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Only sound can heal [Qin Shuran] (end) Full-time Job

Nov 4th, 2022 at 07:13   Engineering   Sale   338 views
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From childhood to adulthood, he has always been the first in running in the sports meeting. Tingting turned shyly and saw the man striding towards her from a distance. The light in the hall fell on him, outlining his tall and handsome. His cold face was sharply defined, and his long and narrow eyes showed a cold look. Although she didn't wear a uniform, it still made her shudder. She shivered and called out with an uneasy look on her face, "Third Brother." In fact, she really did not expect to meet her third cousin Fu Yan in the police station, he is a serious case brigade, such as Wu Xiang injured this case should not be his responsibility. Fu Yan saw her nervous appearance, could not help but black face, "run what run, and will not eat you!" "The third brother is the best to know you won't eat me!" Tingting quickly took his arm and acted like a spoiled child. Fu Yan this person, most afraid of girls acting like a spoiled child, as long as Tingting a use of this move, he has no way out. Sure enough, the anger in Fu Yan's heart was all gone, and she rubbed the top of her head, "how can you still be like a child?" "Am I still young?" To Fu Yan, Tingting still knows to be soft. Still young, your mother said you were brave enough to fall in love! Tingting was startled and stared up at him. "How do you know?" "How could I not know?" Fu Yan's face was a little pale. "I knew as soon as you entered the Bureau. I was afraid that your mother was worried. I specially asked my mother to make a phone call, saying that she happened to meet you and that you were staying at my house tonight." No wonder Wen Cailing didn't call her. So that's it. The third brother is really good! Tingting said sweetly, shaking his arm, and sure enough,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, Fu Yan lost his temper. I heard about it. It's none of your business, isn't it? Although his intuition had nothing to do with Fu Tingting, he still asked. Ting Ting hurriedly explained, "how could it be related!"! I'm not familiar with her, and I was chatting with my colleagues when it happened! Fu Yan nodded slightly, and of course he knew his little cousin, and his courage was not great from childhood. All right, I know. Tingting looked at him and said with an expressionless face,glass cream jars, his heart pumping slightly, "This matter, you will not and." "Grandpa is almost ninety years old, so let him know that if something happens, I don't want to take the blame." Tingting repeatedly nodded, this matter really want to let the Fu family those people know, I'm afraid they have to take Wen Cailing to talk nonsense, in their hearts, they feel that Wen Cailing did not educate her well, not because his father died early! Remembering the faces of the first aunt and the second aunt, Tingting was somewhat indignant. Fortunately, the third aunt was fairly good to her. Tingting said so to Fu Yan, the corner of the eye suddenly caught a glimpse of a car slowly coming, it is clearly-Zhong Yu's car! Looking back at himself, holding Fu Yan's arm, the whole person is leaning on Fu Yan. She played well with Fu Yan when she was young and was always intimate, Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale ,Oil Dropper Bottle, but I'm afraid this falls in the eyes of Zhong Yu. She looked at the people in the car in the moonlight, and could not distinguish their expressions in the dark night. You're not angry, are you? Tingting thought to herself that as soon as she let go of Fu Yan's hand, Fu Yan stopped her shoulder with her backhand. "Let's go home!" Fu Yan, with a calm face, was about to leave when he found Tingting standing still. Tingting came out of his arms and ran down the steps. He smiled at him on the steps and said, "Thank you, third brother, but I have to go first!" Then he ran to a car. Fu Tingting! Fu Yan shouted and saw her get into the car. The little policeman just stayed in the back and didn't make a sound. This time he rushed up and said, "Hey, Captain Fu, isn't that Zhong Yu's car?" "Zhong Yu?" Fu Yan's eyes sank. "Do you know him?" "Yes, the one who practices with forensic doctor Hu is very serious about his work, but he doesn't like to talk to people." "Don't like to talk to people?" Fu Yan only felt a slight pain in his head, and originally thought that his little sister, who was the least likely to toss about, actually. A little hesitation, Fu Yan fixed his eyes on it again, and the car disappeared into the night, so angry that he really wanted to clench his fist and wave it in the air. As soon as the little policeman saw this posture, he gasped and took two steps back. Captain Fu is fine at ordinary times, but he lost his temper and stayed away. Last time, he casually broke a sandbag! If you are hit by him, will you break a bone! Terrible! As soon as Ting Ting got on the bus, she shouted to Zhong Yu, "Drive quickly!" Zhong Yu started the engine with a cold face. Tingting turned around and looked at Fu Yan through the rear glass. He was so angry that he stamped his feet with a happy face! When she was a child, she was bullied by Fu Yan, Fu Yan also liked to unite with Fu Yan to bully her, she can remember it! It's not easy to see him angry in his lifetime! Fu Yan is sulking, the mobile phone rang at this time, a look at the number, he was furious, "Fu Tingting, you have the courage to fat ah!" "Third brother, I know you're the best!" "You.." "Bye-bye!" Tingting hung up the phone contentedly and saw Zhong Yu staring at her. Pay attention to driving! Zhong Yu answered lightly, looked at the environment, and parked the car by the roadside. Who is he The tone is still calm, but Tingting heard a bit bad, so clear voice deep up so terrible. My third brother. "Third Brother?" Tingting did not turn his head, saw his face dark, suddenly laughed, "sama, you will not." Be jealous! "Mmm." Admit it without a change of color! I.. Seeing you hold him and see him touch your head, I feel very uncomfortable. Tingting put her arms around him. "Are you comfortable now?" Seeing that Zhong Yu did not speak, Tingting put his head in front of him again, "touch it for you." “……” Looking at her trying so hard to please herself, Zhong Yu couldn't help laughing, "I'm not so stingy." "I knew it!" Zhong Yu finally smiled and touched her face, "send you home." Tingting just wanted to answer, suddenly remembered what Fu Yan had just said,oil dropper bottle, originally she was just worried that Zhong Yu would be angry, but it seemed. "Well, can't you go home?" Zhong Yu was stunned. "What's the matter?" penghuangbottle.com

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