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Movie King Raises an Orchid Spirit Author: Fox Bead Full-time Job

Nov 1st, 2022 at 03:10   Training   Adwick le Street   274 views
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"Brother Yun is mighty. Unfortunately, we didn't get the prize. We have to continue climbing. My legs are shaking a little now." Liao Xiang is now familiar with them, and he is not as shy as he was at the beginning of the program. It's good that there is no accident, and the most important thing is to participate. Fang yuanyuan interjected. Pan Jing sat in the corner without saying a word, drinking the mineral water handed by her assistant. There was a moment just now when she thought everything would be over, and that feeling was too exciting. Only at the moment of falling, there was still a flash of fear in her heart. In fact, she didn't want to have an accident on this occasion. She was afraid of trouble and just wanted to leave quietly. She took a look at Shen Qingyan's side, but did not think that the line of sight was opposite to the Shu Man sitting next to Shen Qingyan. Pan Jing was stared at by that pair of deep eyes, inexplicably a little guilty. She looked away and continued to drink the water from her hands. The person in charge of the program group also came to ask Shen Qingyan about the situation, to ensure that Shen Qingyan did not have any major obstacles before continuing the next mountaineering activities. Let me take a look at your hand. Does it hurt? Shu Man blew gently on his arm. Shen Qingyan did feel some strain on his arm, but looking at Shu Man so nervous, he could not help laughing, "It does hurt a little, so you have to take care of yourself next." Shu Man nodded and began to think about another thing in his mind. After this episode, the rest of the shooting work was much smoother, and by 4 P. m., the mountaineering task was successfully completed. In the evening, the program group invited guests to dinner, which is a special local dish near the park. After dinner, it's free time for everyone. Director Zhang knew that Shu Man just came today, so he asked Shen Qingyan: "Teacher Shen, does Shu Man have a place to live tonight?"? Do you need us to arrange a room for her? There's a bed in Xiaoguan's room upstairs. "No need." Shu Man answered first that she didn't want to live with people she didn't know well. Shen Qingyan also did not trust Shu Man to live with others,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, so he explained, "You don't have to bother so much. She has a place to live." When Director Zhang heard what he said, he stopped asking. But Shu Man's place is really difficult to choose, take her to the town's hotel Shen Qingyan is also not at ease, because that is too far away from him. But it is impossible for Shen Qingyan to take Shu Man back to his room to rest in a big way. There are many people in the program group, so the influence is too bad. After thinking about it, Shen Qingyan felt that it would be more appropriate for Shu Man to turn back into an orchid, so that he could take her back to his room. Shen Qingyan and Shu Man walked to the front of the car in the parking lot. Shen Qingyan was letting Shu Man get into the car to change back into an orchid. He didn't think Yunxiu was coming towards him. Oh! Where are you going? Where is the little beauty? Yun Xiu asked with a frivolous smile. Shen Qingyan had no choice but to say, "Send Shu Man back to the hotel. She's in the car." "Which hotel is Manman staying at?" Yunxiu asked again. Shen Qingyan raised his eyebrows. "Why do you ask so carefully?" "Care about it." Shen Qingyan looked slightly: "You'd better save your energy to care about your bed partner. Shu Man doesn't need your care. I will care about myself." What a prude! What about your potted flower in the morning? Yun Xiu said, trying to get close to the car to see. Shen Qingyan turned sideways in front of him. "You're still so nosy. It's none of your business. It's not your thing. Be less curious." "Tut ~ stingy!"! If you take a look, you won't lose a leaf. Do you think so? Yun Xiu muttered discontentedly. You can not only look at it, but also like to buy a pot by yourself. Shen Qingyan Road. Yun Xiu asked for a boring, China spa factory ,endless swimming pool, see Shen Qingyan refused to let him go to see, had to leave resentfully. However, Yun Xiu did not walk a few steps to meet Fang yuanyuan, still there and Fang yuanyuan chat up. Shen Qingyan saw them chatting so hard that he didn't even plan to leave, so he had to get on the bus and pretend to take Shu Man back to the hotel. Brother Shen, are you really going to take me back to the hotel? Sitting in the back, Shu Man suddenly asked, she had just heard the conversation between Shen Qingyan and Yun Xiu in the car. Shen Qingyan thought for a moment and said leisurely, "It's all right to take you back to the hotel." Would you like to stay in a hotel with me? I don't want to be separated from you. We haven't played games for a long time. I want some spiritual power. When I bloom, I can give it to you, and you won't feel tired every day. Shu Mandao. Shen Qingyan did not know whether to laugh or cry. He took Shu Man back to the hotel, mainly to cover up people's eyes and ears, so as not to be found that Shu Man was not staying in the hotel outside, which made people more suspicious, especially Yunxiu, who liked to meddle in other people's affairs. However, Shu Man's proposal made him inexplicably hot and dry, thinking of what they had not done last time, Shen Qingyan also looked forward to it. Shen Qingyan opened a room for Shu Man in the best hotel in the town and took Shu Man in. In the future, you will turn back to orchids every night, and I will take you back to the program group. In the morning, I will move the flowerpot here, and then you will change clothes here, which is safer. Shen Qingyan explained. Shu Man sat on his lap, holding his face and asked, "Can we go back after playing for a while?" "Of course." …… At 8 o'clock in the evening, Shen Qingyan returned to his room with orchids in his arms, which attracted people's gossipy eyes. Shen Qingyan took the orchid back to the room as if nothing had happened and locked the door. Shu Man changed back to human form and jumped onto the bed. Shen Qingyan handed her the clothes and asked her to put them on before sleeping. Early the next morning, Qingyan went out again with his orchid in his arms, saying that he went to the hotel to pick up Shu Man. He put the empty flowerpot down in the hotel room, took Shu Man's hand out of the hotel and returned to the program group. From then on, Shen Qingyan always carried a cup of flower tea in his hand every day, and the flower was still. Orchid. Old Shen, how can you use such a precious orchid to make tea? But is orchid tea drinkable? Is it poisonous? Yunxiu asked noisily beside him. Shen Qingyan slowly opened the teacup, a fragrance overflowed, he did not rush to answer Yunxiu's question, just indifferent to drink a mouthful of flower tea in his hand. No poison, can help people sleep,outdoor whirlpool tub, can also help brother Shen restore physical strength, can cure kidney deficiency. Sitting next to Shen Qingyan, Shu Man explained to Yun Xiu. monalisa.com

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How would her little woman react if she knew that her younger brother and sister were already formidable industry leaders? Uh!!! When Qian Mo has a bad feeling, his several younger brothers and sisters will not become non-human. Although she left a lot of things before she left, they were not very detached from this era. If you don't understand, don't think about it. Hello, sister-in-law! At the end of the training, Qian Mo could not tell what those people looked like. Anyway, they all crawled out of the mud nest. "Hello!" After saying hello to them, he called the little mud monkey to come over. Mom, I'm dirty. I'll go there after I take a shower.