him tightly. Chen An held his hands. He raised a smile. "Jue, long time no see." “……” Mo Nanjue suddenly narrowed his eyes. He strode forward and suddenly threw a punch at the corner of his mouth! Chen An staggered down and fell to one side, but was grabbed by his arm. Mo Nanjue's arm passed through his back and clung to him with all his strength. ……” Chen An straightened his back and put his chin on his shoulder. He closed his eyes and smiled at the corners of his mouth. Mo Nanjue raised his hand and hammered hard on his back. "You're ***ing looking for death!"! Who gave you permission to die?! Chen An struggled with pain, "I was wrong, I was wrong." "What's the use of knowing wrong now?!" Chapter 3224 don't be afraid, it's me. Mo Nanjue coldly let go of his hand, he cold Zhang Jun face, that look can absolutely tear him, Chen An know his temper, busy to change the subject, "did you see Tong Ran?"? She came in with me. Mo Nanjue glanced at him and turned to the right. "Come here!" “……” Chen An followed him and knew that he was not really angry. At the time of the sea burial, he really didn't think about anything when he dragged the man down. He just hoped that Monan would be safe and not get hurt. That's all. Tong Ran crouched behind a steel pipe with a gun in his hand. Mo Nanjue came earlier than them after receiving the text message, but no one was in the factory. The man noticed something was wrong. Sure enough, someone was lying in ambush. Must have known they were coming to steal research specimens. Footsteps approaching, Tong Ran looked nervous, just when the two sides began to fight, Mo Nanjue saw her first,glass cream jars, but there was a noise, the man did not let her past, let her squat here obediently. penghuangbottle.com

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