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October is slightly cool-your daughter is so charming Full-time Job

Nov 2nd, 2022 at 06:56   Marketing & Communication   Canary Wharf   314 views
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Zhao Wanying did not know what had happened, but seeing that everyone's expressions were meaningful, she seemed to understand a little. She bit her lip, unwilling! When she was in the south of the Yangtze River, everyone flocked to her, saying that she was a rare beauty. But now, everyone does not take her seriously, although she only loves cousin, does not want other people, but this is ignored, but also let her feel very uncomfortable. What is the reason for this! So the first time she saw Chu and Ling, she didn't like it. Why can she attract people's attention! Zhao Wanying was in a daze. "What's wrong?" He Yu asked strangely. Wan Ying smiled: "It's all right.". I don't want Mei Jiu Childe to be here, but I'm a little surprised. Originally, I didn't know that Mei Jiu's son and Miss Chu Wu were also acquaintances. She seemed to be trying unintentionally. And jade, "speaking of, I also have a bit strange!"! It turned out that there was no contact between them! Lin Yingzhi suddenly gave birth to a sense of superiority, they do not know, she knows! "Last time I went to our house with the bell, I met my cousin!"! I introduced them. She said with a smile. When Zhao Wanying heard this, she was surprised, but then she said with a smile, "Mr. Mei Jiu really loves Miss Lin very much. Love me, love my dog, and even Miss Chu has benefited from it!" Lin Yingzhi is not happy to hear her say this, retorted: "We are cousins, the relationship is naturally very good,38 tube fitting, you and your cousin's relationship is not the same!"! Like brother and sister. What does it matter. However, and the bell is not in my light! Cousin himself said that he appreciated the character of the bell very much! Zhao Wanying was dissatisfied with her words, but did not dare to satirize her. She only bit her lip and wished she could kill her! Li Meng looked at their chattering and felt a sense of boredom in her heart. She got up and said coldly, "I'm going to take care of my cousin!" Chu and Ling are not in good health, where can she take care of them? It's just to find a reason to leave, and we all know that. Moreover, everyone knows that the last birthday, Li Meng is also dead look down on Zhao Wanying, so think,12 needle valve, she came, Li Meng is to go, is also a matter of course! And jade did not stop, to tell the truth, her heart is relieved, Li Meng and bell are fierce temper, everything will not give people face, they left, not necessarily a good thing, at least the scene is much more harmonious. Thinking like this, he Yu was also happy in his heart! Li Meng ignored the others and came to the courtyard of the bell. At this time, Zhi Ning had already left, and the bell was lying in bed, dazed and ready to sleep! Heard the servant girl's report, she was impatient: "uncomfortable, do not want to see!" " Qiaoyin was about to go to the door when he and Ling changed their minds. "Cousin, please come in." When Li Meng entered the door, he saw the bell lying lazily and pitifully. The little girl was ill, stainless steel hydraulic fitting ,14 tube fitting, and as expected, she was no different from ordinary people.  It is not reasonable to let the doctor of Mei Fu diagnose her, but Mei Jiu is very kind and brought the doctor, if not let him see, it is not very good. Moreover, Mei Jiu's complexion is indeed better than before, Chu Fei decided to let the doctor and bell see, heard that she is not a big problem,brass tube fitting, Chu Fei also rest assured. This daughter, to be honest, Chu Fei is much more concerned than before. chinaroke.com

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