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National policy Full-time Job

Nov 4th, 2022 at 07:06   Engineering   Sale   247 views
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The "JL-2" submarine-launched ballistic missile equipped with the 093-class strategic nuclear submarine has a range of 8,000 km and carries six independently targetable nuclear warheads with a yield of 200,000 tons of TNTT; the "JL-2A" submarine-launched ballistic missile equipped with the 093-class strategic nuclear submarine has a range of 10000 km and carries six independently targetable nuclear warheads with a yield of 250,000 tons of TNT; There are two types of land-based mobile strategic ballistic missiles, the "DF-31D" is a land-based version of the "JL-2," and the "DF-32D" is a land-based version of the "JL-2A." Compared with the submarine-launched version, both land-based versions carry 10 independently targetable nuclear warheads with a yield of 150,000 tons of TNT. The "JL-2A" equipped with the Class 096 is very likely to carry 10 150,000-ton independently targetable nuclear warheads.) The "CJ-12" air-launched cruise missile equipped with the H-6M has a range of more than 2,500 km, and the strategic version is equipped with a nuclear warhead with a yield of 200,000 tons of TNT. I have to admit that CNN's report is very "detailed". In a series of reports, CNN mentioned that the Republic has removed all strategic ballistic missiles deployed in underground wells. All land-based and sea-based strategic ballistic missiles are solid-fuel missiles,Portable gold trommel, which are not only easy to maintain, but also have a higher rate of combat readiness. The new generation of strategic ballistic missiles represented by "JL-2A" and "DF-32D" adopt the technology of maneuvering orbit change, which can effectively deal with the "National Missile Defense System" of the United States. When explaining why the Republic should be equipped with nuclear warheads with similar yields, CNN commentators mentioned that land-based mobile strategic ballistic missiles generally undertake preemptive strike missions, and that the primary target of attack is the enemy's strategic weapon system, including missile silos,Portable gold trommel, missile launching positions, strategic air bases and other "hard targets". The requirement for warhead power is not high. Sea-based strategic ballistic missiles and air-launched strategic cruise missiles mainly undertake the "nuclear retaliation mission," that is, the so-called "second strike force." The main targets of attack are the enemy's "soft targets" such as large and medium-sized cities, industrial bases, and ports, which require greater power and lower accuracy. Therefore, the nuclear warheads equipped with the Republic's land-based mobile strategic ballistic missiles are less powerful and more accurate, while the nuclear warheads equipped with strategic nuclear submarines and air-launched cruise missiles equipped with strategic bombers are more powerful and less accurate. Subsequently, gold heap leaching ,gold cil machine, CNN focused on whether the Republic's strategic weapons could break through the US "national missile defense system.". In fact, after reporting the Republic's strategic strike strength, whether the "JL-2A" and "D-32D" can break through the US "national missile defense system" is no longer worth discussing. By 2017, the "National Missile Defense System" of the United States has begun to take shape, but its defense capability is very limited. According to the report submitted by the US Air Force to Congress, the "National Missile Defense System" can intercept 50 extra-atmospheric targets at the same time. According to outside estimates, the US ground-to-ground missile defense capability is between 100 and 150. That is to say, the "National Missile Defense System" of the United States can intercept up to 150 extra-atmospheric targets. Regardless of the number of missiles or the number of warheads, the Republic's strike capability exceeds the defense capability of the United States. If it is necessary to use nuclear weapons, no country will have any reservations and will deliver all strategic strike weapons to the enemy in the shortest possible time. Even if the Republic uses two-thirds of its strategic strike capability against the United States and the other third against Russia, Britain, France, India and other countries, more than 200 strategic ballistic missiles have been fired at the United States in 10 minutes. Even if only 50 of them managed to penetrate America's defences, each carrying an independently targetable warhead, 300 would be enough to destroy every large or medium-sized city in America. Taking another step back, the United States launched a preemptive nuclear strike, destroying half of the Republic's land-based strategic ballistic missiles, one-third of its strategic nuclear submarines, and all of its strategic bombers, and the United States' "National Missile Defense System" could not withstand the intensive attack of more than 200 strategic ballistic missiles. In the actual calculation, it must be considered that the "JL-2A" and "DF-32D" will separate before entering the strike range of the US defense system, so that the interceptor missile will become an interceptor warhead. Even if "JL-2A" and "DF-32D" do not carry decoy warheads, they are enough to form a "saturation strike" against the United States. Although CNN's report may not be entirely true, the Republic's possession of hundreds of strategic weapons delivery vehicles and thousands of strategic nuclear warheads is enough to shock the world. Some people soon questioned CNN's report, saying that CNN had no possibility of obtaining this "true" information. CNN didn't explain anything because most people knew about CNN's relationship with the CIA. The outside world is most concerned about the Republic's nuclear strategy. If the Republic adheres to the basic principle of "no first use of nuclear weapons under any circumstances", there is absolutely no need to maintain so many strategic nuclear weapons, 50 to 100 delivery vehicles and 300 to 500 nuclear warheads, as a strategic deterrent to any potential adversary. Nuclear strategy is the basic security strategy of a country, and the number of nuclear weapons is determined by nuclear strategy. The Republic has more than 3,000 nuclear warheads, far more than it needs for a strategic nuclear deterrent. If the Republic has not adjusted its nuclear strategy,mineral flotation, I am afraid no one will believe it. Although the Republic has not come forward to clarify, everyone believes that the Republic has surpassed Russia and become the second largest nuclear country in the world, with nuclear strike and retaliation capabilities second only to the United States. Is this the strength of the Republic? Volume IV Arms Empire Chapter 45 National Security Strategy How many nuclear weapons does the Republic have? The most important concern is the top level of the United States. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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